Thud the Brutal

Half-Orc Barbarian.



As the party battled against the summoned Dretches in the Ancient White Elf tower in the southern part of the Bandit's rest Thud fought in the front-lines against the outnumbering demons as the poured out of the portal. Already weakened from two successive fights against Vargarian Monitors Thud was knocked unconscious as the Dretches swarmed over him. Karoly and Davien brought him back up with healing spells and a healing potion as the party began to pull out. It was at this moment that the Wild Elf Ranger 'Jars' was torn apart screaming by am mob of the demons. As the rest of the party turned to flee, Thud was brought down again by several Dretches, injured and prone Thud swung his greatsword one handed at the Dretches attacking him, severing the legs of one which then de-materialised with an abyssal screech. The party now knowing that it was outmatched against the waves of summoned creatures defending the tower could not find a way to pull the unconcious Thud out of the room before hew was torn apart by the gibbering horrors.

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