Varg - Region

The Varg region, is a very cold, inhospitable region on the boundaries of the large and ancient Baalwood. It is the collection of towns and villages, and the great city of Varg that make up the somewhat badly defined nation of Varg. The sprawling metropolis-city of Varg sits at its centre, geographically and in administration of the nation. From this city sitting across the Vargstal river does Clavicus, Marquis of Varg, bearer of the Wolf Mask, rule his nation. From the other major population centres of the nation (Osthem, Stalhem, Norstad, Baalstad, Svadhem and Haand) hereditary counts rule the land, and report to the Marquis. The other lesser noble houses via for power and influence or to topple the Counts from their position. The nobles themselves are frequently strict and taciturn as they are debauched and selfish, with the debauched nobles favouring the city of Varg. Each noble owns a silver face mask to denote their status with their own heraldric designs inscribed upon it, which they wear at court and when they walk the streets amongst commoners.

Vargarians pay sole homage to the ‘true deity’ Dragar, God of Storms, Law and Wolves and as such many of the nobles choose to emulate the areas of their Deity in there heladric devices. The Wolf Mask of Varg, worn by the Marquis is an example of such emulation as are the Wolf Blades owned by each Count as a symbol of his rule. Dragar protects Varg with his might, as he is the Fist of Law, Lord of Wolves and the Storm-bringer. No pretend god can match the might of Dragar, as he is the true lord of the heavens, to worship another is heresy punishable by the might of Dragar. The huge gothic cathedrals of Dragar, covered in wolf statues and effigies of his might dominate the skyline of the Vargarian towns, and the giant principle Cathedral of Dragar in Varg rivals both Palace of the Wolf Mask and the tower of the Varg School. From the principle cathedral does the Vargarian Church of Dragar spread its word. Elves are almost never seen in Varg, and are regarded as terrible masters of goblin armies and dark magic. Dwarves are more frequent in Varg, though few, if any, live in the region and most journey to Varg only to trade.

The land of Varg is almost perpetually cold, with summer only occasionally reaching the balmier temperatures of the southern, more civilised and cultured lands of Cassangreca and Lysia. Spring and autumn frosts and even snowstorms are not infrequent. It is in the deepest of winter thought when temperatures drop to well past freezing that Varg reaches its most barbaric. With winter comes the undead, animated by ley power and in ancient places the undead ravage farm lands and hamlets unless the combined forces the clergy the Marquis' and Nobles' Armies and mages turn them away. The undead are always stopped though at the solstice when Dragar comes into his full might, and his Clerics call upon him and complete the ancient and arcane Right of Wolves to turn back the undead. The Vargarian’s have a proud military tradition, having conquered the land from the pagan cultures here before Varg and continuing to defend it every winter. They prefer curving longswords and full-mask like helmets, with light calvary being a speciality of the Vargarian people.

Magic in Varg is viewed with superstition by the general populace as demon evil, and Mages generally hide their powers from the fervent populace in favour of finding employment amongst the always scheming, yet tolerant nobles. The Marquis has traditionally kept a strong control over the mages who study at the Varg School and employs a bodyguard of Arcanamachs lest the Mage Eminent get ideas over his head. The Vargschool Mages control an order of the Vargschool Knights for their protection and as an armed force. The Vargschool specialises in both Evocation and Necromancy, dedicating itself to the destruction and mastery of the ravaging undead that descend upon Varg during the fey and deep winters.


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