Garekk Saraugug

Garekk Saraugug
Half-Orc, Warwolf, Weapon Master

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
14 12 14 8 10 8


Skills and Talents:
Lingusitics (Imperial Dwarven, Glibtongue), Hardened, War, Dungeoneering, Weapontraining (Primitive, Thrown, Simple, Heavy Blades+1), Armourtraining (+2), Frenzy, Parry

  • Orkborn Resistance: You receive a +2 bonus to all Constitution checks to resist poison, gas, diseases, hostile environments and other endurance checks.
  • Heightened Senses +2 (Smell): Orkborn have quite advanced olfactory senses. As such they may also track by smell.
  • Darkvision (uncoloured): Orkborn see in the dark in sepia tones.

Equipment: /
Shortsword, 5 Throwing Axes, Armingsword, Leather Shirt, Leather Leggings, Backpack, PQ Greatsword, PQ Closehelm, PQ Splintmail Armour, PQ Splintmail Kilt

In process of buying
[Mw Adamantium Longsword, SB+1, Balance+2, 8/8, Pen:2 (90sw)]
[AC Leather Gambeson w/ Cap, HABL: 2, W: 0 (30sw)]
[Mw Lamellar Steel Hauberk w/Coif, HABL: 2, W: 3 (33sw)]

2 Drakes 6 Swords remaining

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