Beneath the Black Ziggurat



'Beneath the Black Ziggurat; a tale of magic, mayhem and misogyny'

Penned by renowned scholar and playwright Edmund Solfond

Chapter 1: Blood and Gold

One day upon the isle of ???? two men meet, of all places, in a tavern. One, only half a man in fact, is an ex-butler of one of the high houses of Dalyr, recently ousted for thievery and sexual indiscretions. The other from the North, a place where the bloods runs cold and frequently, is of a simpler cut. Stocky and callous in both body and soul from years of conflict, he discusses with his companion the prospect of gold in this waterlogged city.

Our two heroes, sadly the first two of many, are employed by the local guards to destroy vermin beneath the boardwalks of the city, a task they take to with some vigour. Waist deep in filth and muk they are set upon by a crocodilian creature intent on making them dinner…or at least a snack. With daggers flying and blades slashing the creature is disposed of, dragged behind the Warrior up and out of the watery grave his sword gifted it. The Scoundrel tried to ease the minds of passers by but their faces held looks of confusion and fear. Alas even in this modern time walking down a street dragging a giant lizard is considered in poor taste. The beast sold for skin and meat and their payment collected, the Scoundrel and the Warrior retire to dream of future blood and gold.

Chapter 2: A Mage's Worth

No tale is complete without Dragons, long lost treasure and fair maidens in distress. Luckily for our rugged adventurers they were about to be blessed with all three! Although as you will see they were more grateful for some than others. We renew our story in the undercity waterways of ???, beneath the shadow of The Black Ziggurat. Our brave companions, The Warrior and the Scoundrel, wade through the depths of these waterways seeking the bounty of those who dwell within..

Chapter 3: The First of Many

Every man deals with loss differently and in response to the loss of some 40 swords to cut purses the Scoundrel's response was to sulk. Indefinitely. And thus he takes no part in the next part of this story.

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