Davien Flynn's Spellbook

Full Arcana


  • Lightning Bolt (-2 to cast)
    • As a ranged weapon with 50m range and dealing 3d6 Electricity damage on hit.
    • Chain lightning – for each -2 taken to cast, the lightning bolt may arc to an additional target within 10m of the first hit. Such arcing requires a new Per check to hit (no negatives for range) and reduces the damage dice by 1. An additional bolt will arc from the second target after that if subsequent negatives are taken and so on.


  • Korlan's Fireburst:
    • All creatures an objects within 2m of the caster take 2d8 fire damage.
    • -1 for each additional +1 meter
    • -5 for each additional +d8.
  • Darian's Immolation Beam: (-2 to cast)
    • Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage with a 20m range.
    • -5 to cast for each additional ray, each additional ray also having a multi-attack penalty of -2 to hit.
  • Darian’s Detonation Blast: (-4 to cast)
    • 20m range. 4m radius. 4d6 damage. Per to hit. Dodge check to take half damage and move to the edge of the radius.
    • -1 to cast to increase to increase the radius by each +1m
    • -5 to cast to for each +d6 you wish to increase the damage by.
  • Flynn's Firestrider:
    • Move your move distance through objects and terrain. Every object you move through takes 1d6 fire damage. At the end of your move explode in 2m dealing an additional d10 damage.
    • -1 per +1m radius to the explosion
    • -5 for each +1d6 to the damage of the spell.


  • Dragorhath's Simple Astral Entanglement:
    • You teleport 100m.
    • -2 for each creature you wish to take with you (touched) they must be willing. If unconscious they make a willsave, but no conscious unwilling creature can be taken.
    • -2 for each additional 50m meters
  • Bronwyn's Dweomer Matrix:
    • Determines properties of magic item.
  • Alarm
    • Wards an area for 1 day in a 4 metre radius. Can either be a mental alarm for the caster, or an audible alarm to all nearby the warded area. Creatures that speak the password (determined at the time of the alarm) do not trip the alarm.


  • Cloudkill (-4)
    • An 8m radius area is effected. Everyone in the area makes a con check each round they are in the effect. Each time they fail they take 1 Con damage. The cloud persists for 1 minute or is dispersed by moderate winds.


  • Mancer's Magic Darts:
    • 1d6 damage, roll to hit for dodge checks, otherwise automatically hits, auto hits otherwise.
    • -1 for each additional missile, no multi-attack penalty, counts as independent targetting.
  • Telynkir's Floating Disk:
    • Creates 1 -diameter horizontal invisible disk that holds 25 weight. Follows you around for 1 hour.
    • for each -1 to cast you get +5 weight being held.
    • for each -1 to cast lasts for an additional +1 hour.
  • Layanath's Force Armour:
    • 1 natural armour for 1 minute.
    • -1 to increase the duration by 1 minute.
    • -2 to increase the armour point by 1.
  • Vethor's Force Grip:
    • Paralyzes a creature for 1 round. Will save to resist.
    • -1 for each additional round.
    • -2 for each additional creature.
  • Mancer's Flight:
    • Subject flies at speed of 12. 1 min.
    • -1 for each extra minute.
    • -5 for additional subject.
  • Protection from Arrows
    • Gain 10% chance to ignore attacks from normal ranged attacks. Lasts 1 hour.
    • -1 to cast to increase the chance by +5%
  • Wall of Force (-2)
    • Wall is immune to damage. 5m long. Immune to everything. 1 round


  • Serenia's Charm Vision:
    • Subject is invisible for 1 min.
    • -1 for each +1 minutes to duration.
    • -5 for each additional creature effected.
    • -5 to be able to attack and stay invisible.


  • Enchant Object:
    • Creating an object requires an Artificer quality object to begin the process. In addition it requires life-force and reagents. Any phenomena generated by casting this spell result in a cursed item. If the casting roll is failed the cost of the reagents are wasted. The reagents required are equal to 1/3 of the market value of the finished item. You also require 1/1000 of the finished value of the item in life-force, either taking Charisma score damage yourself, or others taking for you. You can alternatively use this to mend a broken enchanted item, in which case you only require 1/6 the value of materials and 1/2000 of the life force. You either pay the life force cost yourself by taking Charisma ability score damage, or can pay it with life-force by sacrificing creatures over the object to be enchanted before spell casting. Doing so gives you access to their Charisma score worth of life force, however each additional creature only provides half their Charisma score. Alternatively you can store souls in an item and use that.
    • You can put effects on an item derived from any spell you can cast or have access. If the spell is not a passive effect then the item gains the ability to manifest that spell at what ever penalties you choose it to be cast at when you create the item (applying these penalties to your enchanting roll). The wielder takes an attack action (as if casting a spell) to activate the effect and then it is cast. Such enchantments have 2d10 charges. Passive effects otherwise become permanent (essentially anything with a rounds duration). Again any greater magnitude of effects require the requisite negative modifier be applied to the casting roll. Once all the charges in an item are consumed the item is no longer considered enchanted, but lingering traces of the enchantment can be detected permanently on the item.
    • The value of the item is 1,000 GP if only a cantrip is placed on it, and 10,000 GP if a full fledged spell is placed upon it. It is an additional 5,000 GP for each -1 that is applied to casting roll of this spell.
    • -4 to cast for each additional effect to be placed on the same item.
    • -4 to cast on an item that is masterwork quality (no extra GP cost is incurred)
    • -8 to cast on an item that is common quality (no extra GP cost is incurred)
    • -12 to cast on a poor quality item (no extra GP cost is incurred)
    • -8 to cast on an already enchanted object (no extra GP cost is incurred, simply determine the cost of the new effect as if it was a new item)
    • -1 to cast for each additional charge.
    • -4 to cast to 'Stunt' a normal spell in some way that subtly alter's its effects, eg; Changed 'Bind the Soul' from an activated effect with charges, to a permanent passive ability that attempts to trap the soul of any creature it kills. Another example would be to change Force Weapon from permanently summoning such a weapon to providing an unlimited number of ammunition in a quiver.
    • +2 to cast from 'Rule of Sympathy' such as placing a damage enchantment on a weapon or a resistance enchantment on armour. This is at GM's discretion. (no GP cost reduction)
    • +4 to cast from 'Rule of Sympathy' if enchantments are placed on weapons or armour with potent history and legacy, or if they emulate the type of enchantment. (no GP cost reduction)
    • +4 to cast for 'Auspicious Circumstances' such as Full Moons, Cosmic Alignments or Magical Locations. This is at GM's discretion. (no GP cost reduction)
  • Gromrin's Unhinging:
    • Opens locked or magically sealed door, if a magically sealed door then it just divest the spell for 10 minutes. Degrees of success is required on this check to open, at least equal to the degrees of success to lock the door, or to magically seal it.
    • -1 to effect additional locks.
  • Mancer’s Minor Mending
    • Makes minor repairs on an object. Item regains 1 Hp.
    • -1 to cast for each additional +1 HP
  • Vero’s Cypher Comprehender
    • Read scrolls and spells despite a mages cypher for 10 minutes.
  • Permanency (-4)
    • Makes passive spells permanent on items and areas.
  • Tychnojynx
    • All creatures carrying a weapon within 8m of the Technomancer are shocked as their weapons attack them for 1 round. The weapon rolls to hit on 10 stat. The creatures may attempt to restrain their weapons by reacting with Strength check as a reaction, or by dodging (by releasing their weapon). The weapon will then continue to attack its owner by floating in mid air. Magic weapons receive a saving throw to ignore this spell.
  • Keen Edge
    • Increase the weapons critical damage by +1 for 10 minutes.
    • -2 to cast for each additional +1


  • Polar Ray
    • 4d6 Cold damage 20m range.
  • Ice Storm (-4)
    • Hail deals 5d6 bludgeoning damage in cylinder 8m across. Lasts for 1 round.
  • Frost Armor
    • 1 armour in all locations, Caster also takes 1 point of Cold damage per armour point in each location. You also gain double the normal resistance against both Cold (not the cold damage caused to you by the armour) and Fire. Lasts for 10 minutes.
    • -1 to increase the armour by +1 in each location.
  • Endure Cold
    • Exist comfortably in cold environments for 24 hours.
  • Frost weapon
    • Create a one or two handed weapon from frost. Deals normal damage as a weapon of its kind +d6 cold. Lasts for 1 minute.
  • Endure Cold
    • Exist comfortably in cold environments for 24 hours.
  • Quench
    • Extinguishes all nonmagical fires within 2m of caster. Magical fires make a saving throw.
  • Ice Javelins
    • Ranged weapon dealing d10 + strength bonus piercing and d6 cold damage with Penetration (2). They have a 10m range and require no proficiency, though only the wizard gets to to use them as he throws them from his fingers like an ultimate ice mage badass.
    • The -5 to increase the damage on these increases the cold damage of the javelin.
    • -5 to fire an additional javelin at the same time, with a -2 multiattack penalty.


  • Xaxandaxis' Writhing Bridge:
    • Makes a thin ribbon like bridge of shadow between two objects no more than 10m long. It lasts for 1 round and is 1m wide. Must be unbroken and continous when formed and can support a maximum weight of 50 (100kg). If at any time this is exceeded the bridge fails and peters out of existence.
    • -1 for each additional round.
    • -2 for each additional +5m long.
    • -1 for each additional +1m wide.
    • -2 for each additional +25 weight (50kg)
  • Nirenyr's Multiple Personalities:
    • Creates decoy duplicates of you 1d4 duplicates. They last for 1 minute, and mimic your exact actions. When you move your locations translocate to make it impossible to distinguish again. When they take damage they die, though their armour counts as the same as yours. The burn and fall over looking dead like normal. Attackers roll randomly to see which image they attack, unless blind in which case they can try and locate you with noise, a Scrutiny check, at -4 if a creature is not normall blind.
    • -2 per each additional duplicate.
    • -1 for each additional minute.
  • Kromgrod's Phantasm:
    • Fearsome illusion kills subject unless they pass a will save to disbelieve it, if the don’t they then make a constitution check, if passed they instead take 3d6 damage Necrotic (automatically the head).
    • -5 for each additional target in this spell.
    • -5 for each


  • Infernal Animation:
    • Summon creature from a statue for one round. Animal is determined by statuette.
    • -1 for each extra round.
    • -2 for each extra statuette animated.
  • Flynn's Energy Line:
    • 30m line attack. Each creature failing to dodge out of the line takes 1d6 Fire damage, 1d6 Acid damage, 1d6 Cold damage and 1d6 Electricity damage. Each of the hits is checked differently.
    • -1 for each additional +5m to the line.
    • -5 for each additional +1d6
  • Planar Binding
    • Traps extraplanar creature. It is opposed Supernology on Charisma against the creatures Charisma to force the creature to do your bidding.. This requires a magic circle of protection (focused inwards) be drawn. The creature and the mage make opposed charisma checks. The mage will receive a bonus or negative based on the bargain struck. If successful the creature will do the bidding, though how it does it is another matter. It is likely that the creature will test the circle as soon as it is summoned, and can test the circle once per day, as its summoning is permanent. The level of the creature is determined at summoning, either you get a random creature with a Charisma bonus equal to your degrees of success to cast and from the appropriate planar area (your choice), or a specific creature if you know a True Name. This spell permanently binds a creature to this plane. You cannot end the spell except with a dismissal effect. Caster checks constitution or takes 1 point of taint.
    • For every -2 you cast this spell at your get +1 on the Command check


  • Animate the Dead:
    • Creates undead skeletons and zombies permanently that are automatically bound to your will. If your raise a creature with a higher Will save than yourself you both make opposed charisma checks including your Spellcraft Necrymancy bonuses, and you can control as many undead creatures as your Charisma + your Spellcraft (Necrymancy) bonus.
    • -2 for each additional target animated at once.
    • -5 to create ghouls, ghasts, mummies, or mohrgs.
    • -10 to create greater undead, creating shadows, wraiths, spectres, or devourers.
  • Bind the Soul:
    • Traps newly dead soul in a black sapphire to prevent resurrection on touch. The creature must only have been dead for 1 round. The black sapphire must be worth at least 100 gp for each of the creature's Charisma score.
    • -1 per extra round that the creature was dead.
    • -2 to ignore the touch requirement.
  • Vampiric Touch
    • Touch deals 2d6 necrotic damage; caster gains damage as healing, healing ability score damage.
  • Command Undead
    • Undead creature obeys your commands. Permanent, make opposed Spellcraft (Necrymancy) with other Necrymancer if it is already controlled. Sentient undead may make Opposed Charisma versus your Spellcraft (Necrymancy) to resist.



  • Goriun's Salvatory Blast.
    • 20m range, roll to hit, people within 2m of it make Per or are Dazed. Also makes bright light that can be seen for several miles around.
    • -1 to cast for each additional 1m radius.
  • Gorium’s Thankful Cauterisation:
    • Does d6 fire damage on touch (ignoring armour) but stops on level of blood loss. Target must be willing or unconscious.


  • Likor's Magic Analysis:
    • Detects spells and magic items within 12 metre cone. Length of concentration determines the auras of lingering spells and magic items. Prevented by a metre of material or thin sheet of lead.


  • Kylnazzars Subthermal Ray:
    • Ray deals 1d5 cold damage. +1 per negative. Roll to hit.


  • Finger Spark
    • Starts a fire, or disrupts (d10 damage without hardness) or starts technomancy.
  • Fillions’ Life Saver
    • Can be used to ressurect a creature deceased for no longer than 3 minutes provided that their body is intact. Con at half check to be alive again. May be attempted once per round.
    • -1 to cast for each +1 to the creatures Con check.


  • Purify Food and Drink
    • 1 lot of food or drink. I ration or 1 waterskin.
    • -2 to cast for each additional target.
  • Ferngor's Animal Placatory Charm
    • Calms an animal for 1 hour. Will to resist.
    • -1 to cast for each extra round. -2 for each additional target.
  • Lokar's Enchanted Feast
    • Turns one lot of food into a restorative spell. Returns 1 fatigue. May only be used once in 24 hours.
    • -2 to cast for each additional lot of food.


  • Gormyr's Compass
    • You discern north.


  • Lyssian Assassin Bane
    • Detects poison in one creature or small object/food.
  • Drenathran's Fortitude
    • Subject gains +1 bonus against damage for 1 minute.
  • Drenathran's Reflexes
    • Subject gains +1 on all reactions for 1 minute.


  • Fyro's Open Closer
    • Opens or closes small or light things.
  • Mancer's Telekinetic Aid
    • 1 weight of telekinesis. Can be used to move ropes or to wield weapons. Concentration required
    • -1 to cast for each additional +1 weight.
  • Mancer's Descent
    • Objects or creatures fall slowly for 1 round if not already falling, and then until landed.
    • -4 to cast if cast whilst falling.


  • Mancer's Secret Whisper
    • Whispered conversation at distance with another creature. 10minutes a level, 100m range. Can be overheard like normal whispered conversation.
    • -1 to cast for each additional creature.
    • -1 to cast for each additional +10m range.


  • Zendarion's Disruption
    • Deals 1d6 Critical damage to one undead. Touch to hit.


  • Mancer's Minor Mending
    • Makes minor repairs on an object. Item regains 1 Hp.
  • Mancer's Sigil
    • Inscribes a personal rune (visible or invisible) on something permanently.
  • Vero's Cypher Comprehender
    • Read scrolls and spells despite a mages cypher for 10 minutes.


  • Prestidigitation
    • Performs minor tricks. Prestidigitations are minor tricks that novice spellcasters use for practice. Once cast, a prestidigitation spell enables you to perform simple magical effects for 1 hour. The effects are minor and have severe limitations. A prestidigitation can slowly lift 1 pound of material. It can color, clean, or soil items in a 1-foot cube each round. It can chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of nonliving material. It cannot deal damage or affect the concentration of spellcasters. Prestidigitation can create small objects, but they look crude and artificial. The materials created by a prestidigitation spell are extremely fragile, and they cannot be used as tools, weapons, or spell components. Finally, a prestidigitation lacks the power to duplicate any other spell effects. Any actual change to an object (beyond just moving, cleaning, or soiling it) persists only 1 hour
  • Ghost Sound
    • Figment sounds for 1 round. As loud as 5 humans.
    • -2 to cast for each additional 5 humans. 20 humans = dire lion roaring, 15 humans = tiger roaring, 10 humans = horde of 80 rats.
    • -1 to cast for each additional round.
  • Bedazzling Charm
    • Creatures are dazed for 1 round in a 5m cone in front of caster.
    • -1 to cast for each additional round stunned.
    • -1 to cast for each additional +1m to the cone.
  • Elven Wisp Lights
    • Creates torches or other lights that can be controlled by the caster and dance around. They must stay in 50m of you and can move at 50m in a turn. They can make a maximum of 4 glowing orbs and lasts for 1 minute.
  • Mancer's Improvised Candle
    • Object shines like a torch for 10minutes.
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