Constantine Dorn

Constantine Dorn

Human, Soldier, Paladin

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
14 11 14 11 10 12

+2 Str, +2 Con

Experience: 0/0
Wound Thresholds:
Taint: 0
Size: Medium
Speed: 6m

Skills and Talents:
Ambidextrous, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven), Weapon Training (Crossbows, Simple Blunt, Military Blunt,), Armour Training (Light, Medium, Heavy, Shield), Unshakeable Will (May re-roll will saves versus fear and pinning), Religion.
+1: War, Weapon Focus (Warhammer)
+2: Parry


  • Quickling: You may pick two Skills with which to start with. You must meet their prerequisites.
  • Human Adaptability: Instead of picking a single Free Advance after character creation you may pick two Free Advances. This may not be used to combine two Free Advances to make a Tier 2 advance.
  • Justice and Honour: The Paladin must remain a bastion of lawfulness and goodness. Paladins must choose to be devoted to either Aerin, Dragar, Xortivar or Cifyre. Whilst a paladin remains to his code of helping the weak and sick, and defending the righteous he may Smite Evil and Turn Undead as many times per day as his Charisma bonus. Smite Evil is declared before an attack action and the Paladin adds his Charisma bonus in extra damage to the attack if it is successful. If it is not successful the use of Smite is wasted. Turn Undead lets the paladin make a Charisma check to try and force any Undead in the area to flee away from him. For every degree of success the Paladin gets, he forces up to 10 constitution points of Undead to flee away from him for his Charisma bonus in rounds. A Paladin must have a Holy Icon of their Deity to perform their paladin special abilities such as Turn Undead and Smite. If a Paladin ever gains more than 10 Taint, then they count as Falling. When a Paladin falls, they immediately lose the bonuses of Justice and Honour. If a Paladin performs actions that are selfish or deceitful, or against the law of their deity they must serve penance. Until penance is served they may not use any of their Paladin abilities (any of the abilities on the list below).


-Warhammer (D10; Bludgeoning; Versatile)
-Medium Shield (2 kgs; +3 Block; Health: 40/40; Resistance 1)
-An Arming Doublet, Scale Armour (2- A,B), Leather Leggings (1- L), Open Helm (3-H)
-Holy Icon of Dragar, Backpack, Lantern and Oil, 25m Rope (w/ grappling hook), Waterskin, Winter Cloak (Wolf Fur), Bedroll,

H- 3
B- 2
A- 2 (Left arm 3)
L- 1

Money bag:
0 Dragons
0 Drakes
5 Swords
5 Slaves



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