Kynleef Rassin

Chaotic Neutral Rogue and Musician

Kynleef is an aspiring thief in a major thieves guild and while still young , shows much potential in his chosen line of work, aided in no small part by his half elf heritage of which he currently has no definitive knowledge. He takes his enhanced senses and lithe movements a product of the street life and as a consequence of his success, not the cause of it. He is quite skilled on most stringed instruments, and is an adept negotiator and diplomat and can worm his way out of all but the stickiest of situations. He his about 6ft tall and lithe. He wears two rapiers and has all manner of knives hidden away about his person.

Kynleef was born as a product of a relationship between a human mercenary escorting a scouting/exploration party to ruins deep in the northern wilderness, and an over-inquisitive elven woman. The exploration party was delving into what turned out to be elven ruins and after a week of digging raised the ire of a group of white elves passing through the area. The elves, realising their small travel party was too few in number for an outright assault, decided to try and scare off the humans from what they considered theirs. After a series of hit and run night attacks and many interrupted sleeps and stolen items, the human mercenary guards sprung an ambush, and though elusive, the youngest of the elven raiders was captured. As the exploratory mission was completed before the elves could stage a retaliatory rescue, the human party took the captive elf woman with them rather than kill her as she made for good sport on a long expedition. As a consequence of these encounters with the mercenaries she became with child, and upon return to Varg from which the expedition had been staged the elf was kept in captivity as a curio, hidden deep in a nobles mansion and was used an exotic whore for a step price, in secret as the nobles knew too well the price of offending the savage white elves. This continued until shortly after giving birth to the child, when she attacked her captors , not in an escape attempt but to exact as much vengeance as possible before being struck down. The child, on the orders of the lord, was surreptitiously offloaded to a nearby orphanage run by the priests of dragar, along with a large donation to ensure anonymity. This child, Kynleef as we now know him, was raised in an orphanage in one of the rich districts of varg, where the Black rose has a strong presence as these children were the perfect apprentices, being able to squeeze in and out of mansions through spaces inaccessible for anyone of regular size, as well as being able to pass off their crimes as idle nuisance. After Kynleef’s consistent ability to perform these burglaries where no other agent of the black rose could, he left the orphanage at 11 and went straight into the cut-throat politics of the thieves guild of varg. It was in this environment that he developed the skills we see today, honing them to perfection avoiding imprisonment or execution, as well as earning tidy sums of money from his natural skills.


It is known that he has been taken into custody by the the Noble Evenson Family of House Robertsson, though his exact whereabouts and status are unknown. It is thought that he is either now and undead slave in the sewers of the Capitol, having been executed for his crimes, imprisoned or has been forced into service as an agent of the Marquis. Though nothing is certain.


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