Pug II

Human, Craftsmanship, Mage, Enemy (Wealthy, Broadened Education)

human magician from a working class background. Always wanted to be a magician and was able to get in to a school of magic. Unfortunately because of his background after graduating he was heavily in debt and decided to go travelling, selling himself out to whomever needed his magical services.

by skill points gained.

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
8 10 9 13 11 11 0


  • Move Speed (DB =5)
  • Quickling (Discount cost of skills by 25% rounding up)


Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Dalmestrian), Literacy, Mercantile, Scrutiny, Spellcraft (Pyromancy, Cryomancy) Woodcraft, Weapon Training (Simple, Crossbows)


  • Spellbook Arcana (may swap as many spells as they like from memory with 1 hour of meditation)

Equipment: 6/8
MQ Clothing 0 Satchel 1 [Quill and ink, 5 sheets of parchment] MQ Carpenters Tools 1 Spellbook 1
-4 Kilos Meat

Mace [+0 SB+1 Bludgeoning, DR 4 HP 8] 1
Handcrossbow 20 Quarrels [20m 7 Piercing, Reload (8-SB), Offhand] 2


Subthermal Temperature (Cryomancy)
Touch attack deals cold damage equal to CHA bonus, with no extra damage for DOS to hit. This is exceptionally useful for cooling beverages or snap freezing things. This can be used to halt bloodloss for CHA bonus of rounds.

Cooling Plume (Cryomancy)
You cool the temperature around you by one step (very hot to hot, we say about your Charisma bonus in degrees). This cools an area around you equal to your Charisma bonus in metres). This lasts CHA bonus of minutes or as long as your concentrate. This quenches nearby flames and the like.

Burning Hands (Pyromancy)
Your hands catch fire and you can use them to set fire to people, dealing CHA bonus of fire damage + DOS. Cauterise wounds shut but make dex test or set fire to the cauterised, and inflicts one fatigue but stops bloodloss. Can be used to cook food in a pinch. Flames are harmless to the caster.

Flare (Pyromancy)
Cha bonus of fire damage in a plume of flame. Emits bright light that can be seen for a while around. Creatures hit within CHA bonus metres of the effect check Dodge –Cha bonus of caster or become blinded for a round. Range is Perception.

Full Arcana:
Mancer’s Grace (Cryomancy)
Component: vial of everfrost worth 2 swords (consumed)
Freezes a willing creature for CHA bonus of days. They are helpless but do not die or get injured till they defrost. Stop blood loss and poison till they are defrosted. Any magical spells that effect the mind or body are halted and continue their effect when defrosted. An unwilling creature may be frozen but they may resist, rolling a Constitution check – the casters Charisma bonus, with a single bonus dice.

Fireburst (Pyromancy)
Component: a bag of powdered ruby worth 1 sword (consumed)
Creatures in a CHA bonus radius around the caster take 3 x CHA bonus fire damage.


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves


Savant Jovaskin (Renown 5 Tario) Human, Arcanist, Mage
Location: Magespire, Tario, Dalmestria
//Savant Jovaskin was the teacher of ???. He provided him with education in the arts of Cryomancy and Pyromancy. Whilst he doesn't know about ??'s indiscretions with the Fixer, he can always be relied on for some employment doing spell research, and the gathering or arcane knowledge from forgotten Lyssian libraries. //

Citizen Guthur (Renown 5 Tario) Human, Craftsmanship, Specialist
Location: Guthur's Woodcraft, Tario, Dalmestria
Guthur was the carpenter that ?? grew up in Apprenticeship with. Guther has a lucrative contract supplying furniture to the Doje and several Visicounts. Guthur can be relied on for hospitality as well as employ as a carpenter or broker. He will also collect and buy any rare wood samples at a reasonably price, and will pay a pretty sword for enchanted furniture, of which he is a collector.


The Fixer (Renown 10 Tario) Half-Elf, Scoundrel, Specialist
Location: Unknown
The Fixer, a shadow information broker and loan shark, with rumored connections to House Asranzi. He always tends to work by himself thought, and rarely employs underlings if ever. He is rumored to be a master thief. People who refuse to pay him back, or cannot pay, always seem to pay their debts in the end. One way or another. All that is said is that when he dissapears from Tario to debt collect, he comes at his targets sideways. ??? Owes The Fixer 8 platinum dragons, and this compounds by 20% each year it remains unpaid.

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