The Journal of Beautrix

Torsdag the 16th of Worm 745 - Haand

I have been in Haand for a week now, moving between my favourite inns each night. I cannot believe that agents of my father would pursue me this far east of home. He is a stubborn fool the think that I will return to the Vargschool. I have thrown my lot in with S’s plan. He and the SS have much more sophisticated ideas about magic and ley power than ever those fools at the Vargschool have. Dragar shock me they are foolish.
The most curious thing happened to me today though, while staying in the Golden Shipwright in the Canals I met a very strange fellow. He had the most curious aura, charismatic and intelligent, yet he seemed to fumble over his words, though he was clearly interested in me. Davien Flynn, he said, which along with the lilting accent on his Trade Dwarf, marks him as a Rhannioran. A tall thin man, with a shock of red hair, pale skin and red eyes. We did have a good conversation though; he is an architect for Gregor Robertsson, well he was till he was fired today. Apparently he refused to build Gregor's daughter a folly or the like. I don’t know how he tolerated that pile of Völg-food for the months he worked for him, Gregor makes the City nobility look humble. I furthermore cannot believe the money is good enough to pull a Cassangrecan trained architect all the way to this end of the world.
Regardless of his fumbles I said I would see him tomorrow.

Tiredag the 17th of Worm 745 - Haand

I went to see my contact today. No news on the SS shipment from C. So I went for a walk through the canals. The winds that roar in through the noble’s district off the Wreathed Sea are cold even in summer. I had to wear my wolverine cloak.
Met with Davien again at the Shipwright. We talked more of his previous job and of various other things. The Storm-Lord take me but that grain-alcohol he drinks is foul.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he is a man of my trade. Who knew that even in Rhannior those like us flourished? I think he plans to do something tomorrow to get out of that situation he is in. I suggested I could find him employment in Varg.
I leave on Monsdag, if the shipment hasn’t come through then it’s not coming any time soon. I hope it hasn’t fallen into the hands of Lorstii pirates. Now THAT would provoke a war. Ironic considering the Marquis’ desire for it so deeply, to have a group like us start it off for him? Maybe I’ll float that idea past S when next I see him.

Sondag the 19th of Worm 745 - Haand

No shipment in the last two days. Davien has joined me in travelling to Varg. He said he spoke to Svensson, and arranged something with Svensson’s petty-mage. I don’t know nor care, though I suspect much.
His love making is as curious as his aura. At times he is strong and seems to know my exact want. At others, he seemed as lost as a basilisk hatchling without a ley amplifier.
He smells of brimstone. This as it turns out, is no surprise, considering the conversation I watched Drakkar and him have in the Gallons Banquet. I never thought I would find a Tiefling from Rhannior… in Varg! Hah! I would have though he would have been burnt at birth!
I am definitely taking him to the SS. He will fit right in.
Spoke to Drakkar. He will take over watching the shipment. I am to report to J in Varg.

Onsdag the 22nd of Worm 745 - Varg

We made it to Varg, with no incidents on the road. We were lucky. Only saw some Kreshnar in the hills watching the road. Didn’t even hear wolves.
Davien’s conceptions of his abilities still confuse me greatly. He is preparing his mind for the casting of powers each day, yet has so far refused to use them. Even as a Tiefling I doubt it would corrupt his animus or body, only perhaps bring out more of his innate power. I told him of my supposed draconic-heritage, as much as I doubt the truth of that as otherwise surely more of my house would have manifested the talent. On that note I think I lost my father’s man. It is likely that Drakkar had a chance to eliminate him after I pointed him out in Haand. Ah, father. Don’t you see that im not coming back? You have the house. I have renounced you.

Torsdag the 23rd of Worm 745 - Varg

So I went to find Davien today in the Kinked Wheel to give him the job J gave me for him. They are to go find that device we lost some months ago to that clergy patrol outside of Osthem. Turns out that the Wheel was host to several more adventurers. I gave them all the job, considering they were all eager to get in on the action. Have they not been to Sorozia Likvrir and signed up for the winter guard like any greedy mercenary?
So Davien has the job. Along with him go a well-mannered Dwarf Cleric of Dragar, a barbaric looking Half-Orc warrior (if I am not mistaken) and a slightly built and shady looking ranger. I worry only about that ranger and the warrior. Those two could prove problematic for the SS if my suspicions hold true about them. Regardless the promise of 300 Vargarian Masques and finely made weapons should hold them to their task and if they prove untrustworthy I just won’t hire them again. Davien will probably have to use his talents now. I wonder how he will react? It’s a bit different to use them in the heat of the moment, than to practice them in a coven or school.
Spent the rest of the day talking to some of my contacts. The Marquis is moving quicker than we anticipated. The price of steel going up is an indication of this. There are rumours of a house rebellion cooking, would it be Eichberg? Surely not. Regardless this will mask our actions nicely, and probably divert the Marquis from looking too closely at us.
A SS infiltrator said that the Marquis is training new Völg. He also reported that the Marquis Guard are training more monitors. Big ones. I hope S has made good on his pact with the twins.

Torsdag 30th of Worm 745 - Varg

So the team returns, with two more in tow. They make now a Tiefling arcanist, Half-Orc barbarian, a Drow ranger, a roguish looking Half Elf bard, the Dwarf cleric and a noble fighter; they do make a interesting bunch of lingonberries. They had the device and reported undead and a White Elf as well as an attempt to steal the device perpetuated by House Nors. A Reclaimer White Elf it seems, with documentation in High Elven. I doubt it was an actual Reclaimer though, perhaps an over ambitious youngling? This would not be unheard of… though who knows when it comes to the S'far. They even managed to acquire a Balestaff from the Elf, maybe I will offer to purchase it off Davien. I noticed later that the Elf’s foul head hangs from the belt of the barbarian. Maybe I was wrong about that one. The Drow though… perhaps not.
This would thought seem to confirm the tales of increased Elven activity in the Baalwood, as well as the ideas that ley nexusii and ancient devices discharging are responsible for our winter undead. I hope I am not posted to Ostfont in winter.
Hopefully my request for training in Cassangreca will be awarded. My Illusions are getting rusty with all this Necromancy and Evocation use. I need to find myself a Knight of the Spire. A good looking one. Though maybe I could just get a certain Tiefling to traipse around behind me and carry my scrolls?

Tiredag 4th of Redberry 745 - Varg

So summer is properly upon us. A storm passed in the last week, a strong one blown in off the ocean. It was good to stand at the top of the manor and feel the wind in my hair. I should spend less time reading scrolls and more time outside. Davien and his allies had a good time carousing in the Foregate (though you can hardly call it that in Varg) and resting up after their last job. I think he even got some study done.
Davien is leaving today on a new task. He and the rest of his motley group of would-be-adventurers were presented with SS writs by Drakkar, though really that makes them more valuable targets to our enemies than it protects them. They might just be able to get some minor enchanted items from Baer with those. I wish there was an easier way to infuse magic to physical items; the prematurely aged and insane enchanters in the Vargschool are a scary reminder of the price one pays for magical equipment and devices.
Rumors and wanted posters have reached Varg. The heir to the Count of Stälhem, Lennart Lindberg and an acolyte of Dragar called Diedre Kilvran are wanted for heresy. She has only a count of lesser heresy and for being an acolyte of Viella. Lindberg on the other hand, it appears he has stolen the Wolfblade of his father, after assisting the acolyte with her heresies. I never would have thought that such a stalwart house could fall so far. Maybe there is hope for the Lindbergs yet?
It is was also house Nors that is in contempt of the Wolf-Mask. The Marquis is moving against them now. I would imagine that his assassins and arcanamachs are already departed. I give it two months before either we are in full scale civil war with the houses divided as per the Eichs-Virstberg War of ECR 624 or that Lief Nors and all his close relatives have their heads delivered to the Marquis and the Wolf Court sits to elect a new house to the Wolfblade of Nors. Either way, it will be an ungraceful end to the long line of Nors.
The shipment came through so I may not, or may stay in Varg till autumn, supposing I am allowed to go to Cassangreca. At last J and I can continue our research. S will be pleased.
I am looking forward to seeing him on the Solstice. It would be good to dance with Flynn if he is back by then; if he is quick there is no reason he shouldn’t be.

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