For thousands of years magic was the realm of the insane. But the Awakening brought the reality of magic back into the world in a violent way. First to Awaken were the dragons. Slumbering deep below the surface of the earth they burst forth and set the world aflame. The combined armies of the world battled the feral dragons for decades before the ancient dragons awoke. These ancients were intelligent beyond the capacity of man and an uneasy truce was soon brokered.

But with the dragons awoke other powers. The first Duergar and Sylvan to be born were born of humans. Mutated by magic and different many were killed. But eventually over the years these sub-races bred, purifying their bloodlines until entire communities of Sylvan or Duergar lived alongside humanity. The Halflings and Orcs came next, offshoots again that thrived and expanded in a world with magic.

With magic returned to the world so too came power for those who had not had it. Those closest to the lands became druids and could call upon vast magical energy. And as it had a hundred times before the Earth become a realm of war. In the event known as The Scouring the magical peoples of the world went to war with humanity. Forgotten cultures as ancient as they come used their newfound abilities to strike back against oppressors and most of the southern hemisphere was lost to war. During this time, the forces of humanity struck back against those imbued with magic, killing many of the dragons and driving the rest into hiding. Magical races were killed en-masse in an even known as ‘The Scouring’. Eventually the nations of the world banded together, purging the magic users and establishing the United Earth Council to make sure civil war never again divided Earth.


Now united and powered by magic humanity expanded into the stars like nothing before. Vast voidships were built that travelled between star systems in a fraction of the time, pushing directly through the realm of magic. This immaterium was discovered to be a realm of danger and possibility, the magic from this realm able to be harnessed for technology and the magical arts. The Colleges of Magic were formed out in the void, far away from the reaching hands of the puritanical Sacred Flame.

Hundreds of years after the Awakening and the once-occupants of Earth now live across the galaxy. Countless systems occupied by trillions upon trillions of souls. Worlds are designated by the United Earth Council and work together in order to keep whole systems alive.

The Universe

United Earth Council


Before the awakening the idea of a united world was ridiculous to all but the most idealistic. But after The Scouring the world was forced to unite to ward off further bloodshed. The four great nations of the world combined to form a United Earth Council. At the original meeting the Confederacy of European Nations, the Principalities of America, The Sino-Nippon Republic and the Coalition of Colonies met on a small station orbiting Jupiter. The station was surrounded by the navies of each nation and the slightest disagreement might have led to war the scope of which the world had not seen. But an alliance was made and the United Earth Council formed.

Since that time the UEC has ruled far beyond the systems occupied at its foundation. Wherever humanity and her children go the UEC follows, regulating travel and guarding its civilians against the horrors of the void. In each system the UEC elects of a Govenor to oversee the population and a large army of usually foreign soldiers to keep the peace. As vast as the universe is the power of the UEC changes from place to place. In some areas the red armoured figures of the Council fight to protect settlers from wild beasts, while in others these “blood shirts” are ruthless and oppress the civilian population.

In most systems, there is a fragile balance between the UEC and other groups. The Brotherhood of Iron trade weapons with the Council but hold sovereignty over their own territories and the various Trade Fleets and merchant houses show that real power lies in commerce.

The Brotherhood of Iron


The Brotherhood have their origins in a coalition of pre-awakening industrialists, inventors and scientists. These groups sought to advance technology at all costs but covetously guarded their secrets.

Since then the Brotherhood has changed into something else entirely. A religious group that worships technology, the Brotherhood are at the forefront of technological advancement. They guard their secrets jealously, using their place as a religious group to become incredibly wealthy and spread their influence across the known universe. Most civilised lands have some sort of Brotherhood of Iron outpost and their black robed adepts are commonplace everywhere from warzones to penal colonies. They seek out new technology to ‘reclaim’ and make sure that the uninitiated do not use technology that is beyond them.

The Brotherhood of Iron wear the sigil of the black cog, indicating every worker has their place in a larger machine, with a six-fingered hand inside it. This reveals the true motive of the Brotherhood: advancing the Terran races through intermingling with technology.

The Trade Fleets

It is said that Earth That Was had forgotten ideas of nobility in favour of wealth. Over the years the massive corporations become nobles in their own right, leaders taking on the name of the company and logos becoming house sigils.

Thousands of years later the corporations that hold the most power have formed into Trade Fleets. Vast connections of voidships that transfer supplies and goods between systems. Trade Fleets own routes through the immaterium and more than one war has been fought between Fleets over these trade oppurtunities. The balance of power between the Trade Fleets and the UEC is turbulent. In some systems a Trade House will block the UEC from having any influence whatsoever and battles will break out while on others the Trade Houses serve as rulers on the UEC’s behalf.

The Houses are unique in function and history. Some manufacture rejuvenating drugs like House La Roche while others like House Diehl or Aurubis manufacture arms and weapons. But all are defined by their arrogance, power and willingness to do whatever it takes to get what they want.

Religion and Worship

The Sacred Flame

Before the Awakening many religions dominated the Earth. Faiths fought wars over ideology for centuries even as the population moved away from organised religion. After the Awakening and the Scouring only one major religion was left standing. The Sacred Flame represented the sun and the gift of life alongside the cleansing power of flame. Across the galaxy the Sacred Flame is the formal religion of the United Earth Council, but like the Council this takes many forms. The Redeemers are a militant group of Sacred Flame worshippers who believe that all magic, and indeed the magical races, should be scoured from existence. The Silent Sisters are battle-nuns who reject technology and fight for their religion in antique battle plate. Some groups, like the Beneficent Light, reject violent approaches and commit themselves to healing and helping the poor.

The level of religious worship in each area depends largely on the founder of the area. Some frontier systems have total theocratic states, with Governor-Bishops leading planets and the UEC army synonymous with the fraternis militia, while others have only fanatics largely ignored by the population.

Non-Human Worship

While the Sacred Flame claims all human souls for their divine flame the other races are often left to their own devices. Most Duergar fall in with the Brotherhood of Iron, worshipping the forge and the machine as divine. But for the Sylvan the worship of machines is foreign. The Sylvan are known to worship Groves, with each Grove aligned to a different ideal or spirit. Some are gods of war while others might be protection or good fortune. Each grove represents an ancient spirit and each spirit an aspect of the All-Mother, the creator of all beings.




System designation C3L-4N is better known by its inhabitants as 'Celan'. Set in the far reaches of the known universe, the area known as the ‘Dark Frontier’, this system is of relatively little significance in the wider galaxy. A collection of planets and asteroid fields set around an old sun, the system is most notable for its industry and mining ventures.

Oni Station


Oni station is the main habitation within the Celan system. Originally a base set up by pirates and rebels waging war against the UEC the station was built up over hundreds of years as more and more structures were added to it. Rumours grew of the pirates engaging in dark magic and ritual sacrifice aboard the station and those who travelled there claimed that daemons walked the halls alongside men. Eventually the vast wealth of the Field was discovered and the pirates were driven away. A combined UEC and House Takama force destroyed the pirate fleet and re-established the base as ‘Oni Station’.

These days Oni is home to some 100,000 people. Most of these work to keep the station going or as part of the mining industry that plies the Field. Some 20,000 of the inhabitants are unemployed or employed in criminal activities. One is split broadly into three sections based on proximity to the central air processing centres. The outer rim is known as 'Sunside' and is home to most of the vagrants and criminals of Oni. It has high doses of radiation and most citizens wear respirators to filter out the near-poisonous gasses. The 'Middle Ring' is the home of bureaucrats and workers. Those employed directly by any higher authority also dwell here. The 'Core' is where the power of Oni lies. Nobility, off-world Lords and local powers all have bases here. The air is fresh here and there are even some attempts at cultivating flora.

Mining ships use Oni as a resupply station and there is some basic industry breaking down minerals gathered from the Field. Most of the area, however, is made up of bunk houses, bars and minor supply outlets that facilitate the vast influx of men and machines. Among these establishments one can find every culture and people from across the galaxy. While Common is spoken by most the forces of House Takama speak exclusively in Nippon.

House Takama rules Oni from the Jade Palace and their green-clad enforcers can be seen across the station. They wrestle for control of the station from level to level with gangs and private organisations claiming entire sections of the station. The UEC has very little control on Oni, their crimson flags seen above only official locations and military outposts.

The Field

The Field is what brings people to Celan. A massive mass of debris caused by some natural calamity long ago, it contains precious and industrial metals in an impressive quantity. Some week away from Oni by voidship it is a mess of mining rigs, scooping nets and processing plants in which the indentured workers toll for 20 hours a day. House Takama are technical owners of the Field and sell salvage and mining rights to others who would stake a claim.


Footfall is the last vestige of civilisation before the frontier, a system where the refinements of inner systems meets the roughness of the expanse. Named after the first city founded there, the system of Footfall is named after the planet of Footfall which is named after its capital and only city- Footfall.

The System

A bountiful system with four planets the system is not without its dangers. Gravity riptides trouble the outer reaches and a massive starship graveyard reminds all of an incident during the first colonisation of the system.

The first planet in the system, Sapphire, is a cold planet almost entirely covered in thick glassy ice. With extreme gravity and a toxic atmosphere it seems on paper to be an uninhabitable wasteland. Yet below the ice life flourishes. Massive flora and fauna swim in the surprisingly warm waters below and mining platforms and mass-harvesters grow algae that feeds the whole system.

In the inner cauldron lies two more worlds, burned hot by their proximity to Footfall's massive white sun. Named Primaris and Secundus both are large low-density worlds troubled by corrosive and poisonous atmospheres. Primaris is noteworthy only for its prison, the Pit, where felons from across the galaxy are sent to work out their days in the horrific air. These prisoners mine ancient bones for ivory and other organic supplies.

The Planet Footfall

This small dense world in the primary biosphere is where most of the life in Footfall resides. Once a verdant and highly occupied planet a war 100 years ago has left most of Footfall a radiated wasteland. Twenty years with no sun left the people of Footfall to cower in their city until relief came and the sun shone once again on the last city.


Footfall is split by an enforced barrier between lower and upper cities. Both cities give allegiance to the UEC and are run by 'The Governor', a secretly elected member of an upper city noble house. Roughly 30 million people dwell in Footfall, with 25 or so in the lower city. The lower city is a mass of industry, merchants and other suppliers that keep the city going. It trades algae and minerals with the outside world and receives goods from travelling traders. The upper city is a different world entirely- a mess of sky scrapers and palaces inhabited by the rich and noble of Footfall. Passage is barred to the upper city for all but those with an appropriate ID.

The nobles of Footfall are headstrong and proud, engaging in martial duels among themselves and constantly vying for position. Very few of the major organisations have power in Footfall, so protective are the noble houses. The Brotherhood of Iron content themselves with ownership of the Rock, an asteroid in orbit of the planet where ships are repaired and restocked. The UEC holds a fortress in the upper city but does little beyond these walls and the Church of the Flame runs chapels at the allowance of the Governor.

Outside the city walls is a desolate and radioactive wasteland. Some nomads and criminals walk the wastes but few civilised folk dare venture there. Only the pilgrims of the Church of Flame wander the wastes in order to reach The Lone Chapel, a holy site many months walk from Footfall itself.

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