Political Machinations

The simple Vargarian pays his tax to a local lord each year, and that lord similarly pays his taxes to the Count who rules him. The six counties are then required to pay tribute to the Marquis and Prince of Varg, who rules all of Holy Varg and the County of Vargaria, the Holy Capitol of Varg. The various noble houses, who trace their lineage back to the clansmen of Lins of Midgard and the Vargar chiefs, are responsible for the six counties and the various shires of the nation. . In shire the Lord reigns supreme, only responsible to his Count, and similarly each Count is responsible only to the Marquis. Each Lord is the instrument of law and order in his shire and his house guards police law and order along with the Dragan Fists militant priests devoted to the law. These noble houses have many interests, including thecreation and support of their armies, trade, agriculture and of course politics. The typical politicking of Vargarian nobles is no different to the Game of Houses played in the Baronies and in the southlands. It is a complicated dance of intimidation, marriage, scandal, commerce, subterfuge and the force the aims. All are used in the attempts to gain more land and wealth, or even a Countship or succession to the Wolfmask. Only once though has this dance broken out in to full scale war, known as the Eichs-Virstberg war, in which the now most powerful house in Varg, Eichs came to the Wolfblade of Osthem and the Wolfmask.

A peculiarity perhaps of the nobility in Varg is the adaption of the Baronic Death-Masks used by all nobles. All nobles own a silver mask that is inscribed with their own heraldry in the Runic Vargar script. All nobles wear these are court, when they are in public and during battle. In battle they are fitted into the helms of the noble warriors, and this masked fighting style is emulated in the helmets of the Vargarian Arena Gladiators and in the Vargarian armour-styles.

For centuries the each Count and his house have desired the throne of Varg, as it is natural to aspire to higher offices. While the largest part of the Marquis’ duty is however seeing to resolving the disputes amongst bickering noble houses as well as the day-to-day running of the Capitol it comes with power and influence. The Marquis is the sovereign in Holy Varg and has access to the assets of the County of Vargaria and the entire nation. His word is law, and has the might of the Marquis’ Army behind his political will as well as the ability to tax the Counties. Civil wars have been fought in the past over succession to the Wolfmask, though since the last Civil war, the Eichs-Virstberg war, house Eichberg, then Eichs, has held on to the mask through cunning politics and force of arms. The Wolfcourt, made up of the six Counts of the regional towns, the High Magister of the Vargschool and Grand Cleric of Dragar and the Marquis, Prince of Varg, are the body that determines some of the most powerful things in the nation. They meet once a year or in times of crisis, such as when a Count or a Marquis has died and the succession seems uncertain. The Small Council runs the day to day governing of the country made up of Lords appointed by the Holy Marquis. Traditionally positions on this council have been held by any of the houses in Varg, though in the last few hundred years these Councillors have come from the from the Capitol Houses, the six houses who own few assets outside the Capitol City itself.

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