WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel Inf
30 36 40 40 40 43' 38 46' 33 32

5, 11, 10, 10, 15, 18, 12, 20, 8, 6

+Str, +T, -Int
Divination: Truth is Subjective +3 Per, first corruption per sessions adds 1 extra corruption

Wounds: 11/11
Move: 4 [Abi Bonus]
Corruption: 10
Insanity: 9
Fate Threshold: 2
Psy Rating: 4

Trained (+0): Awareness, Common Lore (Academies of Magic), Deceive, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Warp), Medicae, Psyniscience, Scrutiny


  • Weapon Training: Las, Low Tech


  • Gnarlskin: In addition to any other factors that affect healing, Trolls heal at an accelerated rate of +1 wound per day/per application of the Medicae skill/use of a fate point to reduce damage by d5.
  • The Constant Threat: When the character or an ally within 10m triggers a roll on phenomena you may increase or decrease the result by your WP bonus.
  • Sanctioned

Strength, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower
Psyker, Knowledge, Defence. Fieldcraft

Equipment: (12/30)

  • Pulse-Pistol (Pistol; 30m; S/2/-; D10+2; E; Clip [30]; Reload [Half]; Reliable) [Overcharge: +1 dam, 2 shots. Overload: +2 dam +2 pen, four shots, unreliable]
  • 2x Pulse Clips
  • Staff (Melee; D10; I; Balanced, Primitive [7], Two-Handed; 6kg)
  • BQ Tribal Armoured Bodyglove (BAL3 7kg)
  • Psy Focus (Warped Mirror) - +10 to cast
  • Data Slate
  • Ruger 100 Hunting Laser (Basic; 150; S/-/-; 1D10+3; E; Pen 1; Clip [40]; Reload [Full]; Accurate, Felling [4], Reliable) [Overcharge: +1 dam, 2 shots. Overload: +2 dam +2 pen, four shots, unreliable]
  • 2x Ruger Clips
  • Centurion II Laser (Carbine) (Basic; 100m; S/3/-; D10+3; E; Clip [60]; Reload [Full]; Reliable) [Overcharge: +1 dam, 2 shots. Overload: +2 dam +2 pen, four shots, unreliable]
  • 2x Centurion Clips
  • Ravenwatch Warrior Torc - Reduce Critical results by 1, so long as the bearer's recent actions remain Lawful (renews each session).
  • Diamondstar Crystal Chunk - 50kg of glowing crystal


Prerequisite: Willpower 35
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Routine (+20) Willpower test
Range: 10m x PR
Sustained: Half Action
Subtype: Concentration
Effect: The psyker chooses an object in range and line of sight with a weight no greater than 2 x PR kilograms. At the beginning of each of his turns, he can move the object in any direction up to a number of metres equal to twice his psy rating. If the object ever leaves the range of the power, the power ends.

Prerequisite: Willpower 40
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Ordinary (+10) Willpower test
Range: 20m x PR
Sustained: No
Subtype: Attack, Concentration
Effect: If the psyker scores at least three degrees of success on the Focus Power test for this attack, the target is also thrown 1d5 metres away and knocked Prone. Certain especially large targets such as battle tanks, Greater Daemons, and Titans are immune to this effect at the Game Master’s discretion.

Assail: Psychic Bolt, Damage 1D10 + PR (I), PEN 2

Prerequisite: Intelligence 40
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Routine (+20) Willpower test
Range: Self
Sustained: Free Action
Subtype: Concentration
Effect: For the duration of the power, all of the psyker’s Hit Locations count as being protected by cover with an Armour Value equal to half this power’s psy rating. This shield can be damaged just like normal cover by damage that exceeds the shield’s Armour Value. If the shield is reduced to 0 Armour points, the power stops, and is no longer sustained.

Prerequisite: Willpower 45
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Opposed Willpower test
Range: 10m x PR
Sustained: No
Subtype: Attack, Concentration
Effect: The psyker nominates a single target in range and line of sight who opposes this power with a Toughness test. If the target fails to resist the power, it suffers the attack below.

Crush: Psychic Bolt, Damage 1D10+PR (I), PEN 2, Snare (PR/2)


  • Upper class, from the (X?) ship/fleet, was submitted by family for testing and entry into the academy of magic
  • Showed skill in divination and foretelling, received tutelage under the Divination advisor to troll democratic council
  • Saw the futility of the slow-moving, measured pace in face of progress, and occasionally saw visions of the dark far-future, and decided to leave diplomatic service to follow/guide people who appear as bright ‘knots’ of fate,
  • Followed a bright confluence to find a swordsman and an Elf, which will alter a large skein in the weave of fate


Starting: 500/500
WP +5 [100]
Dodge [200]
Per +5 [100]
Scrutiny [100]

Level 1: 2850/2900
Int +5 [100]
Psy Rating 3 [600]
Psy Rating 4 [800]
Telekinetic Control [100]
Assail [200]
Telekine Shield [200]
Crush [300]
Medicae [100]
Hardy [450]

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