ML journal

The research journal of Mortaris Lenns, Liovacia expedition. Day 12 onwards.

Day 12:

???? 22nd of Falling ECR 745, Silira, Liovacia

My adventure continues undistracted, now on my fourth research tome of this endeavour. The ruins of Liovacia continue to give me much to ponder. My bodyguard and I finally finished clearing the ruins away from the entrance to the mages tower from near the moat and managed to enter it. To my disappointed we found very little of worth or interest inside. Dwelling quarters made up most of the area and the basement, from whence we entered, appeared to have been picked clean centuries earlier. Perhaps the caved in hole was another’s entrance point in times past? A peculiar musing. The alchemy labs have been picked clean and we find naught but ancient coins. Minting is not in my areas of interest so I discard them. Toren picks them up however, what a strange creature he is. No signs of daemonology or Cifre’s touch remain here, much to my disappointment. At the top of the tower I find a Ley Focussing room. This the university will pay for information of! Perhaps they will even send a team…or finance another research expedition here! Fantastic! A number of minor crystals sit around the room, although I am not foolish enough to attempt to interact with them. I have heard of too many foolhardy adventurers who have lost life and limb attempting such. As it starts to grow dark I conjure a dwelling for us. A strange book I found, the only such in the entire tower, sits next to me. Does this word mean ‘danger’ or ‘languor’? I should have brought one talented in the high tongue with me. Perhaps tomorrow I will find proof thus. End Day 12 of Research Expedition, soon to be officially sanctioned.

Day 13:

???? 23rd of Falling ECR 745, Silira, Liovacia


  • Camp for Night, raise skelington.
  • Continue through ruins
    • Series of traps
    • Crossbows on roof
    • Minion injured
    • 100 Elven books discovered but no-one can speak High Elven.
    • Spectacles that give me Dark Sight
  • Find Alchemical Room
    • Herbs
    • Overgrown trees
    • Room of overgrown nightshade
  • Metal Golem
    • Andreas' follower and I try and figure it out
    • I want to see Andreas vs. Metal Golem
    • Wolfram makes an elaborate plan
      • I lure the Golem with 'Frost'
      • Wolfram drops the bridge causing the Golem to fall but it isn't destroyed
  • I dimension door across with Minion and bodyguard.
  • Find Library, 4 new books
  • Rest of party fluff around doing nothing (Andreas destroyed the Golem)
  • I jump off the bridge and Featherfall to the ground.
  • Travel to the manor house in the big dome
    • Three White Elven Mages in stasis
    • Andreas wakes them up but cannot communicate with them
    • I talk in White Elven
      • Info about the date
      • Where they are
      • History
  • They talk to Asahi, she is polite to them
  • On the way out of town we get ambushed
    • Elven Paladin, Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, Female Elven Cleric
    • I attempt to diplomacy them but it fails
      • They all consider us evil for being in a party with Wolfram and Andreas
  • Read my scroll of Circle of Death and kill the wizard
  • Rogue Cuts Wolfram's throat, Enemies charge, Asahi eaten by tiger, Andreas hit by a Hold Person spell.
  • I Dimension Door away with Asahi, Zancilla and Wolfram.
  • I send Frost back and see my bodyguard and Minion fighting. Minion is destroyed but bodyguard kills the Paladin.
  • Andreas recovers from Hold Person and kills the remaining enemies, although the Tiger and Ranger flee.
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