The Brothers Alpha

Born into a poor family in Haand, Andreas and his twin brother Wolfram had a relatively normal upbringing for ones of their demographic, roaming the streets whenever they could escape from their parents and their dreary lives. The twins were not close in public, as their differences in appearance meant they suffered constant taunts that they weren’t really related, so they ran with different groups on the streets to avoid the drama and hassle, while maintaining their close ties in private and using this bond and their disparate abilities and sizes to gain an advantage. Wolfram was associated with the intake groups of a Haand thieves guild, while Andreas was always struggling to prove that even as the smaller twin he was the more potent, fighting and duelling almost constantly and honing his skills from a young age, always using the largest weapons, and even those too big for him to prove everyone wrong. This led to him being taken into a training program at a mercenary recruiting camp, where the older mercenaries ‘retired’ to groom promising youngsters that could be bought cheaply as recruits for the mercenary companies. When one of the twins accepted a dare or was given a challenge that proved too difficult alone, they combined their formidable skills (usually in secret if possible) to each gain a reputation as fearsome and cunning warriors and thieves.

In their adolescence Wolfram rose in the thieves guild ranks, while Andreas was slowly ostracised from the mercenary school for his reluctance to take jobs that led to him being out of the city, instead choosing to stay near his ailing parents and watching out and helping Wolfram when the situation demanded it. The need for an income led to him utilising the only thing he was skilled in, joining as a combatant in an underground fighting organisation where fighters fought for their own winnings and bets were not taxed by the city lord. The brothers earned their keep in this manner until Wolfram’s final assignment led to him being assigned to burgle from the organisers of the fighting arena, taking the entire set-up’s funds then reporting it to the authorities, effectively wrecking Andreas’ income. Naturally he revealed his concerns to his brother, and knowing that the fight organiser’s would blame Andreas for leaking information about the structure of security and placement of the safe to his brother, whereas refusing the mission would lead to recriminations from the thieves guild possibly culminating in one or both of their deaths. They took the only option remaining, fleeing the city entirely and heading to the capital to establish a new life, where we first meet them.

On the day the party freed Karganath, Prince of Murder, the brothers made separate pacts with the Lord of Blades. Wolfram made a pact to wield a Daemon weapon in the name of Karganath and so his composite longbow was forever transformed, becoming Vosh'Noruk the Widower. Andreas similarly made a pact with the Prince, his greatsword becoming Kyn'Draex the Reaper and made subsequent pacts to receive Daemon Armour and profane strength.

Whilst on the pirate caravel the Manticore it came to the party's attention, at the demise of a crewman, that Wolfram had contracted lycanthropy. He now has mastered as best he can his beastly affliction, now being able to assume the form of a wolf at will, or the bastard hybrid form the the lycanthrope. The party suspect he must have been incubating the disease for full two cycles of the moon, since when they were attacked by the mercenary werewolves outside of Grimstad, and Wolfram has finally put reason to the few mornings he has woken covered in torn clothing, splattered in blood.



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