From the Memories of Elran Shadowstride

Using the Human measurement of time for simplicity.

16th of Falling ECR 745, Lyssia (now known as the Human Nation 'Silira')

My tracking of the escaped slaves has been successful, I find them drinking in a dingy human bar in the place referred to as "Mizar". One wanders off from the group and with a touch I end his pitiful existence. Taking his appearance, I rejoin the group. Perhaps these scum will lead me to the leader of these escaped rodents.

A development. The group I am undercover in has been employed by those I recognise as the mercenary group known as 'the Unbinders'. Their death is a high priority. I convince my fellows that we should take this job, although it is clear our employers mean to lead us to our deaths. Several prominent members of the Unbinders seem to be absent. Those codenamed 'The Prince', 'The Brute' and 'The Heretic' are noticeably absent. New members include a young human who seems to only make lusty eyes for 'The Mage' and a noblewoman from the Valdenwood of all things. Why would she lessen herself by spending time with these things?

Travel is uneventful. I find it difficult to keep up my disguise all of the day. Pretending to sleep also irritates me. I hear stories of the deaths of the rest of the Unbinders, although the disregard with which they recount their deaths represents more of a forced companionship. It appears the dwarven traitor and the human noble were slain, no word of the armoured monstrosity. We reach Turnia.

We are informed our mission is to rescue pieces of armour from 'daemons'. These daemons turn out to be no such thing, but rather stone golems. Clearly there is still a functioning lay focuser somewhere in this tower. As would be expected, the golem's make quick work of any mercenaries who engage them as well as the arcane creatures conjured by 'The Mage', who I now know as Davien Flynn. All the pieces collected we exit the room, having only lost a handful of the men within whom I was hiding.

What I now recognise as a repair ceremony of sorts begins and I maneuver myself away from the reconstructed armour on the ground. This proves to be an intelligent move as the armour comes to life, reforming into the undenial form of 'The Brute', previously the human Andreas Alpha. With a swing of his sword he slaughters all of the mercenaries. I jump into the Astral for a moment and observe him finishing off the remainders, truly he represents a huge unbalancing. His very existence is a wrong to be righted.

I reappear in sight of the Unbinders, Davien and his plaything nowhere to be seen. They question my motives and existence but their puny human minds seem to be satisfied with my lies. The elf seems more suspicious, as I assumed from her higher breeding she would be. After a short while I have gained some semblance of trust from them. The day ends.

17th of Falling ECR 745, Lyssia (now known as the Human Nation 'Silira')

My time with The Unbinders continues. The Brute and the Wolf carry the bodies of the mercenaries to the water, and dump them in. Andreas goes missing for an hour or so underwater. We encounter more escaped slaves. They are destroyed.

We travel throughout the ruins of Turnia until day ends. Wolfram seems nervous about something and Andreas gives off what could be considered to be an aura of fear, something I expect from neither. They seem anxious to get into cover before dark. While their childlike behaviour is humorous, I follow begrudgingly.

We take cover in the ruins of an ancient cathedral. I converse with the Wild Elf and order my thoughts in a ball of darkness, safe at last. The construct returns, apparently angered by something. He mutters about “ghosts” and “betrayal” but I pay him no mind. The humans rest.

Travel back to Miza begins. Child encountered on the road. Wild Elf shows an uncharacteristically soft side. Child determined to be Fey trap. Travel continues uneventfully. I continue to be surprised by this group. They are both as fearful as was reported but also far more bizarre. Sometimes their behaviours do not fit their character at all and at other times they act entirely within their trope. The start of insanity perhaps?

Reach Miza. Unbinders do busywork, I avoid the locals. Recover human bred horse. The Wild Elf is distraught over the loss of her mount, the humans do not notice her subtle emotional tells. I tell her I will pray for him. We stay at an inn for the night; I do not leave my room. The next morning we set out for the capital of this nation.

Encounter humans on the road while passing a hamlet. Attire designates them as lower classes. They appear to be burying someone alive. I inquire. They flee from me. The casket contains a lesser daemon, bound in a child’s body. I attack it, it is resistant. The druid Zancilla attacks us both with vines in a misguided attempt to help. The werewolf and construct attempt to assist but are unsuccessful. The Elf puts an arrow through its eye disdainfully. I give a sign of thanks to her. The daemon appears to momentarily possess Andreas. There is a pulse of Astral force from him. I wonder the cause.

Villagers attempt to attack me. We ride away while Andreas and Wolfram slaughter them. Their hostility towards me means I will allow it. Party reaches Silia. Makes camp outside walls.

Next morning. Wilf Elf and I enter and converse with humans. Find the Sviofalvan embassy. Finally able to reveal presence, only to be treated with a lukewarm response. Bloodied ones guard the exterior, a strong military presence. Elven companion has items valued by ambassador, a powerful archanist. Lesser knowledge ring discovered. Discover several possible goals for the Unbinders. I keep my opinions to myself, set on my path to observe and follow. Meet outside of wall again. Party discusses future activities. Perhaps this next ruin will finally see the end of them.

22nd of Falling ECR 745, Lyssia (now known as the Human Nation 'Silira')

The party has a discussion and decides to visit the Elven ruin of Liovacia. I do not know what their intentions there are. Begin to travel. Encounter flagellants of Dragar on the road. Andreas gives them the consecrated hammer. Foolish.

Travel primarily uneventful: Road, village on a lake, forest. Encounter Vampyre in forest near Liovacia, he laughs but seems disinterested. Enter ruins. Climb tower using rope and grappling hook. Unbinders seem adequate at teamwork, despite each one’s clear selfishness. Doors are stuck; even command words in the High Tongue cannot open them. I step behind them and release a lever. I hear screaming from outside, noted to investigate it later.

Search tower. Primarily living quarters and labs. Find Ley Focusser in a room of focusing crystals. Attempt to manipulate a crystal. Trap held within destroys left hand. Must remember to regrow it once back in civilised area. Sviofalva nearby? Note to ask Elven maiden. Search rest of tower. Find exit in collapsed tunnel.

Rejoin Unbinders, encounter fabled ‘Blood Tree’. Find de-sanguinated corpse in river. Find and explore narrow tower. Nothing noteworthy. Attempt to cross gap in bridge. Climbing on rope. Reach out with left hand: Not successful. Falling.

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