Halfling Shadowblade

Halfling Nethyrsassin
Human-Halfling, Arcanist, Assassin

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 10 10 12 9 10



Move: 4m
Experience: 12
Renown: 0

Stealth [15(10) Drakes]
Parry [15(10) Drakes]
Hardened [5exp(earned)]
Skills and Talents:
Linguistics (Imperial Dwarven, Lithmarni, Low Elven, Draconic), Literacy, Arcana, Magewright, Alchemy Spellcraft (Nethyrmancy), WT (Simple), Stealth, Parry/defense.

  • Small-Sized: (where x is difference in size classes)
    • Pros:+x on rolls to hit, +x bonus dice to dodge,+x penalty dice against being detected
    • Cons:+x penalty dice to parry**
  • Quickling
  • Socially Mobile

-Daemonmarked MQ Gorgonite Stiletto (+9/+3 hit/parry, Dam 2, Pen(2) Pierce, Dam 0 Slash; Offhand; DR9, HP 1 ;x3 resist against acid, //Seeking Blade: +6 to hit //)
-MQ Silverite Stiletto (dungiveafuck)
-Handcrossbow (Piercing, 7 dam, range 15m; offhand, Tough Reload (15), DR5, HP 3)
-Backpack: Bolts20 Poison3 Quill and Ink, Document Case, Parchment5 Bloodstopper0 Spell reagents3 alchemical4

-MQ Clothing

-MQ Open-face helmet

-Mask (nethyrmancy)

-Mancer's Vest

Face: 2
Head: 2
Body: 1
Arms: 1
Legs: 0

-Spell Components: (10/10)Shadowalk1

0 Platinum Dragons
2 Golden Drakes
8 Silver Swords
4 Copper Slaves


  • Spells: Shadowalk (teleport to shadow within perception range)
  • Cantrips: Nethyrmancy:
  • Balls of light
  • Conceal
  • Ghost sounds



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