Leafwind Silentfoot

Half-Elf, Wildborn, Hunter

Strength Dexterity Consitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
8 13 9 11 12 10

Move: 6m
Taint: 0
Experience: 0
Renown: 0


  • Ignore Sylvan Scrutiny Penalty
  • Sylvan Beast Tattoos: +2 to Stealth in Terrain Familiarity Environment, when not wearing a Surcoat.

LinguisticsInt (Imperial Dwarven, Low Elven, Vaelesse), SurvivalInt, AwarenessPer, AthleticsStr, Weapon SkillDex (Simple, Bows, Swords, Concussive), DefenseDex, RideDex, StealthPer, NatureInt


  • Terrain Familiarity (Temperate)
  • Endurance

Equipment: 17/8
- Bow 10xSBm SB Piercing 5/2 Two Handed, Reload (1)[20 Broadheads] 3
- Falchion Curvesword Light Weapon SB-1 Slashing, SB-3 Piercing 9/2 Offhand, Simple , 1
- 'Sabre' Curvesword Hand Weapon SB Slashing, SB-2 Piercing 1 9/3 n/a 1
- Archeavus 50m 11 Piercing 5/3 Two Handed, Reload [10], Vicious [40 slugs] 4

Backpack 1
- Leather Leggings 1 Leather Shirt 2 Elven Hides (As a Wintercloak with +1 armour against Slashing attacks on the Body) 1
Leather Lamellar Armour 4

Face: 0
Head: 0
Body: 2 (5vSlash)
Arms: 2 (4vSlash)
Legs: 2 (4vSlash)

0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
1 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves

Companions and Mounts:

Strength: 10 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 11 Intelligence: 5 Perception: 10 Charisma: 4
Traits: Size (Medium), Quadruped, Superior Sense +1 (Smell, Hearing) Carnivore,
Speed: 8m
Natural Weapons:__ Bite: SB Slashing
Jaws of the Vulf:
When hits with a Bite attack and after reactions, may make a free Grapple or Trip attempt.
Skills: Dodge, Athletics (Running +2), Stealth, Survival


Born into a family at high ranks in the Sylvanic Faith, though both parents were killed in a raid by Mestrian fanatics when Leafwind was a child. Raised by a closely bonded clan to be an assassin for the Sylvanic Faith, and harbours a strong resentment for members of the Orthodox Church.

Leafwind is a member of the Black Circle, a Guild of assassins of which the headmaster, for self-preservation, is seldom met in person. He instead communicates through his network, using an esoteric hand-sign between Guild members to prove their membership. Each tier of the Guild has a slightly altered version, the more senior the member, the more esoteric the sign. Leafwind is initiated into the second tier, and therefore knows of two hand-signs.

Through his affiliations with assassin networks, Leafwind developed a close bond with friend and weaponsmith Chlora Vesmund, a little-known female gun-maker. Through the many raids that her shop underwent in previous years, she moved to a secretive, rural setting in order to preserve her stock and hone her craft. She is the one that crafts Leafwind's guns, and the reason they are of such excellent quality.


Chlora Vesmund (Gun-maker, sells only commissioned weapons from her home)
Masked Death-Dealer (No actual contact except through other assassins in his network)

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