Adventuring Trader
Thrope (Leonal), Merchantilist, Specialist

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
12 9 9 10 12 8* 13

5, 1, 3, 4, 1, 5

Taint: 0
Experience: 18 [General], 5 [Survival] 9 [Charm Diplomacy], 1 [Undhakeable], 4 [Awareness Notice]
Spent: 20 [General]
Renown: 2


  • Immunity; Lycanthropy, Vampirism
  • Lycanthropic Resistance [2]
  • Lycanthropic Senses [+1]*
  • Sleep of the Beast [12 hrs, light sleeper]
  • Claws - [SB-2 Slashing]
  • Carnivore; must eat meat every dayxCB]

Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, Dalmestrian), Awareness, Literacy, Mercantile (Barter+1) Weapon Skill Simple (Light +2) Charm (Diplomacy+1) Deceive (Bluff +1) Streetwise (Institutions+1), Athletics, Survival, War


Total Encumberence: 6/12
WEAPONS 2 weight
MQ Light Sylvarite Curvesword (+3 to hit/+4 to parry; Dam 6 Slash; Pen 1; Offhand, Simple, Duelists Grip, DR 12, HP 2)Weight 1
Light Silvered Curvesword [weight 1] (DR 8; HP 1)Weight 1

APPAREL 2 Weight
MQ Gorgonite Closehelm w/ Lion Visor (F-3, S-4: +1vBludgeon)
MQ Gorgonite Banded Coat (B-4, A-3: +1vSlash, Pierce, Bludgeon)
MQ Gorgonite Greaves (L-4: +1vSlash, Pierce, Bludgeoning)
MQ Leather Cap, Jacket, Leggings; HABL 1vSlash,
MQ Medium Shield,+3 parry +4 block dr 5 hp 30 Weight 2
MQ Clothing; looks glorious
MQ Winter Cloak; averts cold effects. looks glorious.
Ward of the Lady; +1 damage resist (spells).
Ring of Invisibility; turns a fella invisible

Face: 3 (4vBludgeon)
Head: 4 (5vBludgeon/Slash)
Body: 4 (5vPierce/Bludgeon, 6vSlash)
Arms: 3 (4vPierce/Bludgeon, 5vSlash)
Legs:4 (5vPierce/Bludgeon, 6vSlash)


  • Bedroll Weight 1
  • Satchel (5/5) Weight 1
  • Pocket Abacus,
  • Quill and Ink,,
  • Document Case (5/5):
  • Letter of Honourable Discharge (Windblown),
  • Offer (Blackguard),
  • Map (Alkai Regio, features)
  • 3 Maps (Despoiled Kingdoms)
  • Document Case (5/5):
  • Dwarven Back Chequebook
  • Love Letter (Sonja Szenlenki)
  • 2 bloodstained letters
  • 3x Parchment

Platinum Dragons; 2
Golden Drakes; 3
Silver Swords; 6
Copper Slaves; 9


  • Legatix Helaerion: Far afield and very unhelpfully politically situated
  • Morgrim Arkenstone: Coinmaster and merchant. Trained Goldenpaw and took him in after his children died.
  • Falco the Swift: Blademaster and ex-soldier in the Mordimari army. Sword trainer.

+Acted as liason between frontier military settlements and his family's Sphinxish trade caravans for several years. Was offered a position in the service after he helped hold an isolated outpost against a protracted Ygroshi Earthen siege. Served loyally as seneschal to an up-and-coming officer, but was discharged when his commander was promoted to Legatix, being transferred to Mortarion. As he grew to suspect, the Imperial leadership had issued an ultimatum to the officer, to prevent a thrope obtaining so senior a rank. Suddenly unwelcome on the Dalmestri front and short of coin, he was forced to sell many of the tools of his trade and take to the road. He eventually found a place with an adventuring company, bringing a meticulous mind and military precision to the trade of pillaging dungeons and selling the plunder.

Weapon Skill (+1) Simple (Swords) [20 Drakes]
Merchantile (+1) [20 Drakes]

Deceive (+1) [20 Drakes]
Streetwise (+1) [20 Drakes]
Weapon Skill (+1) Simple (Swords) [30 Drakes]

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