Kelgore II

Thaur, Arcanist (Shaman), Prodigy

Slayer of Nethranhep, Slayer of the Firedrake Naershonix, Hydromancer of the Great Tarrasque

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
8 10 10 13 10 12
14 10 14 13 10 12

1, 3, 2, 5, 3, 4


Movement: 7
Experience: 14
Taint: 15
Renown: 10

Linguistics (Old Thaur, Low Elven, Laurovian), Heal, Literacy, Arcana, History, Nature, Defense.
+2 BD: Spellcraft (Byomancy)

Abilities and Traits:

  • Goring Charge
  • Horns
  • Size (Large (+1))
    • +2 Strength, Dexterity and Constitution Bonuses. (Damage, Move Speed, Damage Reduction).
    • +1DD 'to hit' medium creatures.
    • +1BD 'to grapple/manoeuvre' medium creatures.
    • No penalty to cast to change into large size creatures. Penalty to change into smaller creatures.
    • Carrying Capacity: Strength x 2
    • Large Armour weighs Double, equipment otherwise +1 weight.
  • Perk:
    • Hedge Wizard [+2 Cantrips]
    • Rending Bite: when a Basilisk hits with a bite attack, after reactions, they may make a free grapple attempt. Whilst grappling they can use both claws to deal damage.

Equipment: 12/16
-MQ clothing (+1 to interactions)
-MQ Silver Scythe Pin (Features: Gibbous Moon, Spider Web, Drake Feather, Thaur Horn, Half Moon, Thrope Claw and Rahani Moon decals)
-Bag of Albino Selky Skin w/ Leviathon Scale Cord [Bag of Holding 20- Sea water]
-Large Crystal Amulet [Gem of Echoes- Gem of Spellpower +2BD, Defense (WP) 4D6 or take 1 taint]

-MQ Components Pouch containing:
-10*MQ Rose Stem
-10*MQ Acorns
-10*MQ enchanted thorns

-Bag of Holding containing:
-Basilisk fang
-Turtle shell
-shark necklace
-leviathan teeth stole
-frenzyfish head
-MQ med kit

-MQ mages robes Weight 1 +1 static to cast
-MQ Ironwood Hauberk, BA (3EB 4P 5S) L (2EB 3P 4S) 5 weight.
-MQ Ironwood coif and helm, H (2E 3B 4P5S) 1 weight.
-Coral ring, +2 byomancy static
-MW green silver mouthguard, +2 to hit, pen 2, ignoring silver resist, weight 2

Head: 2E 3B 4PE 5S
Body: 3E 4BP 5S
Arms: 3E 4BP 5S
Legs: 2E 3BP 4S
+2 force Amulet
+2 resistance for size
7 Con Bonus

1 Platinum Dragons
11 Gold Drakes
3 Silver Sword
8 Copper Slaves


  • Byomancy:
    • Enchant Food: Cantrip
      • Casting this spell purifies your charisma bonus of units of food. If toxic or poisoned the food is now normal, and if normal they food returns 1 fatigue to you, but you can only gain this fatigue once per day.
    • Animal Charm: Cantrip
      • When cast on an animal it will socialise it towards you, it will be friendly toward you, and won’t fear you or attack you. Increase it’s loyalty by 1 step for ChaB of minutes.
    • Detect Life: Cantrip
      • As long as you concentrate you can tell the direction and approximate location, as well as size, of living creatures within your Cha Bonus x 10 metres.
    • Control Plants:
      • 3d6
      • Component: Branch of enchanted thorns [worth 1sw]
      • Similar to entangle, this spell allows the Caster to control all plants within their charisma bonus of metres +DoS. Whilst controlling plants the caster may use them to make attacks, or grapple all conducted on his Intelligence as a governing stat, with bonuses from the size of the plants and they count as Defence Trained. These plants act at the casters discretion, and unlike Entangle, may coup de grace if they have particularly hard, thorny or sharp parts. This lasts as long as the caster concentrates.
    • Wood Shape
      • 3d6
      • Component: enchanted acorn worth 1sw consumed
      • Rearranges and shapes wooden objects to suit you.
        • You can shape up to a radius of Charisma Bonus of metres.
    • Animagus:
      • 4d6
      • Component: A pelt of the chosen animal forms body worth 5 swords for a medium or smaller creature, +5 swords per
      • step up the size category. All pelts weigh 1, and must be worn but do not need to be readied.
      • The caster or target touched polymorphs for Charisma bonus of hours +DoS into an animal of the same size category as the creature. The target gains the physical stats and traits of the creature, but not abilities or skills, and retains their own mental stats, abilities and skills.
        • +1 dice for each additional size step, higher or lower.
        • +2 dice to become either a tiny or colossal creature
    • Gas Cloud:
      • 3D6
      • Component: Toxic mushroom worth 1sw (consumed)
      • The caster throws a foul smelling mushroom as a thrown area of effect ranged attack (Maximum = Strength x 4). Where it lands creatures in an area with a radius of the Caster’s Charisma Bonus check 3d6 Defence (Mobility) check on Constitution or be stunned. This spell Charisma bonus +DoS in minutes and is dispersed by moderate winds. After each round ends passes the gas cloud increases by +1m.
          • +1 dice to cast causes the gas to also be poisoned. In such circumstances the creatures affected take 1 fatigue per turn for turns equal to their DoF.
    • Entangling Vines
      • Casting Roll: 3d6
      • Component: single dried rose stem 1 sword (consumed)
      • Plants rise up from the ground and grapple everyone within an area of Charisma Bonus radius within sight. This lasts as long as the caster concentrates and the plants will attempt to pin their targets, or manoeuvre them or strangle them at the caster’s whims, the plants may not Coup de Grace. The plants count their successes on grapple as if it were the casters DoS to Concentrate.
        • +1 dice to cast and the plants will only grapple targets of the casters choosing.
        • +1 dice to cast will cover the plants in thorns allowing them to deal casters CB-2 Slashing damage +DoS to concentrate as they grapple. No coup de grace.
        • At +1DD per target during the concentration of the spell the caster may have the vines attempt to coup de grace a single grappled target.
        • +1DD to increase the size category of the vines. This makes the spell harder to concentrate on whilst providing a bonus dice to the grapple attempt. After the concentration check is rolled on the increased difficulty, if it is a success, any bonus dice from size may then be rolled and substituted for higher dice in the pool, effectively 'increasing DoS' but not effecting concentration.
  • Carnymancy:
    • Assess Ailments of the Flesh: Cantrip
      • Holding your hand over somebody you can assess their health so long as you concentrate. You assess the creatures Taint as well.
  • Cogymancy:
    • Mancer’s Secret Whisper: Cantrip
      • Send a short message via telepathy to another willing creature within your CHA bonus +DoS of metres.
    • Minor Suggestion: Cantrip
      • Once cast at a target it gives you +1 to an interaction check.
  • Kynomancy:
    • Telekinetic Aid: Cantrip
      • Telekinesis of up to 1 weight within Cha bonus of metres whilst concentrating.
    • Levitation: Cantrip
      • Slowly ascend or descend whilst concentrating. Your levitation speed is your CHA bonus but you can’t run or increase this speed by movement effects. You can move sideways should you desire.

Kelgore was born weak which almost everyone within his thaur community took as a personal insult. As Kelgore grew older his disdain for his community grew as he felt his superior intelligence increase the distance between him and his community.

During coming of age Kelgore was challenged by another in the tribe and Kelgore's dismissal of the challenge enraged his opponent who was able to quickly incapacitate the weaker thaur. As a show of brute strength the winning thaur snapped off Kelgore's horns. After this display of humiliation Kelgore fled the community and during his time on his own he found his natural affinity with the forest. With a new life goal he started his new life as a shaman. Managed to find someone to train him, learnt how to animagus.

Has natural disdain for anyone who leads with actions rather than words.

-General: 9
-Weapon specialization (natural weapons): 0
-Heal: 2
-Nature: 2
-Lorovian Dialect: 3
-Hardened: 1
-Awareness: 4
-Defence: 0
-Religion: 2.7

-Natural weapons +1 Mouth (19 GE + 1 SE)
-Snake Abilities! (10 exp)
-Defense (12 GE+3 SE)
-Divine Faith (20)
-Water Shield (10)



Str: 14 Dex: 10 Con: 14
Traits: Size (Large), Quadruped, Carnivore, Dulled Senses (Vision, Hearing), Heightened Senses (+2) (Smell, Tough), Natural Armour (+1), Cold Blooded, Limbless, Camouflage +2 (Any)
Natural Weapon: Bite 9 Piercing
Abilities: Constricting Bite


Str: 14 Dex: 12 Con: 14
Traits: Size (Large), Aquatic, Heightened Senses (+2) (Smell), Natural Armour (1BSPE)
Speed: None on land
Natural Weapons: SB+1 Slashing
Talents: Diehard, Berzerk Charge, Charcaradon Bite, Aquatic Strike

  • Charcaradon Bite: may grapple for free when making a bite attack.
  • Aquatic Strike: counts as acrobatic strike, on Athletics (Swimming) whilst in water.


Str: 14 Dex: 8 Con: 14
Traits: Size (Large), Amphibious, Heightened Senses (+1) (Smell), Natural Armour (3E 5BP 7S)
Speed: ½ on Land
Natural Weapons: Bite SB-2 Piercing


Str: 13 Dex: 13 Con: 13
Traits: Size (Huge), Amphibious, Heightened Senses (+1) (Smell), Natural Armour (1BP 2SE)
Speed: ½ on Land
Natural Weapons: Bite SB Slashing
Talents: Jaws of the Leviathan, Aquatic Strike

  • Leviathan Bite: May grapple for free when making a bite attack.
  • Aquatic Strike: Counts as acrobatic strike, on Athletics (Swimming) whilst in water.


Str: 12 Dex: 12 Con: 10
Traits: Size (Medium), Aquatic (no land), Bony Ridges (1BPE 2S), Natural Weapons (Bite SB-1 Slashing)
Abilities: Hard Target, Acrobatic Strike.

  • Aquatic Strike: counts as acrobatic strike, on Athletics (Swimming) whilst in water.

Adolescent Ember Dragon:
Str: 14 Dex: 10 Con: 14
Traits: Size (Huge), Winged, Heightened Senses (+1) (Sight, Smell), Resistance (4 v Fire, Lightning, 2 v Cold, Acid), Natural Armour (2BP 3SE)
Speed: 9m Land, 18m Flying.
Natural Weapons: Spit Ember Acid, Bite SB Slashing (12), Poisoned: Common Reptile Venom, 2 x Talons SB-2 (10) Slashing

  • Spit Ember Acid: a dragon may spit acid. Spray attack with range of SB. Deals CB+DoS (11+Dos) on a Strength Check in Acid damage. If this is used immediately again in the next turn, add a difficulty dice to using the attack for each round in which the Dragon uses this back to back. Thereafter this penalty fades at 1 dice per round the ability is not used, till it resets. Reloading is automatic, and failing Constitution to attack just reduces damage. This attack causes the targets damaged to check Dexterity or catch fire.
  • Common Reptile Venom:
    • Application: Injection (damage past armour)
    • Duration: instant/permanent
    • Wounds caused by a weapon coated with this venom always force an infection check subsequent to combat and this check, and any subsequent infection caused are at +1DD.


  • Acrobatic Strike: after making an attack Check Acrobatics to move for free and ignore reactionary attacks. If failed, reactionary actions may be made as normal.
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