Vasile Titus Albescu "Titus"
Human, Riverwarden, River Recruit/ Guardsmen
25, 5'9", weight, Pale grey eyes, Golden Brown hair.
Career Characteristics: BS, S, Fel
Career Skills: Athletics, Dodge, Endurance, Melee (Basic), Perception, Row, Sail, Swim
Earning skill: Melee (Basic)

Short Term Ambition: Gain self-agency/ repreive from family.
Long Term Ambition: 'Make it', find a wife of his own choosing and return to family.

Starting advances: 3?5? (aths1, row1, sail1, swim2), 3x+3(Gossip, Language-Dawi, Charm) 3x+5 (ranged basic, melee-basic, perception), Lore(Belimir's ferry)

Advances: BS +1 (25exp)
Experience: 25/50

-Family from Yartar, Born and grew up in Bellamir’s Ferry.
-Large family compound, Live together with entire extended family.
-As a youngster his cousin drowned whilst they were playing together, setting him on a path to become a riverwarden.
-Befriended a retired Dwarf soldier who taught him how to use crossbows and speak Dwarven. This allowed him to enter the Riverwarden’s with ease.
-agnostic worship of Liath, (family worships regularly), whereas Vasile goes through the motions, does not deny existence of Liath, just efficacy of worship, River/sea fickle etc.
Feels stifled by his family. Wants to leave town and gain some self-agency.

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