Leafwind Silentfoot

Half Elf, Living One

8 13 9 11 12 10
S D C I P Ch

Skills and Talents: Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Syverie), Nature (Alpine), Awareness, Athletics, Weapon Training (Simple, Light, Polearms, Crossbows, Concussive), Dodge, Ride, Beasthandling

Abilities: Quickling

Associates: 1 Sylvan Rural Associate, and one other Military

DrakeLance (50m/11 Damage/Concussive,Piercing,Two Handed,Reload (5 Full)Vicious,Breach Lock (3)/DR2/HP6) //ammunition doubled)
Leather Leggings
Leather Shirt
10 throwing knives
CQ Light Horse
Winter cloak
MQ Clothing


+1 thrown

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