The Sixth Age

DOMAINS and population majority


New OsakaHuman
An immense satellite city and spaceport above an irradiated plague-world. New Osaka was the first major Federation colony to successfully install magical gravity. It consequently attracted huge numbers of wealthy migrants looking for comfortable living. It was once the largest, most populous and most prosperous human settlement outside Fortress Earth. It is now mainly host to Foundation military and a scientific research mission who study and maintain quarantine on the world below.

Vega -Human/Cosmopolitan
A lively merchant colony, Vega was the beneficiary of early lassiez faire trading practices by the Imperial Japanese founders. It is advanced, fiercely independent, and possesses a small stellar defence fleet of it's own. Many criminal & corporate elements find Vega a convenient place to do business.

Lion Human/Cosmopolitan
The worlds orbiting Epsilon Eridani have benefited from a massive influx of migrants following the abandonment of New Osaka. They are abuzz with new wealth and activity, a growing hive and rival capital to post-Earth humanity.

Port Colorado (Longshot) (Human/ Cosmopolitan)
The North Atlantic Aerospace Exploration Agency (Lone Star) once used this outpost as a safe harbour and supply dump. An outer spar of Foundation expansion, it’s convenient central location soon saw ships from every corner of the universe arriving unexpectedly, asking to purchase supplies. Earning its nickname from remarks made by its Governor - who despaired of its existence at the threatened edge of many semi-hostile territories – the grubby, bustling ‘Port Longshot’ has prospered despite the best predictions of the most speculators.

Fortress Earth(Humans)
The discovery of the Mana Reactor and consequent tech by an international coalition led to the formation of the Geneva Foundation; an apex body encompassing NATO, CERN, WHO and others, and the vehicle for Earth’s expansion into space. The Foundation is often used interchangeably to refer to humanity’s galactic interests, as it colonised several star systems before encountering occupied space. In truth, Earth and it’s domains are largely controlled by a tangle of corporate interests vested in a Japanese-American Alliance. Though many earthling settlements have been profoundly affected by Hexing, the so-far uncontested expansion has provoked resentment from existing power groups. Increasingly militarised under President Galugthrammon, ‘Fortress Earth’ is a small but serious new player on the galactic stage.


Fulcrum - (Dwarves/Gnomes)
Grimlock - (Dwarve/Gnomes)
Though deeply unpleasant for the first human settlers, the high-gravity conditions on Fulcrum and Grimlock soon produced a majority population of stout dwarves. Inherently slow moving and cautious, the dwarves carefully safeguarded their settlements against disaster and attack, developing the best shield and industrial technology in the galaxy. The wealth of their volcanic worlds and the surrounding asteroid clouds have made it a formidable fortress; their avaricious acquisition and trade of rich minerals form the basis of an easy, if somewhat unfriendly relationship with the Grool Empire. Ruled by the immortal Ancestor.

Grey Rock -(Orcs)
The primordial, wind-swept landscape of Grey Rock is home to the Tribe, a highly mystical civilisation of Orcs. When the planet was first claimed by the Tribe as a sovereign reservation, the Genevan Foundation resisted; a terrible onslaught of hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters plagued the reclamation effort, until the Acting Governor offered to negotiate the settlement. Since then the primary export of Grey Rock has been mystics and seers, as the insular Tribe seem little interested in trade engagement with outside forces. Nevertheless, they are generally welcoming of those who visit their cavernous halls, particularly scholars who come to read in their widely renowned Library.

Ythrilliem (Atlaneans)- Elves
The rainy world of Atlantis was the first to give rise to significant numbers of Elves. Extensive harnessing of wind and tidal power - as well as the influence of the Council Academies of Magic – means the aesthetic capital Ythrilliem is one of the few self-sustaining mega-cities in existence. Ruled by the Chancellery and Dust Church, carbonsilver skyhooks and fleet of Atlantis make the Elves a significant naval power, despite their small numbers.

The Long Walk(Trolls)
The migrating fleet-cities known as the Long Walk are ruled by a democratic council of Elder trolls who fled Earth prior to the development of Skimming technology. Moving by conventional spaceflight, the flotilla is so slow that most think of it as akin to a port station. Many of the original ships were linked with solid bridges, forming tangled, multiethnic conurbations as the fleet was swelled by other persecuted races. Trolls are a peaceful, quiet-spoken barter-culture, though many space-farers are familiar with the “Trolloc” gangs that sometimes form when large numbers of males reach adolescence at the same time.

Procyon A & B -Unknown
Dual systems associated with binary companion stars. Largely Unexplored.


Arx -(Grool)
The Grool Empire has sprawled out of the Galactic West, gobbling up territory at an unprecedented rate. Though its’ full extent is unknown by humanity, it is thought to be the largest military and territorial power in existence. The Empire is controlled by the Queen, a semi-divine figure thought to embody the intent of the sole Grool deity, the Conqueror. Despite slowing at the edge of occupied space, many fear the Grool’s conquest is not over.

Arx is the outermost settlement of the Empire, a squat and toxic fortress city infested with every conceivable form of life, and surrounded by irradiated desert

CastelliaArionic League (Airfolk)
The feathered Arionic species are an alien race originating from leafy Castellia. Their advanced understanding of manatech and it’s military applications have made the League one of the top three galactic powerholding groups, alongside the Grool Empire and the Nylese. Often referred to as ‘Airfolk’, the Arionic League is famed for it’s high-technology goods, starship parts, and airborne mercenary units. Like most major capitals, Castellia admits outsiders, but the haughty character of most Airfolk make them unpopular trading partners. Airfolk canopy-cities are sculpted through extensive use of biomancy and telekinesis, suspended at dizzying heights in the canopy of Castellia’s giga-forests.

The Nylese are a fragmented alien race, highly populous and generally hostile. Called “Dunefolk” after the ashy wastelands they tend to inhabit, the Nylese occupy themselves with infighting unless threatened from without. Combined with the relative galactic remoteness of their large territories, this has meant neither the Geneva Foundation nor existing powers have opted to provoke them. Rumoured to be ruled by a Daemon King, their warren-cities tend to be built upon underground lakes, as the once-amphibious Nylese are discomfited by long periods out of the water.

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