Gallus Serghar

Gallus Serghar

Human, Soldier, Fighter

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
14 13 13 10 11 8

+2 Str, +1 Dex, +2 Con, -1 Chr

Experience: 0/1300
Wound Thresholds:
Size: Medium
Speed: 6m

Skills and Talents:
Ambidextrous, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven), Jaded, War, Weapon Training (Crossbows, Simple Blades, Simple Blunt, Military Blades, Shields), Armour Training (Light, Medium, Heavy, Shield), Arms Master.
+1: Weapon Focus (Arming Swords)
+2: Parry


  • Quickling: You may pick two Skills with which to start with. You must meet their prerequisites.
  • Human Adaptability: Instead of picking a single Free Advance after character creation you may pick two Free Advances. This may not be used to combine two Free Advances to make a Tier 2 advance.


-Arming Sword (+1; D8; Slashing)
-An Arming Doublet, Mail Hauberk (A,B, L- 3), Open Helm (H-3)
-Dagger (+1; D4; Range 5m; Piercing)
-Medium Shield (2 kgs; +3 Block; Health: 18/40; Resistance 1)
-Torch, Waterskin, Manacles, 25m Rope, 3 days rations, Crowbar, Backpack.

H- 3
B- 3
A- 3 (Left Arm 4)
L- 3

Money bag:
0 Dragons
0 Drakes
15 Swords
0 Slaves

Ordered: Arming Sword [Artificer (+1 proficiency +1 dam), Spellforged (+1 pen), Adamantium (+2 pen)]


Service to lords of the Blood Lands is often rewarded with a Blood Ritual to become one of the undying. When Gallus saved the life of his lord on a battlefield he was offered such but refused. He instead took his freedom, taking his skill with a blade and lust for gold and glory to the Silver Empire as a mercenary.


Shortly after arriving in the Silver Empire Gallus Serghar was hired by local guards to clear the waterways beneath the Black Ziggurat. After several successful attempts, including the slaying of a deformed Dragon, he set out with his White Elf Mage companion to clear the waterways of the foul creatures known as Saugman. After defeating a score of the creatures he is ambushed and killed by a pack sneaking in the dark. Seeing the heads of their defeated comrades on Gallus's belt, they execute him immediately.


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