Gravityjack Game Notes

Character Creation

Stats to Allocate:
20, 18, 15, 12, 11, 10, 10, 8, 6, 5

Where a characteristic is listed as "+" or "-" under your Homeworld package, increase or decrease the characteristic by 5.

Humans are are fast learners, and enjoy the various benefits of being the majority population in the campaign setting. Players can create human characters using the ordinary process in DH2 with the homeworlds representing Foundation domains. Humans generate Fate Points as normal.

Metahumans are rare human offspring effected by exposure to magic. The process is known as "Hexing,' which has given rise to whole new and increasingly coherent species. The following traits replace Homeworlds in the creation process for those wishing to play a metahuman character.

• Dwarves: Tough and Crafty. +T +Int -Agi, Fate 2, 9+d5 wounds.
Homeworld BonusIronwrought- The character's starting armour and any armour gained through play that is dwarven-crafted, gains +1 protection to the head and body locations (provided that it covers these locations), and counts as weighing 50% of it's listed weight when worn by a dwarf. When wielded by a dwarf, all dwarf-crafted weapons count as having the Relaible quality.
Homeworld Aptitude: Toughness

• Gnome/Halfling/Goblin; Spritely and Mischievous. +Agi, +Fel, -S, Fate 4, wounds 6+d5.
Homeworld Bonus: Rascal - Once per session, a character with this trait may automatically gain a number of DoS equal to their remaining Fate Points, on any one test involving their Fellowship or Agility characteristic. These results are then opposed by the results of the character's opponent and other applicable modifiers.
Homeworld Aptitude: Fellowship

• Elves: Swift and Otherworldly. + Agi +Per -T. Fate 2, wounds 7+d5.
Homeworld Bonus:Grace -When rolling for initiative, Elves may first roll a Psyniscience Test. Each degree of success on this test adds a +1 bonus to their roll for Initiative. If the degrees of success on the Pyniscience test exceeds the total Initiative result of their first target, that target counts as 'surprised' for their first turn.
Homeworld Aptitude: agility

• Orcs: Strong and Fearsome. +Str +WP -Fel, Fate 2, 9+d5 wounds.
Homeworld Bonus: Totem -When rolling to resist Fear, Pinning, Psychic Powers or to exit Frenzy, Orcs may add a +10 bonus for each unspent Fate Point they have at the time.
Homeworld Aptitude: Willpower

• Trolls: Craggy and Solid +T +Str -Int, Fate 2, Wounds 10+d5.
 Homeworld Bonus: Gnarlskin - In addition to any other factors that affect healing, Trolls heal at an accelerated rate of +1 wound per day/per application of the Medicae skill/use of a fate point to reduce damage by d5.
Homeworld Aptitude: Strength

Aliens rule much of the galaxy beyond Foundation space. Players are encouraged to play a Foundation race, but can build an alien character with GM's assistance.

• Ghool: (Forgeworld). Mottled green-brown skin, noseless, long, sensitive, spine-like protrusions in the place of hair.
• Arion (Airfolk); (Any homeworld) Slender, feathers in place of hair; hooved, back-jointed legs.
• Nylese (Dunefolk); (As Voidborn or Feral World) Quadrupeds; slick, greyish skin, three-fingered limbs, hard ridges of jutting bone on scalp and forearms.
• Other – minority alien race can be represented by making a human character and replacing the Homeworld package with (+ to any stat, + to any other stat, - to any stat, Gain one relevant skill) @ GMs discretion.

Changes to Background*
Adeptus Administratum = Government or Corporate
Adeptus Arbite = Law Enforcement or Judiciary
Adeptus Astra Telepathica = Academy of Magic
Adeptus Ministorum = Religious or Political
Adeptus Mechanicus = Scientific or Industrial
Imperial Guard = Military or Paramilitary
Outcast = Outcast

*Forbidden/Common/Scholastic Lore specialist Skills are changed to reflect the same.

Item Quality:
PQ - As described on p142
CQ - As described on p142
GQ- As described on p142. Ranged weapons gain +5 to hit.
BQ- As described on p142. Such items may grant an additional +10 to one other relevant test. For example: A fine Atlanean duelling laser, with a titanium-cast Displacer bone barrel, grants +10 to hit, and also grants +10 tests of bravado or intimidation against other duellists.

Alternatively players can obtain BQ items which are mechanically identical to a GQ item but cosmetically different. This enables rare and unusual items produced by alien technology or magic to be represented but to functionally "count as" an established item. For example: by acquiring a "BQ" chainsword, Morgan Briar could instead obtain a manaforged Claymore. Infused with magic during their ritual forging, these make a thunderous sound on impact and can be difficult to wield without proper training. +5 to hit.

Fate Points:
Fate Points can be used in all the ways described in DH2, save that they cannot be 'burned' as described on page 293.

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