Tales of the Southern Reaches

A collection of stories by Silf Bloodmoon; Historian, Bard, Taleweaver.

The Legacy of Rahan

Chapter I: As Companions Whole


Pursued by undead an unlikely group is formed within the jungles of the Southern Reaches. Looking only for coin, they are soon lead to something larger and far more sinister.

Chapter II: To Chase The Moon


Unlocking the secrets of the Rahani conspiracy leads the group across the Elyzydrian Gulf, as the darkness beneath the waves begins to manifest.

Chapter III: In Lunar Shadows


The newly named Silver Scourges hurry to collect the Aspects of Rahan before the Night of Empty Skies, while the Rahani Pirate fleet wrestles for control of the Gulf.

Chapter IV: To Dream Eternal


The fate of the Southern Reaches is to be decided, and the decisions made by the Silver Scourges will reach far…



Campaign Appendixes


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