In Varg and most of the surrounding lands, Dragar, God of storms and wolves is worshipped above all else.


Dragar- Bringer of Storms, Fist of Law, Wolf- Lord
Domains:Law, Protection, Storms (water), Destruction, Knowledge, War
Favoured weapon: Warhammer
His clerics can be of any lawful alignment, as he cares not for the motivation of order or law, only that it is kept. His word brings storms, and wolves obey him. His clerics and paladins hunt those who worship the demon-mother Viella, and submit them to the righteous hammer or Dragar.

Viella on the other hand is spurned by sane persons. She is the bringer of chaos, a seducer of men and a harbinger of doom.


Viella – Demonqueen of Healing, All-Flesh and mother of all Demons
Domains - Chaos, Healing, Knowledge, Trickery, Magic, Earth
Favoured Weapon: Scimitar
Viella is the demon queen of heretics and blashpemers. Her worshippers are most frequent of any other deities in Varg and are always Chaotic. They are never obvious and meet in secret places to conduct the carnal rituals that their demon goddess commands. Worshippers of Viella are hunted across Varg, and burnt for their heresy.

Cifyre:- God of death, knowledge, magic
Domains: - Magic, Knowledge, Death.
Favoured weapon: ….

Aerin- Goddess of nature, fire and war
Domains: – Animals, Earth, Fire, War, Sun, Plant, Water
Favoured weapon: ….


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