Sylvan, Arcanist, Mage

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
9 11 10 14 10 12

Movement: 6
Experience: 17 [30 Spent]
Taint: 0
Renown: 1

Linguistics (Low Sylvan, Draconic, Ysterion Dialect, Imperial Dwarven), Literacy, Arcana, History, Weapon Skill (Simple), Magewright, Nobility, Spellcraft (Necrymancy, Infyromancy, Nethyrmancy), Defence, Stealth
+1 BD: Arcana (Arcanology), Stealth

Abilities and Traits:

  • Spellbook Arcana
  • Sylvan Traits
    • Size (Medium)
    • Sylvan Grace: +1 to move speed
    • Sylvan Senses: Superior Senses +1 (Hearing, Touch, Taste, Magesense)
    • Blind
    • Blessing of the Half Moon-1 Awareness (discern), +1 Athletics
  • Perk:
    • Hedge Magic
  • Blindfighting [II] No +2DD penalty on Awareness checks that would normally take one due to lack of sight, no +2DD penalty on melee attacks due to concealment of enemies as other senses compensate. Passing an appropriate Hearing check may be required to target ranged enemies.

Equipment: 10/9

  • Weapons
    • MQ Staff (Skull Motif: +1 Necrymancy) (Stats as per Quarterstaff) Weight 2
    • Dagger (Any Style)
  • Armour
    • MQ Leather Lamellar Skirts (L- 2EBP 4S, No Spellcasting Negatives) Weight 1
    • Ironwood Splintmail Jacket (BA- 3EB 4P 5S, No Spellcasting Negatives) Weight 4
    • Leather Cap (1SE) Weight 1
  • Other Equipment
    • Deaths Head Ring (Sigil), MQ Silver Scythe Badge (Features: Rahani Moon decal)
    • MQ Clothing [+1 Stealth]
    • Satchel [Spellbook, Quill and Ink, 5 Sheets of Parchment, Document Case, Component Pouch] Weight 1
    • Backpack [Component Pouch, Waterskin, Bedroll, 5x Rations, Winter Cloak, Dagger] Weight 1
  • Magic Items:
    • Silver Ring w/ Fire Crystal (Contains Effrit Essence: Infernal Animation Spell)
    • Solid Water Charm
    • Dark Shimmering Cloak (+1BD to Stealth)
    • Adamantine Ring w/ Ironwood Spear Icon (Ring of Spellpower: Repair Undead)

Head: 1SE
Body: 3EB 4P 5S
Arms: 3EB 4P 5S
Legs: 2EBP 4S

9 Platinum Dragons
15 Gold Drakes
1 Silver Swords
8 Copper Slaves


Memorised: 14/14

  • Dismiss C
  • Protection C
  • Detect Infernal Influence C
  • Zendarion's Disruption C
  • Detect Undead C
  • Gentle Repose C
  • Detect Magic C
  • Perceive Interference C
  • Comprehender C
  • Levitation C
  • Flare C
  • Vampire (3d6), Vial of the casters blood (consumed)
  • Falselife (3d6), scrap of decaying flesh worth 1 sword (consumed)
  • Infernal Animation (3d6), special prepared statuette of the creature you wish to summon, worth 1 sword (consumed)
  • +Repair Undead
  • Components:
    • 6x Vials of blood
    • 1x Statuettes (wolf)
    • 2x Scraps of decaying flesh
    • 3x Hives of bees
    • 2x Scraps glamour cloth
    • 1x Vial glamour dust


Efreeshani: Bound Flame Spirit

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Perception Charisma
10 12 10 10 10 12

Skills: Defence, Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcana (Magesense +2).

  • Unnatural Physiology
  • Ethereal Resistance (4v all but Cold Iron, Force or Phase, 8v Fire.)
  • Fly (8)
  • Dulled Senses
  • Ethereal (+2DD to be hit)
  • Made of Flame (D6 fire damage to attackers on successful hit, +DOF if failed hit)


  • Flaming Attacks: Natural attacks deal SB+D6 fire damage.
  • Daemonic Breath: 3d6 to cast. Cha Bonus spray. Creatures in the spray take 6+6+Dos fire damage.


Was sent out by his cult in order to uncover illegal magic items and spells. Intends to return to his cult and divulge the secrets of his travels, but only when he finds something worth his return.
After having his eyes brutally gorged out by Drakes, he has spent many months learning to fight without his eyes, and honing his magical skills with the guidance of his cult.


  • Blindfighting (I) - GM Awarded
  • Blindfighting (II) - GM Awarded
  • Defense [15]
  • Spellcraft (Nethyrmancy) [15]
  • Stealth [15]
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