The Necrymancer

Sylvan, Starkeeper+, Prodigy, Artifact (The Cracked Phylactery)

White elf who sought immortality in order to be one of the Imperatrix' Council but was shunned in his efforts and now seeks to learn the most deadly magic possible (maybe even to kill immortals).

by skill points gained.

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
8 11 8 14 10 11 0


  • Move Speed: (DB+1 = 6m)
  • Trance: 4 hours sleep and Light Sleeper.
  • Heightened Senses: +2 (All)
  • Spellborn: Shadowstep
  • Sanguine Creature: Grants Extremely Attractive +1 and -2 for non elves to scrutiny them.
  • Sylvan Senses: Unless hardened, must check shock at the destruction of massive works of beauty or of ancient and wondrous things. Furthermore doubles the effects (degrees of failure) when imbibing hallucinogenic of mind altering substances.

Arcana, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, High Sylvan, Low Sylvan, Syveri, Draconic), Literacy, Weapon Training (Light Blades),
+3: Spellcraft (Necrymancy)


  • Shadowstep

Equipment: 4/8
MQ Clothing 1 Satchel 1 [Quill and Ink, 5 Pieces of Parchment, Scrollcase]

MQ Sky Steel Armingsword [+2; SB+1; Slashing/Piercing; Pen 1; DR 4 HP 6] 1
Silver Dagger [+1 SB-1 Piercing, Offhand (Thrown 0.5 x SB SB-1 Piercing, Offhand, Quick Reload) DR 2 (1 against non silver) HP 4] 1

The Bell of the Living.

  • The Cracked Phylactery of Zel'Urtanyn 1
    • In seeking out ways to become immortal (and in doing so begin the slow journey towards the top of the Necrytarchy) ??? heard that he should seek out a phylactery of a lich to study. A delve into a Tartarian dungeon brought ??? face to face with an ancient phylactery, the phylactery of the Lich Zel'Urtanyn. However not was all as it seemed with the phylactery. Whilst it had been created almost perfectly in ages past, a terrible flaw in the blue shard of crystal insured that it had never truly functioned as a phylactery. On the second death of Zel'Urtanyn, his soul fled to the Phylactery but was never able to recorpsulise, remaining trapped in the crystal, bound by the flawed gemstone. As ??? picked up the phylactery once he had removed it to the safety of his study in Tantras the lich trapped inside for a millenia, began to assault his mind to try and posess the living body of ???. ??? however managed to hold out against the onslaught, enough that now the lich Zel'Urtanyn's phylactery is under his control. However, such control came at a price, part of ???'s soul was absorbed by the flaw running through the crystal, trapped inside the phylactery with the lich. Such a mingling and bond with an artifact has insured that to this day ???'s research into creating a proper phylactery has been stalled. Other Necrymancers tend to shun him or treat his predicament as a mere curiosity. The Keepers of Secrets cannot offer him any help, and simple say that the path of the Revenent is forevere closed to ??? now. And worst of all ??? has discovered that whilst he remains bound to the phylactery he cannot create a new one, but try as he might he cannot release his control over the phylactery, for should he do so the lich would possess him, or worse, use the part of ???'s soul to attempt to fix the phylactery to recorpsulise, and in doing so consume the rest of ???'s soul, no matter how far away ??? is. Such is the tragedy, for it seems that ??? will never be free of the crystal, except from death in which the crystal would be healed and the lich could recorpsulise. However the crystal does offer at least one benefit in ???'s quest to be rid of the phylactery, become immortal and kill those who would oppose him, mortal or not; and that is it provides a great deal of power…
    • Whomsoever is Soulbound to the Cracked Phylactery may use it as an Arcana-Amplifier. As long as they are holding it in their hand they may use it to add +2 bonus dice to a spellcraft check. Once activated (for free) the Soulbound must pass a Charisma check, or take a point of Taint as the Lich Zel'Urtanyn draws more of their soul into the Phylactery. Should the owner be killed then the Cracked Phylactery will be mended and the lich free to recorpsulise over the normal 101 days. Should the owner release the Cracked Phylactery from their control then they suffer a Posession attempt from the lich once per day until they regain the Phylactery.


Zendarion’s Disruption
Deals Cha Bonus damage to one undead. Touch to hit.

Detect Undead
Reveals undead and their various ‘energy strengths’ within Cha bonus x 10m of the caster.

Gentle Repose
Halts decomposition for Cha bonus of days on a dead creature.

Full Arcana:

Component: the bell of the living, the smallest bell, worth 5 drakes
Within your perception you target a single creature. Roll to hit. If you hit they must make a Consittution check – your CHA bonus or die.


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

Necrymancer Nyrenol [Renown 5 (Tantras)]
Sylvan, Starkeeper, Mage Location : Shardspire, Tantras, Syveria
Nyrenol is the Necrymancer directed ??? to the location of the cracked Phylactery. Unlike many of the Necrymancers in the Shardspire he at least still confers with ???. His interests include violent and forced aquisition of rare archeology and magical devices, though he leaves those sorts of tasks to others.


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