The Fall of the Gods and the History of the World

In the beginning there was only the rock that makes up the world. Gaia or Maya as some call it. It is from her, the earthen mother, that the gods were born. Dragar was first and mightiest to flow out of the earth, followed by his corrupt and weakling sister Viella. Dragar went to work on the shapeless earth that had given birth to his form seeing its potential for improvement, and shaped it into perfect ordered pieces, though his sister, spiting the perfection he had wrought that which had born them tore up the earth and set painful ripples through the earth that continue to erode away and corrupt the perfect form of the land. Dragar angered by his sister’s insolence decided he would create something that she could not ruin like the earth, and breathed the air into life. Devious Viella though set into motion the cycles of the seasons and the winds, so that Dragar’s perfect heaven was disrupted and made chaotic. Angered Dragar gathered his might and created a storm from the heavens to smite Viella down. And so it was that water poured out onto the earth formed the lakes, seas and rivers. Viella always cunning though avoided this storm, and subsequently avoided many of the righteous blows of her brother, who was righteously angered at her destruction of his perfect world. Wherever they went, as he tried to build new order, and she would put chaos into motion.

It was during the years of fighting between Dragar and Viella, that the Earthern Mother herself, bleeding from the wounds inflicted on her by Viella, gave birth two more Gods. Flowing from her ruptured wounds came clever Cifyre and then beautiful Aerin from her blood. Together they healed their Earthern Mother of her wounds, and stabilised the disruptive forces that Viella had wrought, creating the trees and animals from her wounds. It was the might of Dragar that allowed them to do so, for without his assault on Viella, Cifyre and Aerin would never have been able to heal the earth. It was then that Viella tricked Dragar into thinking that Cifyre and Aerin were in fact trying to destroy the Earth and so he turned on them. Striking massive blows against them, their blood fell to the earth. Cifyre’s blood coalesced and became the first Dragon, Xortivar the Platinum and Aerins fell in two droplets, becoming the Summer and Winter Queens, the matriarchs of the Elven people, who then gave birth to their entire race. Aerin and Cifyre pleaded with Dragar to stop, and clever Cifyre and beautiful Aerin showed him how they had healed the earth and stabilised its destruction. Dragar coming to his senses renewed his assault on Viella, while Cifyre and Aerin saw to the protection of their progeny. Angered greatly at the harm Viella had done to the earth, for even clever Cifyre said that they could only stabilise the Earth, and one day Viella’s chaotic tremors would destroy it, Dragar renewed his assault on Viella and finally he wounded her, though not before she had raked her claws into him, both bleeding, their blood fell to the earth.

Dragar’s blood coalesced and became the staunch dwarves and humans. Where Viellas blood hit the ground, all manner of corrupt Daemon were spawned. The Daemon hordes of Viellas blood multiplied rapidly and soon looked to destroy the world entirely. Thus it was that clever Cifyre and Aerin made a decision in order to save their precious Dragons and Elves, and man and dwarf from the Daemon hordes. They worked together and pooling their magic created the Astral Plane, a place of formlessness forever removed from their earthern mother. Opening portal to the plane, Cifyre and Aerin found Viella. Aerin, sacrificing her own connection to the earth, fought Viella and grabbed her, tumbling into the Astral with her and taking most of Viella’s foul Daemons with them. Clever Cifyre, still on earth knew that Viella might would escape back into the world and ravage the Earth again, despite his sister’s strength. So it was that he found Dragar, slowly going about his reordering of the world, who he knew would keep Viella occupied in the Astral, and opened the portal again, right under Dragar’s feet. Dragar though realised this foul treachery at the last minute, and grabbed Cifyre as he toppled through the portal. As Cifyre fell through the portal and the connection of the Gods physical forms to the earth was forever lost and they remain in the Astral to this day, watching man and the other races. All because of Viella’s treachery, we know this as the Fall of the Gods.

It is immediately after the Fall of the Gods that we refer to as the primordial world. For at this time the races were left to themselves. It was the powerful Dragons, led by Xortivar the Platinum that fought against the remaining Daemon hordes now deprived of their Daemon-Mother, led by the mighty Daemon Princes. Many of these princes were banished and some entrapped for eternity. The Elves have songs dating back to this primordial world, of great volcanoes, raging seas and feral jungles. They document the tales of Elven heroes in a land ruled by these Dragons Lords and Daemon Princes.
The songs tell of the Elven people enslaved by demons or subjugated by the Dragons. The songs say that those who were the slaves of the Dragons became the terrible White Elves who have since passed out of the lands of Men, and those who were the playthings of the Daemon Kings that became the first Drow, and the elves who hid and grovelled in the steaming jungles that became the Wood Elves and the Wild Elves of the far reaches of the world.

It was in this world that only war and turmoil were known by the Elves. After centuries of infighting, the Dragon Lords united and fought against the separate Daemon Princes and won, banishing them and claiming the Planet, and the Drow were then also made the servants of the Dragons, and both the White Elves and Black Elves were united.
The Sagas then tell of how the White Elves and Drow rose up and threw down the Dragons. The Drow and White Elves combined their magicks and brought forth from Daemon’s blood, Dwarf and Humans and from the primitive man creatures that lived in the jungles, the first orcs and goblins. They raised the first undead, using their deceased to bolster their armies. They rose up against the Dragons with their huge hordes of orcs and goblinoids and the legions of their undead. With their hordes of soldiers, they threw down the Dragons. This is the reason it is said why so many Dragons deeply slumber today – these were the Dragons who foresaw their fall.

After the war the Elves made a pact, eternalised in the Song of Sun and Snow, that the White Elf Queen and Drow Queen, the Matriarchs bred of Aerin, would rule the elves in separate seasons of the Earth, with the White Queen ruling autumn and winter and the Black Queen ruling spring and summer. It is this world that the oldest Dwarven ballads date back to. They tell of the mighty empires of the elves in which Dwarf and Man were enslaved, and of the slow accumulation of run away Dwarves in the Hollow of the planet, running away into the tunnels of the Elf mines they slaved away in. Here they the ballads tell of the learning of metal and mining now purposed to the Dwarven good, and the carving out of their first civilisations amongst the rock and stone. It was at this time that the greatest works of Dwarven art and engineering were created, many of which are now destroyed lost or forgotten. It is in this time that the Song of Tears tells of the Thousand Year War of the Drow and the White Elves, where eventually the Drow were forced into the hollow core of the Planet and the darkest forests by the Might of the White Elven Armies. The Dwarves songs tell of the massacres of their surface dwelling cousins, as the elves committed horrible atrocities against each other destroying their once mighty societies with terrible magicks and creating the great deserts, tundra expanses and blighted parts of the planet were nothing would grow, their life scorched clean by magical catastrophe. It is said that at this time Dragar spoke to the Dwarves as a response to the terrible sorcery of the Elves, promising law and order, the preaching the heresy of Sorcery.

After the end of the Thousand Year War the first songs of Man start, finally liberated from the Slavery of the Elven Empires. The Dwarves had no desire to leave there cavernous cities, believing the power of magic to too strongly taint the minds of those who walk under the stars and sun. So it was that Man established societies in the void left by the shattered Elven Empires. The Dwarves grew even mightier under the earth as Man learnt and grew on the surface worshipping their pagan gods and forming ancient cultures. The White Elves disappeared to the poles of the Planet taking their hordes of foul humanoids with them, and the Drow became feared as raiders and slavers, creatures of the night preying on the empires of man and Dwarf. Through this the Wild Elves kept to themselves becoming seen as aloof, cunning and ruthless fey spirits of the old forests.

Eventually though, the prosperous underground Dwarven Empires came to war. Known as the Great War, it ripped apart East and Western Dwarven Society for a hundred years starting approximately 1000 years ago. It is said that such was the cunning of the Dwarven weapons engineers and sorcerers that they created the most powerful engines of war and destruction ever seen, a combination of sorcery and engineering. Hundreds of thousands of Dwarves died, and eventually the war ground to a halt. With the Western and Eastern Dwarf Empires shattered into Kingdoms, and their fraternity ever severed. It was quite soon after the ending of the Great War that Dwarven Kingdoms began to trade with the many Human Kingdoms that surrounded them, and the reclusive elves in order to restore themselves to strength. Thus it was the Dwarven tongue that the Dwarf Kingdoms had once used to trade between themselves was adopted by many communities as a trade language as the Dwarves finally came to the surface which they had long ago abandoned. It is at this time that the Dwarves also spread the True Word of Dragar to many of the pagan Humans.

It was 500 years after the ending of the Great War that the Lysian Empire was formed out of the early kingdoms of Lysia, Kysios, Taros and Licresse (themselves founded on early cultures). It spanned between the Tèlysis Dèsios or the Great Expanse, the great desert in the south and the Tantra-Èvylios, the Blighted Earth west of the Bludsedge Mountains. The Lysian Empire sprawled over 1000 miles both north and south, and the great Human cities of the present, Voloros, Genesse and Tario were outshone by the jewel that was the city of Darmissia. This is where human calendars start, with the Lysian Era (LE) marking the year the Lysian Conclave formed the Empire, with times before this dated (BLE). The Dwarves of course have their own calendars dating further back, and it is said that the Elves of Sviofalva have even older records. The Lysian Church of Dragar was founded in LE 85 and was the first official clergy of Dragar.

It is during this era that the vast armies of and powerful war-mages of Lysia subjugated the then primitive Baronies in LE 205 and then conquered the wild people of Rhannior in LE 255. They also established communication with the Wild Elves of Sviofalva and even traded with them. They founded the cliff city of Cassangreca in LE 345 on an ancient Dwarven city, uninhabited since the end of the Great War. The greatest achievement of Lysia though was the knowledge its mages learnt of magic, advancing the art much further than was thought possible. It is the Lysian scholar-mages work and research with makes up the body of knowledge and practice of magic amongst humans.

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