Important Dates

  • 3rd of Pale Lady 1235 - Festival of Fertility
  • 1st of Reborn Flame 1236 - End of Bidding for the Eye of Korab

Party Assets

Stored aboard 'The Krakenhunter'

1 Platinum Dragons
1 Gold Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves
22 Ancient Rahani Coins

Magic Items:

  • 5x Empty Soul Gems
  • Carcaradon Leather Armour (BAL- 1BP 2S 4E, Weight 3, Animagus component)
  • Spellbook (Affect Weather, Windshield, Gravity, Banishment, Dominate Daemon- Rituals: Freedom, Conjure Weather, Wind Fortress)

Secaellor Special MQ Waraxe (+1; SB+2 Slashing; DR11/HP3; Holy [xd6 v Daemons, xd3 v Lycanthropes, where x is Faith Bonus (Those present at the creation of Secaellor, who have imbued part of their memory in the holy weapon, count x as a minimum of 1.] Axiomatic [as Cold Iron, but also ignoring Daemonic Natural Armour from Mutations, also ignores Lycanthropic/Thropic DR as Silver]) Weight 1 [Current bearer: Bort]


  • Being deciphered:
    • Notebook
      • High Rakshasan
    • Praises of Rahan (A book of poems to the glory of Rahani Civilisation).
    • Waterlogged maps of ancient Rahan.
    • Rahani Writings


  • 3x Dominate Daemon
  • 6x Banishment
  • 2x Conjure Spirit

Mundane Equipment:

  • 4 Doses of Deadly Jellyfish Venom
    • Application: Contact, Resist 3d6 Con.
    • Effect: for d6+ DoS to resist rounds target may behave normally but is overwhelmed by a sense of impending doom. Thereafter they are Stunned for 2d3 + DoS on hit to apply the poison opposed to DoS to resist x 10 minutes, as their body spasms and cramps and their vision swims. For each minute of the poisons duration they take 1 fatigue. If they survive this ordeal then they survive.
  • MQ Ornate Archaevus w/ Optics (+1; 610m range; 12 Piercing; DR6/HP4; Two-Handed, Reload [5 Full], Vicious AP [1]) Weight 2
    • Carved from rare Sylvan whitewood, with Sylvarite ornaments and barrel.
    • Kill Markings: Ambyromancy [II], Astrymancy [I], Byomancy [I], Carnyrmancy [I], Gyomancy [III], Infyromancy [I], Kynomancy [I], Necyrmancy [I], Nethyrmancy [I], Technomancy [I].
    • 5x Cold Iron Shot, 1x Normal Shot
  • 3x Potion of Waterwalking (6+d6mins)
  • 2 Ethers of Mancer’s Grace
  • 5 variously shaped moonstones.
  • 4 moon sigil rings in silver, of the same style and each of a different phase, all sturdy yet delicate and intricately patterned. All by the same jeweller. (Absent, Waning, Full- Remaining rings)
  • Thelyos Key #4
  • Thelyos Key #5
  • MQ Paired Talons
  • 3x MQ Silver Scimitar
  • Small Worn Tablet (Selky spearing lacedon)
  • Felt Bag (5x Moonstones)
  • Padded Box w/ Moon Sapphires, 4x Lapis Lazuli
  • Waterproof copy of ancient Thelyos poems (Telmanos the Turtle, Scaley Lycanthrop, Silverspear)
  • MQ Silversteel Warchain (+2 to hit; SB/SB Slash; AP [1]; Reach [2], Flexible)
  • MQ Pyromancers Robes (Black Sea-Drake Feathers)
  • 2x Black Iron Spike Axes
  • MQ Sylvarite Scimitar
  • CQ Laminar (Ancient God Motifs)
  • MQ Versatile War-Mace (Worg, Sphinx, Gnoll, Bolg)
  • Statue of Silver Worg Thrope Statue [Gel’Mooleshash- Servant of the Great Trickster]
  • 12x Salamander Toxin
  • 1x MQ Moonsteel Wild Talons (+1 to hit, +1 Dam, AP 1, Silver on Lycanthrope talons)
  • Set of MQ Splintmail armour for lycanthrope
  • Viper Claw Fists (Moonsteel sheaths for Talons) [As above: +3 to hit, SB+2 Slash, AP 1 - Seeking +1, Rending +1]
  • Moon Axe of Shesk Rahan (+2 to hit; SB+5 Slash; AP 1; DR12/HP4; Axiomatic, Disorientating [+2D3], +Ennervating +D3]
  • MQ Gorgonite Arms and Legs
  • Mace of Blackmoon [MQ Black Silver Mace w/ extended grip] (Somatic, Seeking +3)
  • Armour of the Sundered King (MQ Silverwood Laminar- Wild) [H- 3EBP 4S, B- 4EBP 5S, AL- 3BP 4SE] +2 armour against lycanthrope attacks and +2 resist against Energies
  • 2x Amulets Panther in Ring of Shattered Moons [Amulets of Yol’Trath the shattered]
  • Ancient Battlemages Laminar Cuirass (Lightened)
  • Boots of Foam
  • Ancient MQ Sylvan Fire-Caster

Given to the Dragon

  • Small Decorative Fish (Platinum)
  • Pendant of Opalised Spiral gold with chain, with matching ring with moon rune
  • 4x Silver Quarterstaff [Leaping Sphinx- Yoltrath the Shattered]
  • 2x Special Paired MQ Falcattas (Enchanted) (+1 to hit, +2 to hit with two; SB+1 Slash, SB-2 Pierce; 9DR/3HP; Simple, Paired) [Jumping Gnoll + Cat] *D3 Bleeding & D3 Disorientating
  • "Grun Grax" [MQ Black-Silver War Axe w/ Frost Enchant] (+1 to hit, +2 two-handed, -1/+0 to Parry; SB+3 Slash; DR13/HP4; Silver, Versatile; +2D6 Frost Damage)
  • MQ steel mageosthetic (wild shape)
  • MQ Adamantine Longsword ‘Kel’Nashi’ (+1 to hit, +2 to hit two-handed; SB+2 Slash/Pierce; AP 3; [Bleeding +D3], Summoning)
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