Megear Staza
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
12 12 12 12 12 12
+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Bab HP Fort Ref Will San
+2 20 +4(+5) +4(+5) +4(+5) 48

AC 14 FF 13 TCH 11
Studded Leather +3 Dex +8 ACP -1

Fine Longbow (1) - +4 D8+1 20x3 120ft

Basic Skills: Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), 8- Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov)

Trained Skills: 4 - Skill (Gov), 3- Skill (Gov), 2- Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), 9-Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov), Skill (Gov),

Inventory - <76 Light load 7-115 Medium 116+ heavy


On the 31st of Redberry in ECR 745, Megear and Kynleef attempted to steal a Consecrated Hammer from the Evenson Manor in Varg. Having attempted the previous night, slaying two guards but otherwise been unsuccessful, the guard had been tripled on the manor. Setting fire to the stable and the back courtyard, as well as dropping supernatural darkness on the guards as they burnt, the would be thieves ascended to the roof of the manor by grapples. They then preceded to make their way into the third floor, startling the Lady of the house and then jumping down to the second floor where they were engaged by servants, two nobles and the paladin wielding the Consecrated Hammer. Now fighting for their lives they ran through an open room to a window and Kynleef led the way in a deft combination of somersaulting and grappling out the window into the front courtyard. Reaching the bottom they both looked up only to have the nobles and paladin jump out the window, right on top of them. Reengaging in combat, Kynleef fell unconscious with a noble's blade through his lower abdomen as the paladin and other noble attempted to bring down Megear. Megear, managing to avoid their blows ran for the wall in an attempt to make her way over it and out of the compound. It is there, as she turned and backed up against the wall, that she met the swords of the two nobles, as they hacked into her thigh and shoulder. Bleeding out against the wall, the last words she heard were the paladin's furious shouts of "Die filthy Drow! May you freeze!" before the very hammer she and Kynleef had sought to steal caved her chest in.


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