Prestige System (WIP)

Up until Rank 3, players use the usual pay system. At this stage you are merely in the employ of the Inquisition and must pay your own way. At Rank 4 and onwards you become 'Trusted Acolytes' and gain access to Inquisitorial equipment and thus the Prestige System. During the first 3 ranks players still accrue Prestige, they just don't have access to it. The GM should note it down somewhere to give the Acolytes when they ascend ranks.

Prestige replaces the money system. You may ‘loan’ items of the Inquisition by appropriating them using your prestige.

  • Items are worth an amount of Prestige based on their rarity. When you return an item you have loaned off the Inquisition back to the Holy Ordos you receive your Prestige back. Characters should therefore measure their Prestige as both Total Prestige, which changes only when they permanently lose or gain prestige and Used Prestige, which will be taken up with loaned equipment.
  • This in part replaces the Monthly income system, Acolytes still receive pay and can use that money to purchase equipment as normal. Pay is received at half the normal rate, rounding down.
  • You can turn equipment you find in to the Inquisition for a permanent gain of 1/3 its Prestige value, or you can sell it as normal, but you cannot turn in items you purchase to gain Prestige (Your ability to purchase items impresses no-one, however if the purchased item is suitable epic and has a long an storied history, you may at GM's discretion bequeath it to the Inquistion. Such items would generally be of at least Good Quality, and probably Rare).
  • When a group of Acolytes turns in an Item, one single Acolyte may take the Prestige reward, or they may split it however so the Acolytes desire. Similarly in order to Acquire more advanced and rare equipment Acolytes may pool their prestige.
  • All acquisitions need to be justifiable and may be given out on the normal ‘indefinite loan’ period or in many circumstances loaned for only as single engagement. It is also important to note that it is quite a serious heresy to sell Inquisitional equipment acquired from Prestige and the consequences are quite severe.
  • Ammunition: When you acquire a weapon using prestige it comes with 1 clip of its standard ammo, which is then refreshed if you begin a new campaign/deployment with that weapon. If you choose to acquire grenades, consumables or special or extra ammunition from the Inquisition, in that you pay prestige points for its rarity and you receive 3 clips, grenades or uses of that item at the start of each campaign.
  • If a player uses Prestige to acquire a Blessing or Sanctification they pay the Prestige cost as normal, and this is renewed at the start of each campaign/if there is a large break in time in-game. (This represents them paying prestige to get their blessing renewed whenever they return to the Tricorn etc.)
  • Upgrades for a weapon are done by their own rarity and count as a separate item for prestige purposes, though you pay for them at the same time as the weapon. You may buy an upgrade to put on an inquisitional weapon, but when you turn the weapon back in you receive no extra prestige.

For example: Dren the Badass, an Acolyte has 22 Prestige. He decides to acquire several items off the Inquisition. He picks a Boltgun (Very Rare) which uses up 18 of his prestige. He now has 4 left with which to acquire items. So he picks a set of Guard Flak (Scarce) which uses up 3 more of his Prestige. He now has 1 prestige left. If he were to turn either of his acquisitions back to the Inquisition he would free up that prestige to be used to acquire items.

Rarity Acquire Value Turn In Value
Ubiquitous Free1, 2 None
Abundant Free None
Plentiful Free None
Common Free None
Average 1 None
Scarce 3 1
Rare 9 3
Very Rare 18 6
Extremely Rare 36 12
Near Unique 75 25
Unique 150 50

1: Within reason. For example an acolyte attempting to recruit civilians into a militia would have to pay prestige for 100 stub pistols, while an acolyte wanting one for person use would not.
2: Non-standard ammo and grenades always incur a minimum cost of 1 Prestige to keep supplied, regardless of rarity, and abide by the 'Rule of Threes'.

Quality of Item changes the Prestige cost of an item by moving it up and down the Rarity scale as per normal, and this effects both Turn In and Acquisition Prestige.
Poor quality items move 1 category higher in the scale, going from Scarce to Average.
Common quality doesn't effect the category.
Good Quality drops the Rarity by one on the table, eg; Rare to Very Rare
Best Quality drops the Rarity by two on the table; eg; Rare to Extremely Rare

Prestige is awarded for (this is all at GM’s discretion ‘duh’);

  • Striking the final blow on a Daemon (Lesser or higher): +2
  • Causing substantial (5 or more) wounds to a greater daemonic entity (daemonhost, prince, greater daemon): +2
  • Bringing to Justice (GM’s discretion) a Heretic renowned on a single planet: +1
  • Bringing to Justice (GM’s discretion) a Heretic renowned in a system of Worlds: +2
  • Bringing to Justice (GM’s discretion) a Heretic renowned in the Sector: +3
  • Finishing a campaign: +10
  • Destroying a Heretical Item: + [1 (Radical Inquisitor)]: + [1+ rarity (Puritanical Inquisitor)]
  • Turning in a Heretical Item to the Inquisition: + [1 + the rarity (Radical Inquisitor)] – [1 (Puritanical Inquisitor)]
  • Other prestigious things like clearing a room of minor daemons that would not normally warrant prestige for each kill, figuring out the conspiracy ring leader etc are worth 1 or Prestige at the GM's discretion.

Prestige can also be lost by Acolytes rash or foolish decisions, such as the following;

  • Alienating an ally of the Inquisition: -1
  • Revealing your Inquisitional authority when undercover: – 1
  • Antagonizing your Inquisitor: – 1
  • Disobeying a direct order of your Inquisitor: – 2
  • Selling an item considered Heretical: - [1+ Rarity of item (Puritanical Inquisitor)] – [1 (Non Puritanical Inquisitor)]
  • Calling in Inquisitorial Aid when it is unwarranted: – 2
  • Destroying or Losing an item acquired using Prestige: - [1+ Rarity of item]
  • Stupid actions are worth a loss of 1 or 2 prestige at the GM's discretion.

New Characters
-Up to level 3 characters use the old money system.
-If characters are created after level 3 they generate Prestige.
-The character adds the bonus of their highest and lowest statistic and then adds double their level.
For example: Dren the badass has a fellowship of 50 and a strength of 28. He is a level 5. Therefore his starting prestige would be 5 (highest stat) + 2 (lowest stat) + 10 (2x level 5) for a total of 17.
-New characters should also be rewarded for interesting backstories or models with 1 or 2 prestige at GM's discretion.

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