Sylvan, Nautical, Guardian

Grey Elven Reaver

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 13 11 11 11 10

5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3


Movement: 7
Experience: 8 [General], 2 [Hardened], 4 [Athletics]
Taint: 0
Renown: 0

Fatigue: 9

Linguistics (Ysterion Dialect, Imperial Dwarven, Low Sylvan), Sailing, Defence, Acrobatics, Alchemy, WS (Simple, Swords, Shields)

Abilities and Traits:

  • Sylvan Traits
    • Size (Medium)
    • Sylvan Grace: +1 to move speed
    • Sylvan Senses: Superior Senses +1 (Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste,)
  • Trueborn
  • Armour Training (+3)
  • Duelist
  • Perk:
    • Hobby [Alchemy]

Equipment: 13/12
-Scimitar (+1 to parry; SB+1 slash, SB Pierce; DR 10, HP 2) Weight 1
-Large Shield (+3 Parry; +6 Block; DR 5, HP 17/30) Weight 3
-Water Nymph's Amulet
-Backpack [Grapple, Rope, MQ Dice, Waterskin, Winter Cloak, Bedroll, Alchemists Poisons, 3x Rations] Weight 1
-Satchel [MQ Bow, 17 Springheads] Weight 1
-Sylvarite Splintmail Hauberk (BA- 3B 4EP 6S, L- 2B 3EP 5S) Weight 5
-Close helm (H- 3E 5BP 6S) Weight 2

Head: 3E 5BP 6 S
Body: 4E 6BP 7S
Arms: 3E 5BP 6S
Legs: 3EBP 4S

0 Platinum Dragons
1 Gold Drakes
5 Silver Sword
7 Copper Slaves

Like many of the so-called "Grey Elves" of Ysterion, Ravihk grew up amongst the shipyards, ports and canals of the seabound city. When of age he enlisted to serve in the Ysterion Navy where he travelled the Southern Reaches hunting pirates and illegal smugglers. During this time he learnt the use of poisons from an old Sylvan herbalist who served as healer to the men on board the 'Unrepentant Blade' and was eventually promoted to serve as a Marine. Storming enemy ships in full armour to capture of kill them became his life, although he understood little of the reasons behind each assault. Merchant ships, Bloodlands corsairs and wayward Northern ships all fell to the seasoned blades of the Grey Elven privateers as Ravihk's captain strayed further and further from his Silver Empire Privateer's license.

Eventually the wrath of the Empire caught up with the 'Unrepentant Blade' and it's captain was sanctioned and executed. For their master's failings the men who served under him received 30 lashes and a dishonourable discharge from the Ysterion navy. They were also banned from serving on any registered ship operating within Imperial waters. Pride damaged and unwilling to serve on an illegal vessel Ravihk looks for work in the Southern Reaches as a mercenary, a far cry from his days at sea.


In an ancient tomb in the Southern Reaches Ravihk faced down a colossal magical construct. Half flesh and half machine the monstrosity was bearing down upon Kelgore, Ravihk's ally, when he stepped in the way and attempted to block the attack with his shield. The massive axe went straight through the shield and up Ravihk's body cleaving him from gullet to groin. He stumbled for a few seconds as his innards and blood poured over the ground before falling dead to the ground.

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