Ser Bodric Cattington III

Zyndrian Ex-Janissary Spearman
Thrope, Clawhand, Monk

Knightslayer, Champion of the Alkai Bloodpits, Ironcat

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 12 10 10 9 10

3, 3, 2, 4, 2, 3

Move: 7m
Taint: 0
Experience: 2 [General], 4 [Stealth], 4 [Perform- Gladiatorial], 12 [WS Polearms +1]
Renown: 4 (+1)

Fatigue: 2 + whatever you had


  • Immunity to magical disease
  • Fearsome Appearance +1
  • 2 damage reduction against non silver weapons
  • +1 smell sight and hearing
  • 4 slashing claws
  • Sinuous tail

Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Zyndiran Dialect), Weapon Skill (Simple, Thrown, Bows, Polearms (+1)), War, Athletics, Martial Art, Defense, Street Fighting.
+1: Defense (Grapple)


  • Hardened
  • Armour Training [+1]
  • Counter Attack
  • Improved: Disarm
  • Pit Master's Mark: Magical branding
  • Cianot's Blessing: Warriors mark, crimson blade on arm. Use of Intimidate to taunt.

Equipment: 26/27

- "Bodryck's Claw" Medium Sword Staff DAM 6 Slashing, 5 Piercing DR 9 HP 2,+4 parry, pen 2, +3 to hit, +5 separate lightning damage One handed or Two Handed and Reach (2) Weight 2
- Gold and Ivory Staff Weight 2
- Old Sword-Staff Weight 2
- MQ hand crossbow DAM 8 piercing DR 6 HP 4, +1 hit w/ 19 Quarrels Weight 2
- Mw Wooden two handed staff (+1 to Hit; DAM 6 Bludgeoning; DR 10 HP 1) // One handed or Two Handed and Reach (2)// 2
- Cold Iron Amulet (Axe Motif)
- Force Amulet
- Full Steel Plate Armour w/ MQ Adamantium Chest plate (B (5E 7BP 9S) AL (3E 5BP 6S)) Weight 10 (9 once integrated), MQ Gladiator's Closehelm w/ Visor Weight 2 (H (3E 5BP 6S))
- Boots of Burden [+15 to encumbrance]
- "Champion's Shield" Mw Medium Shield (+3 to Parry/ +4 to Block; DR 7, HP 30) [Additional +1 to hit when used with matching sword] Weight 3

-2 Rations

Head: 3E 5BP 6S + 3 [Amulet of Protection vs Physical Attacks]
Body: 5E 7BP 9S + 3 [Amulet of Protection vs Physical Attacks]
Arms: 3E 5BP 6S (+ 3 [Amulet of Protection vs Physical Attacks]
Legs: 3E 5BP 6S + 3 [Amulet of Protection vs Physical Attacks]

10 Platinum Dragons
9 Golden Drakes
4 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

Companions and Mounts:

Born of a simple family, Cat left home early in his life in search for excitement and adventure. He was quickly robbed and taken by the first band of barbarians he came across after which he was taken to the local fighting pits where he would fight against similar travelers for sport. Cat's natural agility and strength led him to live longer than average in the pits until he was skilled enough in unarmed combat that pitting him against the regular travelers was not entertaining enough to watch. He slowly moved up the pit ranks until he enjoyed the sport and killing enough that he was no longer really a prisoner but a respected fighter. Skilled with a spear and shield, a staff and even still with his bare claws eventually Cat wished for more than days in and out of killing and left the pits once again with adventure in mind, the first group of barbarians who tried to rob the now mature Cat were far less fortunate than the first.


  • Pits manager: Original place
  • Some other barbarian
  • Pits Manager: Alkai Warriors Arena

Starting exp:

Polearms +1 [5 Drakes] INCOMPLETE
*polearms 0
*intimidate 4
*Never outnumbered 2
*Perform Gladiator 5
*General 11

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