Klightus Mallear

Secutor Calixis

Forge World, Tech-Priest, Malygrisian Tech Heresy, Secutor

Dogmatic, Fierce, Loyal, Pugnacious

Tarot: "The only true fear is dying with your duty not done (+2 Wounds)"

Build: Hulking, broad chested, swathed in crimson robes, dark-steel visor

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
48'' 31' 40 50''' 31 42'' 30 41'' 25


Experience: 6100/6600 [Rank 5]
Wounds: 20
Insanity: 9
Corruption: 5
Fortune: 2
Fate: 2

Mechanisation: 23 (Augmented)

BASIC- Barter, Carouse, Charm, Climb, Command, Concealment, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Search, Silent Move, Swim
TRAINED- Ciphers (Malygris Codex), Demolitions, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Forbidden Lore (Warp, Xenos), Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult, War) Scholastic Lore (Legend, Numerology), Literacy, Secret Tongue (Tech, Acolyte), Trade (Copyist, Armourer), Logic, Awareness, Medicae,
+20: Tech-Use

Talents and Traits:
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Chain), Basic Weapon Training (Las), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Exotic Weapon Training (Breacher), Electro Graft Use, Chem Geld, Iron Jaw, Nerves of Steel, Swift Attack, Blademaster, Luminen Charge, Ambidextrous, Quick Draw, Light Sleeper, Jaded, Concealed Cavity [Firebomb], Resistance (Fear, Psychic), Combat Master

  • Sound Constitution: VI
  • Flesh is Weak: I
  • Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult) count as Basic skills
  • Fit for Purpose: Tech-Priest gain +3 WP
  • Stranger to the Cult: Penalty of -10 on all tests on the Imperial Creed and -5 to interact with Eccliesiarchy in formal settings,
  • Credo Omnissiah: Gain Technical Knock
  • Mechanicus Implants


Inquisitorial Prestige:

Remaining Earned
22 37
  • Magistratum Carapace [9]
  • CQ Bionic Arm (Right Arm) [3]
  • CQ Concealed Weapon Bionic [3]

- Magistratum Carapace "Ancile" 5 (H, A, L) 4 (B) (16kg) [In built: Respirator, comm bead and photo-visor]
- Glow Lamp (0.5kg), Data-Slate (0.5kg), Mechanicus Robes and vestments (GC Clothing), 6 Spare Parts, vial of Sacred Machine Oil
- Breacher "Hephaestus" (D10+5; Rending; Pen 4; Special, Tearing, Unweildy) (18kg) [Located in Concealed Weapon Bionic]
- 9x Mk.3 Frag Grenades (2D10X; Explosive; Blast 5) (5kg)
- 5x Firebomb (D10+3; Energy; Pen 6; Blast 3) (2.5kg)
- 1x Krak Grenades (2D10+4; Pen 6; Blast) (1kg)
- Chainsword "Samulayo" (D10+2; Rending; Pen 2; Tearing, Balanced) (6kg)
- 'Raven Blade' (5m; D5+1; Rending; Pen 2; (+10 to hit)) (0.5kg)
- Combat Webbing (backpack, can hold up to 50kg of gear) (1kg)
- Clip/Drop Harness (2kg)
- 58 Thrones Gelt

-10 Bolt shells

Carrying Capacity: 94% 52.9/56 kg

Stored: Dren's Apartment- Hive Tarsus, Scintilla

  • BQ Flak Coat 4 A,B
  • Ballistic Surcoat 1 H, A
  • Disguised Godwyen-De’az Pattern Bolter (90m; S/2/-; D10+5; Explosive; Pen 4; Clip 30; Reload Full; Tearing, Reliable) Scholastic Lore (Ecclesiarchy) or Trade (Armourer) to determine source


- Sequestered to an Explorator Fleet as a simple tech-orderly circa M41.18803988
- Travelled to the great expanses of the Jericho Reach under the watch of Explorator Magos Iruthedite
- Encountered wondrous mechanical creations, including forbidden technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Dyson-Worlds and other dangerous designs
- The fleet came under attack from an unknown aggressor, believe now to be a rogue Silica Animus
- Klightus, along with Explorator Magis Iruthedite and some other crew managed to escape the vicious creation, but not before suffereing grevious wounds
- Iruthedite was near death, and requested that his cortex be uploaded into another tech-priest so that his knowledge might continue
- Klightus was chosen to receive the upload, with many seeing him as being the most expendable (the upload would effectively format the mind of the receiver to make room for the additional data)
- Through some miracle intervention, Klightus survived the process with his mind and sanity mostly intact. It soon became apparent to him that Iruthedite had been involved in the Malygrisian Purge some 300 years earlier. Klightus was sure if this information became known, that he would be studied and dissected for many years to come. He chose to play the guise of being irreparably damaged to save himself from scrutiny.
- Upon returning to Imperial Space, the craft and survivors were captured by a joint force of Inquisition and Mechanicus agents for debriefing
- Attempts to remove the data from Klightus proved unsuccessful, with the data stream becoming corrupted when any transfer was attempted. Mechanicus representatives allocated Klightus for servitor duties, but not before the presiding Inquisitor, Ravenscar intervened. With some clever posturing and returned debts, Ravenscar claimed Klightus as his own
- Realizing his safety lay far from the hands of the mechanicus, Klightus revealed his secrets to the Inquisitor. Seeing opportunity to expand his agent-pool, Ravenscar opted for Klightus to undergo Secutor modification and Inquisitorial training under the watchful eye of Magos Militant Dragos
- Klightus' first deployment was 6 years later, and he as been an asset to Ravenscar ever since. Fiercely loyal to the Inquisitor who saved his life, Klightus pursues his mission with a dogmatic pathology that puts even the most devout of clerics to shame. His pugnacious attitude often results in quarrels between agents, but his prowess in a fire-fight more than makes up for any personal shortcomings

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