Maleum Journal

Session 6: 'Bugs' Maleum Fellblood Continued

I watch as the Cryomancer falls, his leg entirely ripped from his body by the force of the large beetle. Nearby the half-elf screams in pain as the other beetle closes it's might pincers around his leg, the snap of bone clearly audible even in the small room from which I watch the events unfold. As the rest of the bugs close in a winged figure swoops down and plucks the half-elf from the ground, working healing magic even as she does so. My heart skips as I recognise her. Ivy, I've found her at last.
A young human in green robes appears in the higher branches of the trees and begins to cast fire down on the gigantic bugs milling around below. Ivy joins the barrage with bursts of darkness and the wounded half-elf begins to enkant, the axe strapped to his back flying off under the power of his telekinesis and hacking at his foes.
After a few minutes of laying heavy fire on the bugs, who all the while were attempting to gain access to the higher branches of the trees, the party manage to destroy the last of the bugs. Retrieving their dead companions possessions and the red crystal with a hesitant burst of telekinesis they head back into the forest towards Eris.

I pay the Astrymancer and thank him for his time, for it has given my heart much peace. I will be in the capital tomorrow and then our real journey will begin but regardless it warmed my heart to know she was safe.

Session 7: 'To Cassengreca' Maleum Fellblood

  • Given Mission
    • Need to find Anduviel, the drow assassin to help us with the unknown device and research Carnymancy and the creation of Orcs
    • Given 1000 golden leaves and Cassengrecan cheque account.
  • Month in town
    • I pray, Pat helps to bind a daemon, Daws gets married, Bennet studies a strange magical device
  • Travel to Cassengreca via Elven Sprint-Ship, 'The Windforged'
  • Pay the heinous tariffs to enter the city.
    • Bennet is forced to pay extra for his staff
    • Weapons are peace-bonded
    • Pay again to enter the upper city (30 per day, RIDICULOUS)
    • Take accommodation at an inn for 2 weeks, the "NAME NAME"
      • Bennet stays at the mage's college
  • 12 days in town
    • Pat and Bennet research Orcoids, apes and ancient Carnymancer in the mage's spire library the whole time.
    • Daws and I go to the embassy but don't get much information
      • Some white elves in town but none matching our description
    • We attempt to contact the drow informant through the black lotus and organise to do so in a months time after a meeting in a fancy upper-class bar.
    • Pay for a full month of accomodation at the "NAME NAME"
    • Daws hires 10 informants to find information in town for us and after 10 days they return with information on a number of white elves living in the city
    • Georgia and I buy some 'Black Lotus' and take it.
    • I have an orgy with some plebs.
  • Daws and I go to interrogate the shopkeeper white elf, waiting until after dark before infiltrating his shop
    • Daws is struck by the elf but quickly subdues him before I start my interrogation
      • He is a white elven spy
      • He reports to "NAME" in a nearby spire
      • His contacts in town are thus (gave contacts)
      • His most expensive item is a longsword
      • Anduviel is a tiefling experiment by the white elves of the north, and an outcast from his people.
    • After a few hours and with all the information I think we will gleam I end his life, his head exploding all over his shop
    • We rummage around and make it look like a robbery before taking the aforementioned sword and a magical viellan mace. I also re-peace bond my sword and mace.
  • Bennet identifies the magical qualities of my newfound weapons.

Session 8: 'Concepts of the Divine' Maleum Fellblood

  • Georgia and I consult and determine the best course of action re:sword would be to attempt a seance and try to corrupt/convince it.
    • I go to the dock district to try and hire a warehouse for the 8th (Holy day of Cyfre)
      • On the way back I am offered some slaves. I purchase one for myself [Pleasure Slave, Extremely Attractive, Human]
    • Pat goes to hire a Nethermancer
  • With 2 days until the seance we fluff around for two days
    • Pat goes bar hopping
    • Georgia and I do Viellan stuff
  • Bennet and Daws organise a meeting with the Arch-Necyrmancer at the college in an attempt to track down the White Elf Necromancer we know is stationed there.
    • They organise a dinner at a swanky restaurant.
      • It is unsuccessful and expensive.
  • On the way to the seance I kill a man fleeing from slavetraders.
  • At the seance we set it up and pay the wizard (who then leaves)
    • I am transported to another realm to speak to the daemon in the sword.
      • Holy spirit of Cyfre. Drow woman. Glows blue.
      • We converse for a while but I am unable to convince her to serve the Daemonmother.
      • I attempt a possession and can feel myself taking over her mind before she rejects my conciousness and forces the seance to end.
      • In my anger I use Pat's caged daemon to try and possess her but this too fails.

Session 8 'The Ether Touches Cassengreca'

  • ?

Session 9 'Blood in the Streets'

  • ?

Session 10 - 'The Siege of Sice'

Battle Report of the Annexation of Sice

Consultant-Director Silver, The Sanguine Symphony, Military and Arcane Consultants

The Merchant Fleet of Cassangreca


The Golden Purge - Lord van der Sno
Lord-Admiral Herakulas van der Sno remains missing. The carrack escort of the Purge came under heavy trebuchet fire and 3 carracks were completely destroyed. The remaining 7 were were left adrift and towed into port to be repaired after the battle. The Golden Purge itself was then boarded by Lord Trajkovska’s Liberty of Dalmestria before it was retaken by Lord von Druche and the Joyous Gaurdian.

Joyous Guardian - Lord von Druche
2 of the carrack escort were scuttled by fire from the port itself, and another sunk by broadside in the rescue of the Golden Purge. The Joyous Gaurdian remained unscathed and towed the Golden Purge into port after the capture of the city.

The Dancing Spear - Lord Nerur
The Dancing Spear’s escort wing was completely unscathed until it was attacked by the Great Bronze Dragon, Nyxarnstraz who completely annihilated 5 carracks. The Dancing Spear and its escort however managed to bring down the wyrm with a volley of trebuchet fire, a lucky hit instantly slaying the Dragon, snapping its spine and wings. Lord Nerur then lead the breach of the harbour.

The Brightfury - Lord Konstanyn
The Brightfury’s Wing of escorts suffered traumatic losses. 7 Carracks were scuttled by harbour and enemy fleet fire, and the Brightfury was sunk. Lord Konstanyn remains missing.

The Dread - Lord von Marke
The Dread suffered minimal casualties with only 1 carrack being scuttled. 2 more had to be towed into port. Lord von Marke then harried the Dwarven Ironclads in their retreat after the slaying of the Dragon, before sailing around the south sea wall of the city and systematically destroying the siege weapons being turned on the harbour.

Vengeance of von Stryker - Dreadlord Caladan
The Vengeance’s Elf Frigate wing was heavily damaged by trebuchet fire as it engaged Fort Wavespear in the opening volleys of the battle. 7 Elf ships survived to be towed to port. The Vengeance then personally accounted for the destruction of the enemy Lord Drujanna’s flagship the Scourge. The Vengeance punched well above its weight for the combat having had its escort wing taken out in the opening stages of the conflict. Much of this can be attributed to the Auxillary-Battlemages of the Vengeance lead by Pyromancy-Artificer Flynn. The Dreadlord Company Blackflame housed on the Vengeance is credited by taken the upper levels of the Rector’s Palace, and its Commanders, an Auxillary Taskforce from Sviofalva were responsible for the capture of the Vampiric Lord Trajkovska in the Throne Room.


The Free Companies

  • 5000 Light Infantry Militia
    • ~3000 Casualties, ~1700 Slain ~2000 Remaining

Accounted for the capture of Castle Ravencliff and the bulk of the city fighting.


  • 1500 Light Infantry
    • ~800 Casaulties, ~200 Slain, ~700 Remaining

The Cityguard lead the assualt on the Rector’s palace, and bore the brunt of the fighting in clearing the nearby squares and street corners. Many were slain by a great Glaberzu daemon that was conjured by an unknown Warlock.

Mercantile Companies

  • 1,000 Irregular Infantry
    • ~500 Casualties, ~250 slain

The Mercantile companies accounted for lots of the street to street fighting. Many were slain on the assault of the Palace.


  • 250 Heavy Infantry
    • ~50 Casualties, 17 Slain

The Merchantguard’s main casualties came from those who were lost in the bay as ships were sunk. They were committed in the closing stages of the battle in the assault on the Palace.

Doomsguard Company Blackflame

  • 100 Heavy Infantry
    • 40 casualties, 18 slain

The Doomsguard probably suffered no casualties from the Rector Knights as they massacred their way inside the Palace. Their casualties are almost entirely attributable to the Glaberzu daemon who cut its way inside the Palace.
** Auxiliary Company In His Wake__**

  • 57 Light Infantry, 10 Mages, 6 Doomsguard Commanders
    • 5 Casualties, 2 Slain

After the Auxiliary's outstanding show of force in the harbour they punched through the city and were the force first into the Rectors palace. A number of them engaged and capture the Rector, although were wounded in doing so.

The Circle of Nostra

  • 25 Pyromancer Battlemages
    • 15 Slain

Accounting for a vicious attack on the escorts wings of many of the Sicean flagships some of the mages teleported to safety when the Golden Purge was claimed and then spent the battle split up and fighting block to block in the city. The others were slain by massed small arms fire during the capture of the Golden Purge.

The Merchant Army of the Rector of Sice


The Might of Dragar - Rector Palpiaties
The Might of Dragar’s escort wing was destroyed in the opening volley from the Golden Purge and Joyous Gaurdian’s escort wings. The Might of Dragar was then claimed in a boarding action from the Golden Purge, lead by Lord van der Sno. Rector Palpiates was not aboard, but his second son was captured. Rector Palpiates was later found dead in his chambers, having been exsanguinated. His 4 other sons were killed in the Doomsguard’s capture of Lord Trajkovska and his youngest son remains missing. Only 4 carracks were recovered from the escort wing, most of the ships were immolated by the Golden Purge’s Pyromancer-Battlemages.

Blessedflame - Lord Nevzana
7 Carracks of the Blessed Flame were immolated by the Fires of the Vengeance’s Battlemage-Circle. 3 Carracks were recovered, the Blessed Flame itself detonated fiercely in the conflagration and Lord Nevzana is presumed annihilated.

The Liberty of Dalmestria - Lord Trajkovska
Lord Trajkovska did not lead from the Liberty and instead left this to his lieutenants. Despite this the Liberty was Responsible for the capture of the Golden Purge and the probably slaying of Lord van der Sno. 5 Carracks were covered from the Liberty’s escort wing, the rest were destroyed in the broadside of the Joyous Gaurdian’s escort wing.

The Scourge - Lord Drujanna
Lord Drujanna was recovered from the wreckage in the bay and remains in the custody of the Lord von Marke’s Merchantguard. His escort wing was scuttled by combined fire, and his flagship sunk by the Vengeance.

The Ironwing of the Ocean Homes - The Bronze Wyrm Nyxarnstraz
The Ironwing, a contingent of 10 Dwarven Iron Galleys remained hidden behind Fort Wavespear during the opening of the battle. The slow dwarven ships remained out of the battle due to the timely flight of Dreadlord Caladan and the Vengeance. The Galleys accounted for a few escort caravels and fled after the slaying of their Dragon. Nyxarnstraz was luckily downed early in the battle before she could cause catastrophic devastation to the Republic’s Fleet. Her corpse has been recovered for reagents. The Dwarves of the Ocean Homes worship the Bronze drake’s family, and the slaying of Nyxarnstraz will likely have political, economic and military reprecussions.


Dalmestrian Free Companies

  • 4000 Light Infantry Militia
    • ~3000 casualties, ~2000 slain

Most killed in street to street fighting and taking of Castle Ravencliff.


  • 1000 Light Infantry
    • ~700 Casualties, ~300 Slain

Most killed in the vicious street to street fighting as they defended the palace.

Free Mercantilist Dalmestrians

  • 1,500 Irregular Infantry
    • ~1000 Casualties, ~400 slain

Most killed in defence of the Palace before their various Mercenary Captain’s surrenders.

The Rector Knights

  • 100 Heavy Infantry
    • ~100 casualties, 88 Slain

The Rector Knights suffered atrocious casualties at the hands of the Doomsguard Company Blackflame as the Tiefling’s stormed the upper levels of the Palace.

Circle of the Red Tower

  • 10 Battlemages
    • 7 Slain

Most of the mages of the Red Tower were slain during the capture of the Might of Dragar.


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