Dynamite Sunrise Hideout


  • Tequila bar staffed by Miguel and Annalise.
  • Sawn-off shotgun kept behind the bar

Secured by a newly welded plasteel gate on both ends of the alleyway.
3x Veloxic Motorbikes
Armour [8] Integrity [10] Size [Hulking]
Manouvre [+20] Speed [50m] [130kmph]
Traits [Bike, Wheeled]
Crew [Driver and one Passenger]


  • Trope, a statistician and predictive EO
  • Scholes, a young psyker with a traumatic past

A simple work bench and weapon locker

  • Contains attached combi tool (+10 to tech-use)

Store Room
A sealed room with stacked crates

Med Bay
A converted room with cots and basic medical supplies

  • Includes medi-kit (+20 to medicae or count medicae as Known) and area for extended care
  • 5 doses of Stimm
  • 2 doses of Spook
  • 3 doses of Slaught

Hab H-256

  • Night club
  • Prison level
  • Basement level obscura lab with Louis, the Cook.

Feat's Hanger

A fully functional hanger with House Takama adepts and servitors.

  • Small warp drive and gellar field stored.

The Dynamite Boys

Affiliated Organisations

Michelle's Maidens

  • An escort service with five establishments across Sector H.
  • Run by Michelle with minor outlets run by Cassy, Nimm and Belinda. Big John and Cans Lieberman run protection.

Guns by Bill

  • Low-range weapon selling and repairs run out of H's mercantile district.
  • Guns are maintained by Titus and sold by Florence, Verity and Severan. Pak runs security.

Protection Rackets

  • On the outskirts of H Sector near the Middle Ring the group previously known as the 'Seventh Street Blades' patrol and run protection.
  • Led by Flair with Merra, Grendel and Draco.
  • Near the docks Alaric, Shiv and Tranq take down anyone who might threaten the Dynamite Boy's authority and keep the dock-wardens on side.

Assimilated Gangs

Roughly fifty men and women in gangs were rounded up by Sheriff Callister during his raids. They were put to work in groups determined by Trope.

  • Four groups of 10, running everything from drugs to guns and protection.

The Bronze Dragon

Crew: 34/100 (Increase all travel by D5 days; all tests at -5; Manouv at -10)
Morale: 84/91 (-5 to Command)

Crew Role Role Bonus Pre-requisites Current Position Holder
Captain* Grant +10 to a single other test as an action during Space Combat Command, Peer (Relevent), Fel 30, Command of a Ship Captain Feat Yungthug
First Officer +5 to Command Tests Command, Peer (one relevant), Fel 30, Trade (Voidfarer) First Officer Leor
Enginseer* +5 to Emergency Repair tests +10 Tech-Use, Common Lore (Tech), Trade (Voidfarer) Brother Sergei
Master-at-Arms +10 to lead or repel Boarding Actions WS or BS 35, Intimidate or Command, Trade (Voidfarer) Sergeant Hallifax
Helmsmen +10 to Evasive Manoeuvres +10 Operate (Voidship), Trade (Voidfarer) The Gim Brothers
Master of Ordnance* Gain an additional +10 from Lock on Target Operate (Voidship), BS 40 Anthony Banditas
Master of Etherics +10 to Focus Augur tests Scrutiny +10, Per 35 X
Chief Medic +10 to the Triage extended action Medicae +10, Int 35 'Doc' Dolson
Master of Whispers +10 to the Disinformation action Deceive +10, Fel 35 Senaea
Drivemaster +10 to the Flank Speed extended action Tech-Use +10, Common Lore (Tech) 'Lucky' Mookson
Chief Bosun* Add +5 to crew rating Trade (Voidfarer), Intimidate, WP 35 Rolim Banks, as 'Timmy'
Master of Vox* +20 to Jam Signal extended action Security +10, Int 35, Tech-Use #216
  • Not gaining roll bonuses


  • Aquila Lander w/ Autocannon
  • Sentinel Walker w/ Heavy Flamer and Vegetation Saw
  • Armoured Environmentally Sealed Truck
  • Land Speed w/ Heavy Bolter and Missile Rack (5 remaining)
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