Dwarf, Arcanist, Prodigy

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 10 10 13 10 11 12

4, 3, 2, 4, 2, 3

Movement: 4
Experience: 60/80
Taint: 1
Renown: 4
Fatigue: -

Linguistics (Old Dwarven, Bulkovite Dwarven, Imperial Dwarven), Literacy, Arcana, History, Weapon Skill (Simple), Streetwise, Alchemy, Magewright.
+1BD: Spellcraft (Infyromancy)
+2BD: Spellcraft (Gyomancy)

Abilities and Traits:

  • Earthen Traits:
    • Earthen Resistance: +1 bonus dice on saves against all toxins, poisons, gases and acids.
    • Earthen Encumbrance: Earthen use 1.5 x their Strength as their bracket for carrying capacity.
    • Earthen Senses: Superior Senses +1 (Touch) and +1 (Sight – when in pitch darkness only)
    • Altitude Aware:// Earthen may make a Awareness (Hearing) check on Perception, as a free action, to know how far below or above sea level they are to within 3d6 +/- Degrees.
  • Perk: Tattoos- Arcane Initiation +1 to cast Infyromancy
  • Spellpower (+1): +1 to all ChaB or Charisma expressions when casting.

Gear: Saturation 4/5 Encumbrance: 12/15
-MQ Ironwood Full-Plate Armour Suit
(H: 4E 5BP, 6S B: 5E 6BP 7S, AL:5EBP 6S, no casting penalty) Weight 7

Head: -3E 5BP 6S
Body: -4E 6BP 7S
Arms: -4E 5BP 6S
Legs: -4E 5BP 6S

-Rune Gauntlets of Spellpower [Right: +1 Gyomancy BD, Left: +1 Infyromancy BD; 'Focus' action to activate]
-Rune Cloak of Spellpower [Mages Robes, +2 to cast Technomancy & Gyomancy] Weight 1
-MQ Silvarite Control Staff +2 to hit, +2 to parry; SB-3 Bludgeoning; 12/2 [x4 v E]; Two Handed, Reach (2), Simple, Somatic, Golem Command Wand) Weight 1
-MQ Sylvarite Hand Axe (+2 to hit, +1 to parry; SB+1 Slash; AP 1; DR11;HP3; Offhand, Simple) ,,Weight 1,
-MQ Silver Scourges Officer's Pin (Volcano complexed by a Scythe)
-MQ Clothes

-Satchel (Document Case, Components Pouch*, 4x Sheets of Parchment, Quill and Ink, Dagger, Associateship Papers (Blue Dragons), Bloodbank Chequebook) Weight 1
-Backpack [Red Crystal Spellbook, Cold Iron Box (Petrification Pyramid), Small leather Pouch] Weight 1
-Sulpher's Spellbook [Coated in Red Crystal: Gyomancy cantrips, Byomancy cantrips, Technomancy cantrips, Shape Stone, Disintergrate, Whirlwind, Command Golem, Gas Cloud, Repair, Sulpher's Swordwind (Unique Spell), Affect Weather, Windshield, Gravity, Banishment, Dominate Daemon, Wind Fortress [Unique Spell]]

Crystal Shieldgolem

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
13 13 12 6 8 8
  • Traits:
    • Mindless, Painless, Bloodless, Organless
    • Automaton
    • Natural Armour (3B 6PSE),
    • Natural Weapons (Crystal Blades, Crystal Quills)
  • Skills:
    • Defence,
    • Weapon Skill (Simple),
  • Abilities:
    • Ambidextrous,
    • Dual Wielder (+1),
    • Duelist,
  • Equipment:
    • Crystal Blades +1 SB Slashing SB-2 Piercing 6/2
    • Crystal Quills +1 SB-1 Piercing Range 2x STR in Metres. Reload (Half) Ammunition - Practically Infinite.


  • Mages Robes: 10/10
    • 2x Petrify
    • 1x Erupt
    • 2x Swordwind
    • 2x Disintergrate
    • 2x Summon Earth Elemental
    • 1x Animate Statue
  • Components Pouch: 33/35
    • 2x Grav Crystals
    • 5x Petrify
    • 3x Swordwind
    • 5x Summon Earth Elemental
    • 5x Animate Statue
    • 5x Disintergrate
    • 5x Shape Stone
  • Components Pouch: 11/35
    • 6x Wind Fortress
    • 1x Alter Gravity
    • 1x Whirlwind
    • 3x Affect Weather

-Brown Leather Book: Dralgun's Geographies of the Bloodpeaks
-Metal-bound Earthen Book: The Dead Iron Tome [Heretical manifesto of the Dead Iron Cult]
-Ancient Earthen Book: History of the Bulkov Holds
-Red Crystal Golem Thesis (Copy, with personal notations)
-Dwarven Tome: Gorri's Instruction on Gyomantic Mining
-1/2 Completed Research Notebook (160/4000): Synthesising Silver and Crystal
-Battered Gyomancy Notebook: Defensive Air-Bending

Krakenhunter Officers' Quarters
-Magewright's Kit; unprocessed reagents (10x Erupt)
-Elemental Air Staff [MQ Somatic Staff] (+2 to Gyomancy, +4 to Weather spells [+2])
-Incomplete Coldsilver Golem Armour (57/300)
-3x Petrify
-1x Swordwind
-3x Earth Elemental
-4x Animate Statue
-3x Disintergrate
-5x Shape Stone

0 Platinum Dragons
90Gold Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

Memorised Spells: 11/13

  • Erupt
  • Petrify
  • Sulpher's Swordwind
  • Infernal Animation [Includes Conjure Earth Elemental]
  • Command Golem
  • Shape Stone
  • Disintegrate
  • Gormyrs Orientation C
  • Surveyor’s Blessing C
  • Structural Transmutation C
  • Mending C
  • Rituals/ Specialist Arcane Skills:
    • Create Crystal Golem [Complete]
    • Synthesize Silver + Crystal [80/4000]
    • Fabricate:
      • Casting Roll: 5d6 Technomancy, Casting Time: 10 minutes
      • Components: 1 mana and raw materials.
      • Substitute a days worth of crafting checks by completing this 10 minute check. Calculate your DoS from casting this spell and then make the requisite crafting check with a single bonus dice. Add your DoS together and calculate your progress. Rinse and repeat if you need more.

Wise journeyman of the Runecasters Guild, providing Alchemy and Magewright services in Thorum's Watch. Staying temporarily to study the ancient ancestor carvings; injured and his work destroyed in the Fishman attack. Now fully healed, retrieved by the Youngbloods to assist the party. Now turns his Golems and earth-magic to the protection of the Silver Scourges.

Spellcraft Infyrimancy [15]
Spellcraft Infyromancy +1 [20]
Spellpower (1) [10]
Defense [15]

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