Geralt Darkblade

Sylvan, Highborn, Weaponmaster+, Ambidextrous

General: ||
Streetwise: ||
Dexterity: ||
Dark Soul: ||

Renown: 0

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma Taint
11 13 8 10 9 13 2



  • Move Speed: DB+1 = 7m
  • Trance: 4 hours sleep and Light Sleeper.
  • Heightened Senses: +2 (All)
  • Spellborn: Shadowstep
  • Sanguine Creature: Grants Extremely Attractive +1 and -2 for non elves to scrutiny them.
  • Sylvan Senses: Unless hardened, must check shock at the destruction of massive works of beauty or of ancient and wondrous things. Furthermore doubles the effects (degrees of failure) when imbibing hallucinogenic of mind altering substances.

Intimidate, Linguistics (Imperial Dwarf, High Slyvan, Low Sylvan), Literacy, Nobility, Parry, War, Weapon Training (Bows, Heavy Blades, Thrown)
+1: Weapon Training (Light Blades)


  • Ambidextrous: No penatlies to offhand, -3 to each hand if making a Dual Wielding Attack.
  • Shadowstep: Cha check to teleport Cha Bonus.
  • Armsmaster: All weapons at -4 instead of half.

Equipment: 10/11
-"Unnamed" AC Curved Sword w/ Duellists Grip (+4; SB; Slashing; DR 4 HP 12; Defensive +1)1
-Cold Iron Armingsword [+1; SB+1; Slashing/Piercing; Cold Iron; DR 4 HP 6] 1
-Silver Armingsword [+1 SB; +1; Slashing/Piercing; Silvered; DR 4 (3 against non silver weapons) HP 6] 1
-Shortsword [+1; SB; Slashing/Piercing; Offhand; DR 3 HP 5] 1
-MQ Gauche w/ Duellists' grip [+1; SB-2; Piercing; Offhand, Defensive (+5), Disarming (+2); DR 2 HP 4] 1
-5x Drow Black Glass Throwing Knives [SBm;2x(SB-1); Piercing; Quick Reload, Offhand, Black Glass (double armour against damage); DR 0 HP 5.] 1
-10x MQ Throwing Knives [SB+1m; SB-1; Piercing; Quick Reload, Offhand; DR 0 HP 5] 2
-MQ Clothes, 0 MQ Wintercloak, 0 Warped Signet Ring 0 MQ Equipment Harness Steel Sword and MQ Gauche// 0

Head: 3 [Ac Open Sallet (3)]Skull
Body: 3 4v Piercing [Mw Leather Shirt (1), Mw Chainmail Hauberk (2, 3vP)]2
Arms: 3 4v Piercing [Mw Leather Shirt (1), Mw Chainmail Hauberk (2, 3vP)]
Legs: 3 4v Piercing [Mw Leather Leggings (1), Mw Chainmail Hauberk (2, 3vP)]


0 Platinum Dragons
0 Golden Drakes
0 Silver Swords
0 Copper Slaves


Sergeant Shadowfury; Renown; 6 (Aerion) Sylvan, Bloodkissed, Champion
Location: Blackportal Barracks, Aerion, Tartaria
Sergeant Shadowfury commands Blackportal's squad Leviathan, thought he rarely takes to the field. He is a pale, tall and well built Vaelysian Sylvan. He spends most of his time doing administration and logistics for his squads Leviathan, Magna and Gorgon. He generally leaves direct field command to his Corporals, but is renowned as staunch leader. He provides military jobs and pay to squad Leviathan as well as handling requisition and other Blackportal related expenses.

First son of the lord of the Oceanfrost noble house in Syveria. His mother died when he was young. Taken out of the line of succession when his father remarried and had another son. Took a new name and left his father's land however keeping his family's sigil, the Kraken. He ran with a bandit clan for a number of years before joining the Blackportal Military Company.


Bludgeoned to death by barbarians after escaping their encampment. Corpse possessed by bound daemon, location unknown.


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