The Black Sepulchre


Mission Log

REF: INQ/ 050619917/BI

++Author: Inquisitor Ravenscar++
++Subject: Mission Briefing++
++Destination: Barsapine++
++Target: Investigate Source of Dei-Phage’s Hand++
++Adeptus Astra Telepathica++

Thought for the day: In His service one is never sacrificing, nor shall one ever sacrifice enough..

Mission Details: Our investigations into the crimes of House Thrungg are now complete, you have shown yourself worthy of my trust and as such the next step in this investigation falls to you. While you have been in transit to the Gilded Cathedral on Barsapine, the holdings and titles of Bulagor Thrungg as well as those of his extended family have been revoked. Service in His name is never complete and it falls to you now to continue the investigations into the source of the most dangerous artefact among those we deemed heretical. 
The daemonic hand that you reclaimed from the corpse of Thrungg has its roots somewhere on Barsapine. It is my concern that the noble houses there as well may be harboring corruptive influences. Abbot Jurutas has been informed of your arrival and will provide you all the succour and assistance you require while investigating the Gilded Cathedral for clues to point you to the corruptive influence. 
Find the source of this object and bring to it the righteous light of He Who Is On Earth. Leave no stone unturned and no thread unravelled in your search. Awaiting you when you make landfall will be a transport for your use on Barsapine, as well as several devices you may find useful. The Medispex servitor is an old device that should be treated with care, I expect it to be returned in proper order when your mission concludes. Additionally, any extra equipment required should be purchasable on board on route. Should you require anything supplementary I leave you to your own devices. 
One last note, please be subtle in your efforts. Abbot Jurutas knows your purpose but the others within his parish do not. The Gilded Cathedral is the most holy location on all of Barsapine and I do not wish to disrupt its day to day operations without reason. 
Addendum 1: Planetary Briefing
Basapine is an Imperial World in the Adrantis Nebula subsector. The planet is tidally locked and does not rotate. Its magnetic western face is a burnt desert and warm winds sweep across the planet from the west. Kephistron Altis is located along the night ridge, and is under an eternal night, warmed only by the winds and lit by reflected light from the Gilded Cathedral.
Geography/Demography: Temperate/Desert climate, the populations concentrated around the poles. Seven continents, three populated.
Principal cities: Kephstron Altis, Kephistron Inferior (northern polar), Skaltine (planetary capital), Descrayne (southern polar). Numerous smaller communities make up approximately half of the total population. The northern and southern polar regions typically communicate little and the planet’s history has included periods of war between the two.
Governmental Type: Divinatory Thaumocracy. Regional leaders and governorship decided by divination.
Planetary Governor: His Magnificence Ordus Malinar Vel Coronasse, Chosen of the Soothsayers’ College.
Adept Presence: Low. Adeptus Arbites (Skaltine and Kephistron Inferior), Administratum tithing mission (Skaltine).
Military: Northern Arctic Bonded Guard (low quality standing army based near Kephistron Inferior), Divinatory Guard (medium/low quality civil protection units based at Skaltine). Considerable rivalry between the two forces reduces their effectiveness as a planetary defence force.
Economic Notes: Barsapine’s principal production is cogitator parts, which make up the majority of its tithe. The rest of the tithe consists of raw materials and manpower. Barsapine pottery is considered among the sector’s finest and can command high prices from collectors.
Barsapine is a dismal world of little importance in the grand scheme of the Calixis Sector, save for the cogitator parts its large isolationist cities produce. The spaceport of Kephistron Altis where you will be landing is a quiet, grey place of toil and religiosity. Barsapine’s more interesting aspects are hidden below the surface – its people are modest and fatalistic, rarely claiming any ambition, and tend to go about masked and cloaked so they can hide themselves from the Emperor’s sight and not commit the prideful sin of seeking out His attention.

Emperor Protects.

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