Gm Notes Dh2

House Rules


The rules being used are Dark Heresy 2.0 Beta, with the inclusion of updates 1-3.

On Purchasing Upgrades

For the sake of purchasing upgrades all experience will be simplified:

For Talents:

Exp Cost New Cost
0-200 1
200-500 2
500+ 3

For Characteristics and Skills:

Exp Cost New Cost
50-100 1
150-200 2
200+ 3

Campaign Notes

Mission Brief


Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Calixis Sector
Subsector: Golgenna Reach
System: Unknown
Population: 5,000,000,000
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Agri World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Iocanthus is unique in that it is the only planet in the world where Ghostfire Pollen can be naturally grown, an important ingredient in the manufacture of combat drugs. Within the 'civilised' areas of Iocanthus Ghostfire and many plants like it are cultivated mechanically, smaller amounts grown for specific buyers on the more fertile ground. But far beyond this the vastly larger amount of Ghostfire is naturally harvested by the warlords of Iocanthus.

Every five years, a taskforce of Administratum officials descends onto Iocanthos to gather the planet's Ghostfire tithe. The warlords exchange their harvests of Ghostfire Pollen with the Administratum in exchange for weapons, vehicles, fuel, clean water and other essentials. The warlord who hands over the most Ghostfire pollen is considered the Planetary Governor and claims the lion's share of support from the Imperium and the title Vervai (literally "prince of princes" or "king"). The title brings with it immense prestige and confirms the warlord's position as the most dangerous and skilled on Iocanthos. The current Planetary Governor is "King" Skull, a terrifying warrior at the head of an enormous and supposedly invincible army of madmen and killers. The warlords of Iocanthos are also required to hand over their psykers as well as the Ghostfire harvest, but these are taken from them not by the Administratum but by nameless grey-uniformed men who herd the psykers onto their sleek black ship and take their leave.

The Administratum fully accepts the situation on Iocanthos. The Ghostfire pollen is harvested very efficiently because so many warlords' armies battle to find every last blossom. Were the Administratum to take over Iocanthos themselves then planet would first have to be conquered by the Imperial Guard at enormous expense and the Administratum themselves would be hard-pressed to match the vigour with which Iocanthos' warlords hunt down every Ghostfire flower. They therefore leave the warlords to do the hard work, safe in the knowledge that none of them can rebel against Imperial authority lest their supplies of guns and fuel be cut off.

Conflicts: Iocanthos' warlords (usually styling themselves “vai” or tribal prince) battle constantly for control of the Ghostfire harvest. The Ghostfire crop cannot be cultivated normally and so once a patch of it is harvested another one must be found. The warlords' armies are therefore constantly on the move, travelling in enormous hordes across Iocanthos's main continent and clashing violently wherever they meet. Iocanthos' wide plains, dense, dark forests and forbidding mountain passes are studded with old battlefields where burned out vehicles and age-bleached skeletons abound.
Defences: Massive armies in service of warlords. Large mercenary presence.
Countries and Continents: Four main continents and extensive island chains. Only the largest continent is populated (mountainous/rocky, dense southern forests).
Galactic Position: 103/22/CS/SE
Climatic Phenomenon: Frequent dust storms
Water Supply: Very few natural sources of fresh water.
Economy: Local currency known as "soules". On Iocanthos many believe their money is forever stained by the blood of mercenaries, giving rise to the idea of trading in soules of fallen warriors.
Principle Exports: Iocanthos' only meaningful export is Ghostfire Pollen. The Ghostfire harvest is essential to the existence of Imperial Penal Legions in the Segmentum Obscurus.
Principle Imports: Fresh water is a vital import.

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