Valley of Liquid God Campaign Notes


Valarion, The City of Sin

The City of Sin, Valarion is on the edge of the Silavor Delta. Its clime is tropical and is on the edge of the huge agricultural belt of Southern Eladria. The White spires of Valarion itself, rise out of the jungle trees that make up the beautiful beaches of the delta, unlike the hot sands of the Sypheric delta where Dalyr lies. White stone manses line the shores of the beach among the palms and cycads, and Sylvan pleasure barges calmly float through the currents of the ocean and sky alike. The city itself prospers as an agricultural hub, processing the majority of the produce from the slave-farms north along the Sypheric river, but its real renown is as a place for nobility and the wealthy to relax. Whilst law and order are policed with similarly uncaring brute force, and at the whim of the Satrap in the slums on the edge of the farmland outside of Valarion proper, the coastal edge of the city, known as the Pleasure Strip is a veritable paradise of clubs, lotus houses and Sylvan courtesans. Everything is legal in the Pleasure Strip, including Haze, the pleasurable illusion potions concocted by arcanists and every colour of lotus powder, including the very best black lotus powder of the empire, gathered from the jungle around Valarion.

The Valley of the Liquid God

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