Hill Dwarf, Sage, Ranger [3- Beast Conclave]

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
17 [+3] 11 [+0] 20 [+5] 12 [+1] 14 [+2] 12 [+1]

HP: 45 (10+Con+2x[D10+Con+1])
Saves: Strength, Dexterity
Speed: 25ft
AC: 15

Feats and Features:

  • Dwarven Features:
    • Dwarven Vision: All darkness is treated as dim light, dim light within 60ft is treated as bright light.
    • Dwarven Resilience: Advantage on saving throws against poison. Resistance against poison damage.
    • Combat Training: Gain proficiency in the battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer and warhammer.
    • Stonecunning: Intelligence (History) checks relating to stonework have advantage. You are considered to have History trained for these tests and add double proficiency.
    • Dwarven Toughness: +1 HP per level.
  • Researcher: When you attempt to recall a piece of lore, if you do not know that information, you often know where and from whom you might obtain it.


  • Natural Explorer
    • Ignore difficult terrain.
    • Advantage on Initiative tests.
    • Advantage to attack enemies who have not yet taken a turn in combat.
    • Difficult terrain doesn't slow down your group's travel.
    • Your group cannot be lost except by magical means.
    • Can remain alert to danger while travelling even when undertaking other activities.
    • When travelling alone travel stealthily at a normal pace.
    • Find twice as much food when foraging.
    • When tracking you find out the exact size, number and time frame of creatures.
  • Favoured Enemies [Beasts]
    • +2 damage against these creatures.
    • Advantage on Wisdom (Survival) tests to track favoured enemies and and intelligence tests to know about them.
    • Gain 'Primordial' as a language.
  • Fighting Style: [Armoured] +1 AC when wearing armour.
  • Primeval Awareness:
    • Communicate simple ideas to beasts with sounds and gestures. You may learn mood and intent this way.
    • By spending 1 minute of uninterrupted meditation you can sense if any of your favoured enemies are within 5 miles of you. Reveals which creatures, their numbers and general direction and distance.
  • Beast Conclave:
    • Animal Companion: Uses my proficiency. Adds proficiency to AC and damage rolls. Gains proficiency on two skills.

Proficiencies: [+2]
Skills: Arcana, History, Nature, Perception, Survival.
Languages: Dwarven, Common, Gnomish, Primordial, Undercommon.
Tools: Leatherworker's tools.
Weapons: Simple, Martial.
Armour: Light, Medium, Shields.


  • Minerva's Longsword
    • D8; Slashing; Versatile [D10]
  • Dwarven Breastplate
    • 14 + Dex (max 2)
  • Javelin
    • D6; Piercing; Thrown (30/120)
  • Dark blue fine quality clothing
  • Empty flask that smells of dwarven whiskey
  • Backpack
    • Bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 5x torches, 20x rations, 2x waterskin [Full], wineskin [empty], hempen rope, tankard, whetstone, light hammer, leatherworking tools.
  • Loknir's Encyclopaedia of Hiraeth: A sturdy dwarven book in which Loknir records his observations and discoveries about the land of Hiraeth.
  • Forbidden Book: A heavy tome made of pure polished obsidian with golden hinges, the Book can only be opened by the use of a puzzle-box-like object that would fit directly onto an emblem on the cover. Loknir has never opened the book but knows it to be filled with something dangerous and forbidden. He later discovered that it once belonged to the Elven Cleric Thess.
    • Contains the ability to imprison someone within the book. Contains 10000 Orcs.
  • Satchel
    • 4x bells, ball of twine, bottle of black ink, 3x pieces of chalk, a quill, a small knife, a rabbit's foot.
    • Letter asking: Are monstrous creatures intrinsically magical?
    • Scroll of Peculiar Abjuration.

Gold 2
Ancient Dwarven 2
Silver 11
Copper 13

Small ruby, 2x cracked topaz

Hunter Abilities

Modifier: 12 (8 + Prof [2] + Wis [2])
Uses: 1st 3


  • Alarm
    • Action. 1 Minute. 30ft.
    • 20ft cube.
    • Duration 8 hours.
  • Hunter's Mark
    • Bonus Action. 90ft.
    • Concentration, up to 1 hour.
    • Do an extra D6 damage and get Advantage to track.
  • Goodberry
    • May forage for 10 berries that grant 1HP and nourish the eater.

Companions and Mounts

Slopnert: Pony

AC: 10
HP: 11
Speed: 40ft

Strength: 15 [+2]
Dexterity: 10 [+0]
Constitution: 13 [+1]
Intelligence: 2 [-4]
Wisdom: 11 [+0]
Charisma: 7 [-2]

Pack: Saddlebags, 71x rations, 5lbs of salt

  • Hill Dwarf from the mining settlement of Redcliff. Redcliff was one of the few settlements with contact with the Svirfneblin. Allied with these reclusive 'deep gnomes'.
  • Left to study in the libraries of Vesper in his youth. Formal education there among dwarves from the city.
  • Returned to Redcliff to work as a hunter and tracker for the village. Hunted down and killed beasts that were threatening caravans and the like as well as scouting for the town's militia.
  • During one incident helped the warriors of Redcliff track a goblin tribe to its lair. During the fighting found a strange and mysterious book on the body of a goblin shaman.
  • Intrigued by animals and magical beasts alike he decided to write a codex on the land of Hiraeth and the beasts and peoples within it.
  • Started looking for people to help him write and research such a volume of books. The deep gnome Shardcaster Ertix volunteered to help.

P1: I patiently explain everything to others.
P2: I am awkward in social situations.
Ideal: The goal of any life of study is to improve oneself (Lawful Neutral).
Bond: I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands.
Flaw: Most people scream and run when they see a daemon, I stop and take notes.

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