Gravity Jack

“It sounds like a fairy-tale; but this story of what man by his science and invention has achieved on Earth, is a direct fulfilment of all the dearest wishes in his fairy-tales.”- Freud
Engraving - 1st model Mana Reactor, CERN Areospace Museum, Geneva.

Though the rediscovery of Magic enabled FTL travel, it also triggered the Hexing. With mage-capable colonies suddenly birthing hundreds of once-mythological creatures, Earth’s fledgling stellar domain has become an increasingly uncertain place. Yet in the struggle for planets, power and profit, there is also opportunity. Known as 'Jacks', you and your crew are guns-for-hire, running semi-legal salvage ops and other dangerous jobs that might require the skills of professional scoundrels.

The Crew of the Wellington:

Corpsified and Gross

Damned and Despondent

Campaign Info


Hangar and Assets

Foundation Space and the Sixth Age

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