Tarot: “Only the insane have the strength to prosper”. +3 WP; Any insanities gained count as 1 higher

Stoic, Inexorable

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Infl
38' 43 37 40 30 55' 36 43 30 31

Insanity: 11
Corruption: 3 (Fine)
Fate/Fortune: 1

Obsessive Hoarding (II)

Trained- Athletics, Commerce, Linguistics (Low Gothic, Mechanicus), Logic, Subterfuge, Tech-Use, Remembrance.

Talents and Traits:

  • Technology:
    • Mechadendrite Use (II)
    • Technical Knock
  • General:
    • Specialist: Mechanicus
    • WT: (Las)
    • Luminen Shock
    • Luminen Arc
    • Luminen Blast

Equipment Carrying Capacity: 12/20kg

  • Micro-bead
  • Optical Mechadendrite (3m long, microscope, telescope, IR camera, light – Ignore penalties for darkness, fog, mist, smoke. Can record hours of video up to Int bonus for mental review)
  • Manipulator Mechadendrite (+20 to Strength Tests) (Heavy; RoF: 1/3; 2D10+SB; Impact; Concussive (II))
  • Luminen Capacitor Implants
  • Luminen Shock (Light; RoF: AB-2; D10+TB; Energy; Sapping)
  • Luminen Arc (Basic; 160m; RoF: 2; D10+TB; Energy; Sapping)
  • Luminen Blast (
  • Bionic Arm (+20 Strength one per Session)
  • Bionic Organs (+20 Toughness once per Session)
  • Interface Port (+20 to Investigate, Remembrance and Tech-Use tests when connected to a ‘useful’ data source)
  • Sacred Unguents (6)
  • Las Pistol (Light; 80m; RoF: 1; D10; Energy; Clip [12]; Reload [AP 1]; Close Quarters, Overcharge, 2kg)
  • 6x Las Clips
  • Staff (Heavy; RoF: 1/3; 2D10; Impact; 6kg)
  • BQ Mechanicus Robes (H2, B3, A2, L2, 2kg)
  • CQ Data Slate, GQ Data Slate, Corrupted Data Slate of Arcane Lore
  • Long Las (Basic; 300m; RoF 1/2; D10+8; Energy; Clip [6]; Reload [AP 3]; Accurate, Overcharge, Silent [3])
  • Portable Vox
  • BQ Conversion Field (Roll 3 Pick 1) (D5-1 removed from opponents DoS) (5 result causes Photon Flash (-20 Agi test or blind for rounds = DoF), 1 causes overloading (4AP -30 TechUse test to repair))

Character Creation:
Homeworld: Het, Lathe World (Forge); (+Int, +Toughness, -Fel); Talent [Technical Knock]
Background: Adeptus Mechanicus; Bonus [Cybernetics count as 2 rarities lower]
Role: Heirophant [Use a fortune point to automatically succeed at Charm, Command or Intimidate checks with DoS equal to WP bonus]

Experience: 0

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