Liquid God Annals

Session 1: 'Burdened with Glorious Purpose' Last tale of Elyas Six-Fingers, recorded by his Elven Bard companion

In the wild I felt no need to record my daily happenings, musing to a page about my life seemed a waste. But now in my final breathes it seems…poignent to tell at least the tale of my undoing.

As you know we met in the city of Valarion: Myself on my yearly supply run to the city and yourself making money in the many inns and clubs of the Pleasure Strip. Over a cup of ale I told you my tale and it took to your liking. I remember the smile on your face so well as you began to get excited. "Vengeance, Vendetta, a lone Wanderer" you exclaimed, "a story for the ages!" It was thus that you decided to travel with me, for the short time it would be. We met our third, the one known as Chefcat, in the same bar, drinking and cooking for pittance. With your silver tongue we convinced her to accompany us on our first journey, the tracking and slaying of a group of Hydrogoblins in the nearby forests. A farmer had come to us looking for a tracker and we took the job, you for the coin and me for the pure pleasure of felling those foul beasts. After a night of celebrating our employment we travelled to the man's farm and began preparations for the day ahead.

While you wooed the farmer I explored nearby, running foul of a fearsome Blood Tree. Yes yes I know you've already written about that, I wasn't planning on recapping it. We tracked the beasts to a nearby delta and found not the hovels we expected but a temple of some sorts, a farm of fungus nearby tended by fishman minions. We considered an all out attack but the forest had already taken it's toll. I lost most of my bow hand in an attack by a vicious python, while you were almost laid low by the poisons of a giant buglike creature. We did gain in the jungle as well however, as a fourth member joined our unlikely band. A Rhakshasa in full plate of all things, wading inexpertly through the jungle in an attempt to find his friend, a human named Bael, who he claims was taken to the fish encampment.

Our abilities depleted the rest of the party tried to convince me to turn back but they do not know I cannot. My hand missing and the slow paralytic of the Blood Tree sapping my will I know I have but days to live. And if it is to be days let them be days filled with the blood of these foul creatures. I instruct my companions there will be no retreat and to their credit they stand by me in my attack. I take stance on a small spit in the river, setting my arrows beside me and beginning my assault. The creatures sit some 200 metres away and yet as my arrows begin to fall I reap a bloody toll upon them, the black shards of the drow glass slashing them into unrecognisable puddles of blood and ichor. I rejoice in the slaughter, switching to penetrator arrows as the foolish creatures take cover behind the very mushrooms they were cultivating minutes before. One by one I cut down the fishmen as my arrows easily piercing both fungus and flesh. Alas I am too invested in my righteous work and fail to notice a group of the creatures have armed themselves and head my way. A score of armoured fishmen make speed towards me, led by a shaman glowing with an unholy power. I draw one last black arrow and place it through the head of the shaman before retreating back to the waiting party.

As the group reaches us I pump more arrows into them, felling the leading two but failing to stop their charge. At one end the line holds, the immovable force of the one called Punchcat stalling their advance with a flurry of fists and claws. Our other Rhakshasa does not fair so well. The enigmatic Chefcat is overwhelmed by the fishmen and flung to the ground, pierced by 3 tridents. Despite this loss we fight back, punishing the creatures for their kill. Again I find my hatred blinding my vision as just as I disintegrate the head of one creature I notice another levels a rusted and waterlogged crossbow right at me. To his left and right others aim the large war machines. I hear the snap of the weapons firing and feel the warm flow of blood from my chest, my breathe shallowing as it passes from punctured lungs.

Yet you managed to push them back. You and the armoured cat have avenged me and more. Now I just ask that you let me rest away from this place, lest my body not become food for the creatures I have hated the most.

Session 2:

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