Farkas Vilks

Rakshasa (Wulfine), Beautified+, Armsman, Grand Alias

Illegitimate love child of a bard and a noblewoman.
Noblewoman fled with the bard to raise the child when discovered.
Learnt swordsmanship from mother's knight; how to lie, sing and manipulate via his father.
He is a wolfbro (Rakshasa).
Travels around the land telling tales and singing to earn his keep.
Uses alias and one of them is well known and respected by the nobility.
However, they wouldn't recognise him as another alias.
Used his sword to protect himself when his voice fails him.
Name is Farkas Vilks.

by skill points gained.

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
10 13 8 10 10 13 0


  • Move Speed (DB+1 = 7m)
  • Immunity to Transmutatory Diseases
  • Natural Weapons (Bite) (SB-1 (4) Piercing)
  • Fearsome Appearance +1
  • Damage Reduction (2) against non silver attacks
  • Heightened Senses +2 (All)
  • Heightened Senses +4 (Smell)
  • Sleep of the Beast (Requires 12 hours sleep)
  • Sinous Tail (-4 to disguise as a non Rakshasa but +2 Athletics and Acrobatics checks involving balancing or sharp turns)


Charm, Deceive, Dodge, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Zuldish), Literacy, Nobility, Parry, Perform (Oratory, Sing), Scrutiny, Weapon Training (Simple, Light Blades, Thrown, Superior Thrown)


Equipment: 6/10
-"Unnamed" AC Curved Sword w/ Duellists Grip (+4; SB; Slashing; DR 4 HP 12; Defensive +1)1
MQ Cloths 0 Book of Zuldish Stories and Faerie Tales 1 Gold Ruby Pendant 0 Papers of Zuldishian Beatified Commission 0

MQ Jambiyah (rebalanced dagger) [+2; 4; S/P, Offhand; Thrown [5m 4 Piercing, Offhand, Quick Reload] DR 2 HP 4]1
MQ Tulwar (curvesword with deulists grip) [+3 5; S, Defensive (+1) DR 3 HP 6] 1
Silver Falcatta (silver hacksword) [+0 6; S, Offhand DR 3 HP 5] 1
5x Shuriken [10m 5 S, Quick Reload, Offhand, Vicious DR 0 HP 5] 1
5x Silver Shuriken [10m 4, Quick Reload, Offhand, Vicious, Silvered DR 0 HP 5] ,,1,
Alchemists Fire

MQ Leather Shirt (BA 1) 0 MQ Leather Leggings (L 1) 0 MQ Leather Lamellar Armour 0 (BA 1, 2 v slashing)
H: 0
BA: 2, 3 v Slashing
L: 1


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

As Farkas;

Lady Vilks; Renown; 15 (Zuldir) Rakshasa (Wulfine), Enlightened, Specialist
Location: Unknown
Lady Vilks was Farkas mother. She ran away with her Knight and her Bard lover, leaving her Husband, Lord Vilks enraged. Lord Vilks to this day seeks to take revenge for this betrayal. Should she be found it would be safe to say she would reward her protection well, and be able to offer some intriguing, somewhat illegal work.

Talon-Knight Furult; Renown 6 (Zuldir)
Location: Unknown
Rakshasa (Leonal), Fiercelaw, Guardian
Talon Knight Furult has been in service to Lady Vilks for nearly half a century. He instructed Farkas in the ways of battle. He has recently gone into hiding along with Lady Vilks. Finding him and the lady would be a job in and of itself, though Lord Vilks would surely be after them.

Under Alias;

Moghul Zul'Krosh; Renown; 40 (Zuldir) Rakshasa (Leonal), Enlightened, Champion
Location: Palace Eminent, Zuldir City, Zyndria
The Moghul of Zuldir is very fond of stories and tales. Charmed by Farkas' Alias he will pay reasonably good money for interesting stories brought back to his court. Farkas and his companions can always expect to find lodgings in his Palace in Zuldir should they wish to travel their, and the entirety of his court seems to be rather fond of Farkas under his grand alias.

Lord Vilks; Renown 20 (Zuldir) Rakshasa (Wulfine), Fiercelclaw, Weapon Master
Location: Vilks Palace, Zuldir Region, Zyndria
Lord Vilks, estranged and enraged husband of Lady Vilks is a bannerman of Moghul Zul'Krosh. He desire revenge on his erstwhile wife, his knight and the bastard that he knows was fathered. The problem is that he doesn't know what Farkas looks like. Should be he able to find out, the full force of his assassins and other less than savory adventuring types would be sure to come down on Farkas, his mother and Knight Furult. And failing their heads be presented to him he woudl come after them in person, and Lord Vilks is no stranger to combat, being considered a competent blademaster in his own right.


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