Lennart Lindberg

No life in Varg could be considered easy, but the upbringing of Lennart Lingberg, only son of Pieters Lindberg, lord of Stalhem, was more privileged than the average man. Raised in a house of nobility, Lennart was brought up with plentiful comfort, tutored in the history and politics of Varg and the surrounding regions. He was also, importantly, raised in a house of complete worship of the Dragar, patron god of Varg. However, his interest always lay in the realm of war. Training with his fathers house guard from a young age he faced his first winter of combat at age 16 as part of the Stalhem Heavy Lancers and armed with sword and lance he learned the harsher side of life in Varg. Serving with these men brought a greater understanding of war and combat to Lennart as well as eventually the placement as an officer that he sought. This achievement did nothing for his growing arrogance.

It was however on a small expedition to the mining areas west of Stalhem that his fate was truly revealed. After sustaining horrible injuries at the hand of a Vargarian monitor Lennart's faith took a hit it would not recover on. Why would Dragar, god of battle, let one as loyal and faithful as him be so brutally mauled by a wild animal? This doubt grew and was nurtured by his new companion Diedre Kilvran, a young priestess of Dragar. In the journey back to Stalhem and the months that followed Diedre always had Lennarts ear, speaking of the failings of religion and the misguided directions of the priests. They also spoke at length of history, of Varg before Lins and of what they referred to in hushed voices as ‘The Old Religion’. Eventually these whispers reached the ears of the Bolts of Dragar, enforcers and warriors of the god. Diedre and Lennart were arrested and held in the dungeons of Stalhem keep, awaiting the judgement of Pieters Lindberg. This was the last straw for Lennart. During a discussion with his father he snapped. Taking from his father the honoured Wolfblade of Stalhem, Lennart struck down a guard and with Diedre jumped from the high windows into the river Stal far below.

Once out of the city the young priestess led Lennart to a nearby safehouse and chapel for the Old God she had been referring to, now revealed to him as Viella, Goddess of chaos and daemons and despised enemy of Dragar. In his months in this hidden chapel Lennart fully began to give himself to this new deity. Refitting the Wolfblade and learning the ways of Viella, Lennart set forth once more into the world, still hunted and eager to prove himself to his Goddess and regain the wealth and status he had left behind.

As he gave himself more and more to Viella, Lennart began to notice chance itself changing around him. Arrows would strike at strange angles and bounce off his armour, swipes of his sword would fine the exact weakness in an enemies defenses and while misfortune befell those around him he remained unscathed. He saw this newfound luck as a true embodiment of Viella's favour. After freeing the bound Karganath, he travelled to Viella's principle temple in the land and gave himself fully to the Daemon goddess. In a ritual too unholy to recount, his mind, body and soul itself were offered to the Night Mother. He returned an Anointed, truly faithful and a living embodiment of her will, an avatar to the goddess of chaos.

Travel Journal


When exploring the ancient ruins of Turnia, the party encountered many foes and challenges. After a dangerous battle with stone golems, the party rested within the ruined husk of a courthouse. During the night a lindworm, that dwelled in the sewers beneath the city, attacked the house in which the party were resting. Hearing shrieks of horses dying from below Lennart sprung up, sword in hand and rushed downstairs to check on what the disturbance was. Seeing the lindword ravaging the horses, Lennart told Jan to go back upstairs and engaged the creature. Jumping on it's head he slashed at it's eye, struggling to hold onto it's slimy scales. The acid blood of the Worm splashing his face, Lennart lost his hold and was flung head first over the length of the room. Standing quickly he charged back towards the semi-dragon. His life ended beneath an unrelenting wave of acid breath from the mouth of the creature, only the hilt of his sword surviving.

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