Human, Barbarian+, Hunter, Broadened Education

Rugged frontiersman human 'preacher'. About 40. Dreadlocks, 2 handed sword, heavy armour kinda dothraki naturalised to the empire. Got education from xortivar church when he converted late in life, religious merc rather than paladin

General: V
Awareness: ||
Superior Heavy Blades: |
Dexterity: ||
Parry: |
Streetwise: |
Ride: |

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
12 10 10 8 10 11 0


  • Move Speed (DB = 5m)
  • Quickling (discount skill training costs by 25% rounding up)


Awareness, Athletics, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Kurzish), Nature (Temperate Dry), Parry, Religion, Ride, Weapon Training (Primitive, Simple, Thrown, Heavy Blades, Superior Heavy Blades))


  • Endurance Re-roll failed Constitution checks for any endurance related challenges such as long distance running, carrying and physical exhaustion.

Equipment: 18/12
MQ Wintercloak 0 Holy Icon of Xortivar 0

MQ Templesword [+1 SB+4 Slashing, Two Handed DR 4 HP 10] 2
MQ Sicklesword [+2 SB Slashing, Versatile, Cavalry Weapon (One Handed, Damage: SB+2) DR 4 HP 6] 1
3 x MQ Throwing Axes (SBm SB+1 Slashing, Offhand, Quick Reload, DR 0 HP 5] 1

Barbute (Head 3) 2 MQ Leather Shirt (BA 1) 0 MQ Leather Leggings (L 1) 0 1/2 Plates and Chain (B: 7 AL: 2) 12

H: 3 (-2 to Perception)
B: 8
AL: 3


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves


Deist Vunylion (Renown 3, Ilion) Sylvan, Moonblessed, Cleric (Xortivar)
Location: Church of Creation, Wilderness near Ilion, Syverian Spine
Deist Vunylion is a missionary to the Barbarian tribes near Ilion, on the dry Savannah before Slaver's run. He took in the Preacher and tought him of the miracles of Xortivar. He can be relied on to provide missionary work to the Kurzish Barbarian tribes nearby, as well as jobs relating to the defence of his small church in the hills several days outside of Ilion.

Elder Nurgon (Renown 2, Ilion) Human, Barbarian, Intuitive
Location: Kurzish Tribe (Name: ???), Wilderness near Ilion, Syverian Spine
The Elder of the Preacher's tribe, he is a master of the Dancing Flame, the heathen religion of the Barbarians. The Church of creation is concerned that their Flame Worship is providing prayer energy to a Daemon Prince. The Elder remembers the Preacher fondly and can be relied on for jobs pertaining to the Tribes survival such as killing nearby orcborn, purchase of supplies and liasing with the nearby missionaries and his growing Xortivirii converted barbarians.


He died by complex initiative.

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