Tyrus Silverflame

Sylvan Trueborn, Academic, Prodigy

Auxillary First Mancer-Sergeant of the Imperial Navy, Mancer of the Blue Drakes Mages Guild, Slayer of the foul Spiderqueen Nethranhep, Cleanser of Velion, Slayer of Thelyos, Killer of Kendrovan the Traitor

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 12 10 14 13 12 12

3, 4, 3, 4, 4, 5


Movement: 7
Experience: 14 [General], 6 [Athletics], 2 [Stealth], 1 [Defense- Mobility], 1 [Defense- Willpower], 2 [Awareness- Initiative], 1 [Survival], 3 [Constitution], 4 [Spellcraft- Infyromancy]- Spent: [110]
Taint: 39
Renown: 24
Fatigue: 0

Linguistics (Sylvan Dialect, Imperial Dwarven, High Sylvan, Low Sylvan), History, Literacy, WS (Simple, Fistweapons), Arcana, Religion, Logic, Magewright, Awareness, Defense.
+2 BD: Spellcraft (Pyromancy)

Abilities and Traits:

  • Sure Shot
  • Hardened
  • Perk:
    • Arcane Initiation: +1 to cast Pyromancy
  • Traits:
    • Sylvan Traits:
      • Size (Medium)
      • Sylvan Grace: +1 to move speed
    • Undead Sylvan:
      • Senses +1BD (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste), +1DD (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste), +2BD (Magesense)
      • Undead: Does not need to eat, sleep or breath. Unaffected by mind impacting magic. Cannot be stunned, dazed or take permanent stat damage.
      • Cha B + Fb resist to Fire, 1/2 against Cold and Lightning.
  • Taint:
    • Energetic Blood:
      • Level 4: Ascension [5]
      • Infernal Intelligence (+1)
      • Fire Affinity.
      • Weakness (+2 dam) Cold, +2DD to resist cold effects.
    • Infernal Dreams:
      • Level 1: Damnation [1]
  • Pure Faith:
    • Elemental Dragon, The Everflame: Good, Death, Nature
    • 1 Divine Favour Bonus
    • Charred Earth: [Consecrate] 1 Faith. Takes a day. Area becomes holy, or weapons gain +D6 dam per FB against unholy enemies.
    • Cinders: [Doom] Move Action, 1 Faith. Cannot put out any levels of fire for ChaB + FB of rounds.
    • Flamesight: [Commune] Ritual, 1 Faith per 1 Mile Hex. Commune with the land around them or see through flames.
    • Purification: [Restoration] Removes FB of Taint. Effects Chaos Aligned curses.
    • Flameform: [Reanimate] Can reanimate corpses as fire orientated revenants.
    • Flamesmite: [Smite] Burn 1 Faith to give their next attack +Faith Bonus in damage. Can remain undischarged for Cha B +D6 rounds. Targets are automatically set on 1 level of fire.

Equipment: 13/10

  • MQ Ironwood Open Helm (H- 2BPE 4S, No Spellcasting Negatives) Weight 1
  • MQ Ironwood Full Plate Armour (B- 5E 6BP 7S, AL-4E 5BP 6S) Weight 7
  • MQ Largeshield (+4 Parry, +6 Block; 5DR/35HP)


  • MQ Imperial Battlemage Robes (+1 Intimidate/command, +1 to cast Pyromancy) Weight 1
  • MQ Golden & Blue Ruby Dragon Ring, Silver Ring, Silver & Sapphire Drake Earring
  • Commendations and Ranks: MQ Silver Scythe Pin (Features: Gibbous Moon, Spider Web, Drake Feather, Thaur Horn, Half Moon, Thrope Claw and Rahani Moon decals), Blue Drake Mancer Badge, First Mancer-Sergeant Pins (Three Crossed Lightning Bolts), Battle of Bay of Smoke Pin (Silver Worgs Head Wreathed in Smoke), Imperial Navy Class 1 Decoration (Bloodied Golden Sabre).


  • MQ Holy Icon of The Gold Dragon, Everflame.
  • MQ Satchel (Quill and Ink, Document Case [5 Sheets Parchment, Maps], Small Wood Box [Yellow + Purple Soul Gem], Scroll Case [Moon-Forge Specs], Spellbook) Weight 1
  • MQ Backpack (MQ Dice, Cold Iron Box, MQ Wintercloak, MQ Components Pouch [35 space], MQ Components Pouch [35 space], Watertight Steel Book (Ritual- Raise Dead) [MQ Components Pouch- 4x Raise Dead]) Weight 1
  • MQ Potion Bandoleer (1x Waterbreathing, 1x Potion of Haste, 3x Potions of Mend Flesh, 1x Unholy Stealth Potion)

Magic Items: Saturation: 6/4

  • Silverflame Staff (MQ Adamantium Somatic Fire-Staff) [+1 to hit; SB-1 Bludgeoning; DR11(E-66)/HP2; Two-handed, Reach [2], Simple, Silver]
  • Retractable Crystalline Blade (+3 to hit; SB Pierce, SB-1 Slash; DR 8/ HP 2; Offhand, Unarmed, Empty Hands, Vampiric [D3, Frenzy], Enervating [D3], Seeking [1])
  • Silver and Ruby Amulet (Amulet of Armour: +1 Armour all locations)
  • Blue Drake Mancer's Badge (+1 to cast Pyromancy)
  • Shattered Mirror Tattoo (15x MQ Glass Shard Components)
  • Cystal Signet Ring [House Vol’Ruk- Friendly Orb, Saviors Gem]
  • Ring of Twin-Moons (Simple Silver- Ring of Spells +2, 2x Cast spells held)


  • Thesis (Combining Fire and Crystal) [948/4000]

Head: 3BPE 5S
Body: 6E 7BP 8S
Arms: 5E 6BP 7S
Legs: 5E 6BP 7S

2 Platinum Dragons
2 Gold Drakes
10 Silver Swords
4 Copper Slaves


  • Surface Transmutation C
  • Burning Hands C
  • Flare C
  • Pyrotechnics C
  • Firebolts
  • Fireburst
  • Mending C
  • Structural Transmutation C
  • Fireball
  • Infernal Animation
  • Flaming Epidermis
  • Comprehender C
  • Mancer's Secret Whisper C
  • +Repair Undead
  • +One Other


  • Blue Ruby Dragon Ring
  • Somatic Staff
  • Mages Robes: 10/10
    • 5x Firebolt
    • 1x MQ Crystal Firebolt
    • 4x Fireball
  • Component Pouch: 33/35
    • Silvered Firebolt
    • 5x Firebolt
    • 8x Fireburst
    • 2x Flame Skin
    • 12x Boil
    • 2x MQ Repair Undead
  • Component Pouch: 35/35
    • 12x Flaming Architecture
    • 9x Firebolt
    • 12x Fireball
    • 1x MQ Repair Undead
  • Spellbook: U: Unique, R: Ritual, C: Cantrip
    • Byomancy: Enchant Food [C], Animal Charm [C], Detect Life [C], Gas Cloud.
    • Carnymancy: Surface Transmutation [C]
    • Cogymancy: Mancer's Secret Whisper [C]
    • Gyomancy: Gormyr's Orientation [C], Surveyors Blessing [C], Structural Transmutation [C], Affect Weather [R], Windshield, Wind Fortress [U], Gravity, Whirlwind, Shape Stone, Disintegrate.
    • Infyromancy: Banishment, Infernal Animation, Dominate Daemon.
    • Necrymancy: Repair Undead, Destroy Undead, Soul Trap, Raise Dead [R], Commune with Dead [R]
    • Pyromancy: Burning Hands [C], Flare [C], Pyrotechnics [C], Firebolt, Fireburst, Fireball, Boil, Flaming Epidermis.
    • Technomancy: Comprehender [C], Mending [C], Locate Object [C].

Stored in Krakenhunter Officer's Quarters:

  • 17x Glass Shards [Component], 2x Mummy's Dust [Component], 4x Alchemists Fire [D6+6 Fire Damage].
  • MQ Mage Silk Robes (BA- 1BSP 2E, L- 1BSP 2E)
  • Waterlogged Carbine [34/400]
  • Modified Hand Crossbow [+1 to hit; 100m]

Stored in Blue Drake Room:

  • Blue China Teapot
  • An ancient Rahani galley model, incredibly fine detail. Ropes made of fine silver chain, bronze planks and ship sides, and tiny silver selkine all over it in crewing poses. The sails are made of silken silver. And the entire ship remains untarnished and relatively unblemished. Clearly a masterwork.
  • Bookshelf
    • Drakeskin Tome (Fleshbind Ritual)
    • Sphynx Skin Tome (Carnymancy cantrips)
    • Metal Plated Book (Repair c, Comprehender c, Locate Object c, Structural Transmutation c, Orientation c)
    • Burnt Book (Flaming Epidermis)
    • Small Selky Skin Manual of Spells [Cogymancy cantrips]
    • Small Dark Leather Manual of Spells [Nethermancy cantrips]
    • Old Nature Book, 'Flora and Fauna of the Lorovian Peninsula'
    • Small Black Tome, Unknown title and topic

Stored Aboard the Waverunner:
-MQ Defensive Quarterstaff (+1 to hit, +3 to parry; SB-3 Bludgeoning; DR 11, HP 2; Two-Handed, Reach [2], Disarm [+1])
-Book, 'Dragon Cults of the Southern Empire'
-Modified Crossbow


  • Sylvan academic researching ruins in the southern reaches. Uncovered the tomb of a primordial dragon spirit.
  • Returned from the tomb covered head to toe in intricate magical tattoos of dragons and with the ability to cast magic. Strange dreams of a Golden Dragon and flames consuming all of creation.
  • Mages Guild of the Blue Drake admitted him to study so they could study his tattoos, but he could not remember the location of the tomb. Trained there to become a Journeyman wizard, at which stage went back out into the world to hone his craft.


  • Endrovar: Gyomancer, Blue Drakes Mages guild in Lorys by the Sea
  • Grand Chief Ultron: Chief of Jerongolas Island
  • Calcium: Legal clerk, House Solanus tower Velion.
  • Shipmistress Syrraneal: Captain of the Waverunner.


  • Awareness [15 Drakes]
  • Sure Shot [10 Drakes]
  • Defense [15 Drakes]
  • WS (Fistweapons) [15 Drakes]
  • Pure Faith [20 Drakes]
  • Restoration [10 Drakes]
  • Reanimate [15 Drakes]
  • Smite [10 Drakes]
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